Crossword Clues for BETTY

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Clue Source Date
"Ugly ___" (ABC series with 14-Across in the title role)
Smith who wrote "A Tree Grows in Brooklyn" New York Times 14 Apr 2024
White who played Rose Nylund
America Ferrera (pictured) starred in Ugly - (5)
Having gambled, hall pity the girl (5)
Speaker of the House of Commons 1992-2000, _ Boothroyd (5)
__ Ford Center
"The Golden Girls" star White
Gerald Ford's wife Thomas Joseph 02 Feb 2024
Glut, by yet resolved in series with America Ferrera (4,5)
___ Boop, cartoon character (5)
NOW cofounder Friedan
Late actress White
Grable, Hutton or White
___ White, "The Golden Girls" actress who guest starred in the TV show "Family Guy" as herself
Titular girl in a 2020 Taylor Swift tune New York Times 13 May 2023
White of "The Golden Girls" Eugene Sheffer 05 Jul 2022
Veronica's gal pal in "Archie Comics"
___ White of "The Golden Girls" fame
Gerald's wife Thomas Joseph 06 May 2022
White of “The Golden Girls” Wall Street Journal 11 Apr 2022
Gerald Ford's wife Thomas Joseph 15 Mar 2022
"You Again" actress ___ White who was an animal welfare advocate
Late actress, animal welfare advocate and self-described 'avid crossword puzzle addict' White The Washington Post Sunday 23 Jan 2022
See 13 The Guardian Weekend 20 Nov 2021
___ Cooper, Archie's kind-hearted friend in Archie Comics
Barney Rubble’s wife Wall Street Journal 18 May 2021
Wilma's pal on 'The Flintstones' New York Times 02 Feb 2021
January's 'Mad Men' character The Washington Post 19 Sep 2020
January's "Mad Men" character LA Times Daily 19 Sep 2020
TV legend White USA Today 27 Jul 2020
"Ugly ___," comedy-drama series starring America Ferrera
Wilma's pal on "The Flintstones" Family Time 25 May 2020
Gerald Ford's wife Thomas Joseph 26 Mar 2020
1970s first lady
1970s first lady New York Times 20 Dec 2019
Brown ___ New York Times 30 Nov 2019
Brown ___
"Ugly ___," ABC comedy-drama series
House–husband, British painter known for his nudes
Veronica's rival Universal 27 Dec 2018
Flirty Fleischer flapper LA Times Daily 27 Dec 2018
Flirty Fleischer flapper The Washington Post 27 Dec 2018
Hollywood's White Universal 13 Nov 2018
Bamm-Bamm's mom LA Times Daily 22 Apr 2018
Bamm-Bamm's mom The Washington Post 22 Apr 2018
Crocker of cake mixes Newsday 06 Mar 2018
Veronica's rival
Hollywood's White
Bamm-Bamm's mom
Flirty Fleischer flapper
One of the Rubbles Universal 06 Sep 2017
White who is the oldest person ever to host 'S.N.L.' New York Times 05 Feb 2017
White who is the oldest person ever to host "S.N.L."
One of the Rubbles
White or Grable Eugene Sheffer 02 May 2016
Legendary TV actress White Universal 25 Feb 2016
Bamm-Bamm's adoptive mother The Washington Post 25 Nov 2015
Bamm-Bamm's adoptive mother
Don Draper's ex-wife
Nonagenarian actress White
Nonagenarian actress White
Caroline : Jacqueline :: Susan : __
Bamm-Bamm's mom
Toon Boop
With 66-Across, actress born 1/17/1922
With 66-Across, actress born 1/17/1922
Barney's cartoon wife
Archie Comics regular
First Lady Ford
Wilma Flintstone's best friend
"Milquetoast" Helmet album
Wilma's pal on "The Flintstones"
Wilma's pal on "The Flintstones"
Wilma's pal on "The Flintstones"
Veronica's friend
Crocker of cake mixes
Wilma's neighbor
Veronica's friend
Toon Boop
"Ugly __"
"Ugly __"
Wilma Flintstone's pal
White in Hollywood*
Veronica's rival
White in Hollywood*
Veronica's friend
Rubbles' feminine side?
Ford or White
"A Tree Grows in Brooklyn" novelist Smith
Actress Grable
Actress Grable
Toon Boop
Old Ford?
Buckley who played Grizabella in "Cats"
Apple brown __
Miss Boop
Rosalynn's predecessor
First Lady after Pat
Miss Boop
Archie character
Crocker or Boop
Miss Boop
Boop, White or apple brown
Peace Nobelist Williams
Miss Boop
Playwright-lyricist Comden
Rose in "Golden Girls"
"___ Co-Ed," 1930 song
A Bloomer who took a Ford
First half of 16 Across
Successor to Pat
Brown ___.
Miss Co-ed.
Mrs. Impellitteri.
Girl in Burnett's "The Shuttle."
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