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Crossword Clues for BIC

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Clue Source Date
Pen-manufacturing company removed from 64 Across The Washington Post Sunday 18 Apr 2021
Pen brand Premier Sunday 21 Mar 2021
Paper Mate rival USA Today 10 Mar 2021
Flickable lighter LA Times Daily 16 Feb 2021
Pen name Eugene Sheffer 20 Jan 2021
Pen maker Premier Sunday 17 Jan 2021
Producer of Round Stic pens Wall Street Journal 21 Nov 2020
Pen choice Premier Sunday 11 Oct 2020
Maker of Stics and Clics Newsday 18 Sep 2020
Wite-Out maker USA Today 30 Aug 2020
Paper Mate competitor Newsday 02 Aug 2020
Big name in pens USA Today 16 Jul 2020
Wite-Out manufacturer Universal 01 Jul 2020
Cristal pen maker Universal 17 Jun 2020
Maker of lighters and pens USA Today 11 Jun 2020
Below Trois Pistoles Canadiana 18 May 2020
Maker of razors and pens Newsday 08 May 2020
Pen name? Jonesin 28 Apr 2020
Big name in lighters
Capped pen brand Newsday 05 Jan 2020
Lighter brand USA Today 28 Dec 2019
Disposable lighter brand USA Today 26 Sep 2019
Maker of pens and lighters New York Times 07 Jul 2019
The pen ultimate? Canadiana 24 Jun 2019
Wite-Out seller Wall Street Journal 06 Jun 2019
Gel-ocity, for one (with 56 Down) Newsday 27 Apr 2019
Lighter name The Washington Post 20 Apr 2019
'Up to 3,000 lights' brand The Washington Post 12 Apr 2019
"Up to 3,000 lights" brand LA Times Daily 12 Apr 2019
Disposable razor brand USA Today 09 Apr 2019
Pen Canadiana 25 Feb 2019
Big lighter brand New York Times 15 Jan 2019
Razor brand Wall Street Journal 15 Dec 2018
Brand at Staples Wall Street Journal 13 Oct 2018
Cristal maker The Washington Post 05 Jul 2018
Ballpoint brand Premier Sunday 27 May 2018
Company with back-to-school buys The Washington Post 03 Mar 2018
Pen co Universal 05 Jan 2018
Pen co.
Name in pens and razors USA Today 30 Dec 2017
Paper Mate alternative Premier Sunday 10 Dec 2017
Name on many a 91-Across Wall Street Journal 09 Dec 2017
Maker of Stic pens USA Today 23 Oct 2017
Gel-ocity pen maker Wall Street Journal 11 Oct 2017
Pen or razor brand USA Today 01 Aug 2017
Brite Liner brand Wall Street Journal 22 Jun 2017
Popular pen Canadiana 08 May 2017
Light source The Washington Post 13 Apr 2017
With 58-Down, Cristal Stylus and Softfeel Stic Newsday 18 Mar 2017
Brand of 4-Down Premier Sunday 16 Oct 2016
'Writes first time, every time' brand Wall Street Journal 08 Sep 2016
Clic Stic pen maker New York Times 29 Aug 2016
Pentel competitor Wall Street Journal 21 May 2016
French pen name LA Times Daily 27 Mar 2016
Lighter letters Newsday 06 Feb 2016
Giant in pens Premier Sunday 01 Nov 2015
Media Clic Ice maker LA Times Daily 30 Sep 2015
Round Stic Grip maker
Competitor of Paper Mate
Disposables maker
Disposable lighter
Brand of pens
Pen handle?
Maker of Select writing products
Pen giant
Certain lighter or highlighter
Big name in lighters and pens
Ballpoint pen brand
Big name in ballpoints
Signature piece?
Round Stic maker
Rhyming rival of Schick
Lighting brand
Maker of razors and lighters
Pen with a cap
Inexpensive pen
Pen option
Razor handle?
Lighter maker
Glue stick brand
Well-known pen name
Company with a lot of red ink?
Manufacturer of lighting and writing devices
Lighter and pen maker
Lighter choice
Clic Stic maker
Lighter or writer
Certain razor
"Flick my ___" ('70s slogan)
Wite-Out owner
Schick competitor
Maker of the Cristal pen
Lighter handle
Inexpensive pen brand
Maker of disposable products
Papermate competitor
Pilot rival
Maker of the Comfort 3 razor
Pen or lighter
Lighter handle?
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.