Word "BIKER" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
a person who rides a bicycle
bicycler, bicyclist, cyclist, wheeler

Crossword Clues for BIKER

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Clue Source Date
Motorcycle club member USA Today 13 Oct 2022
One may be on a hog Universal 28 Sep 2022
Harley rider Eugene Sheffer 22 Jul 2022
Person on two wheels USA Today 15 Jul 2022
Member of a motorcycle club USA Today 10 Jul 2022
Motorcycling member of a group Irish Times Simplex 26 Mar 2022
Harley rider Eugene Sheffer 17 Feb 2022
Pedal pusher LA Times Daily 27 Dec 2021
One may pop a wheelie Universal 22 Dec 2021
Hog lover LA Times Daily 27 Nov 2021
Coffin-bearer embracing king and gang member? The Telegraph Cryptic 23 Nov 2021
Motorcycle gang member The Telegraph Quick 16 Aug 2021
Cyclist Universal 17 Jun 2021
Break the ice dismissing Hecate - presumably she's a member of the Hells Angels? Irish Times Crosaire 26 May 2021
Motorcyclist The Times Concise 22 Apr 2021
Hog owner The Washington Post 28 Dec 2019
Hog owner LA Times Daily 28 Dec 2019
One might have a hog Universal 10 Oct 2019
Hog owner Wall Street Journal 07 Sep 2019
One might have a hog
Hog owner
Harley owner The Washington Post 24 Oct 2018
Harley owner LA Times Daily 24 Oct 2018
One who goes hog wild? New York Times 23 Aug 2018
Motorcycle enthusiast Newsday 08 Aug 2018
Harley rider LA Times Daily 30 Apr 2018
Harley rider The Washington Post 30 Apr 2018
Chopper rider Thomas Joseph 09 Feb 2018
Tour de France entrant USA Today 22 Jan 2018
Harley owner
Harley rider
Tour de France entrant
One who goes hog wild?
Hog lover Premier Sunday 05 Nov 2017
Yamaha user LA Times Daily 24 Sep 2017
Yamaha user The Washington Post 24 Sep 2017
Harley rider Wall Street Journal 28 Aug 2017
Hog rider LA Times Daily 11 Apr 2017
Hog rider The Washington Post 11 Apr 2017
'Sons of Anarchy' extra Jonesin 31 Jan 2017
Hog rider
Yamaha user
Man on a "hog" Universal 12 Aug 2016
Man on a "hog"
Hog lover LA Times Daily 30 Sep 2015
One with a spiked helmet, sometimes USA Today 05 Jul 2015
Sturgis rally participant
Hog lover
One with a spiked helmet, sometimes
Pedal pusher
Harley owner
Harley-Davidson rider
Tour de France athlete
Hog rider
One who's hog wild?
Motorcycle rider
One on a motorcycle
Harley-Davidson rider
Hog owner
Hog owner
Helmet wearer
Harley rider
Helmet wearer
Harley rider
One using a velodrome
Harley-Davidson rider
Harley rider
Gang member, maybe
Motorcycle owner
Tour de France participant
Hell's Angel, e.g.
One pedaling
Hog rider
Harley rider
Sturgis visitor
Greg LeMond, for one
Cycle rider
Hog enthusiast
Yamaha customer
Gang member, maybe
Tour de France entrant
"Mad Max" villain
Pedal pusher?
"Mad Max" villain
Leather jacket wearer
Certain gang member
"Mad Max" extra
Just one of the gang?
"The Wild One" extra
Hog lover?
One on two wheels
Cycle enthusiast
Hell's Angel
Fonda was this in "Easy Rider"
Certain exerciser
Moped rider
"Breaking Away" character
Hell's Angel, for one
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