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Crossword Clues for BILBO

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Clue Source Date
"The Hobbit" hobbit Universal 25 Apr 2020
He outwits Gollum Wall Street Journal 25 Apr 2020
"The Hobbit" hero Universal 16 Mar 2020
Character who steals from the dragon Smaug New York Times 07 Mar 2020
'The Hobbit' hobbit Baggins USA Today 21 Feb 2020
'The Hobbit' hobbit The Washington Post 04 Sep 2019
Basque name for a Biscay city: hobbit The Guardian Speedy 30 Jun 2019
Baggins of the Shire Universal 12 Jun 2019
'The Hobbit' hero Baggins USA Today 02 May 2019
'The Hobbit' hero The Washington Post 01 May 2019
"The Hobbit" hero Baggins
The Hobbit hero Newsday 30 Dec 2018
Martin Freeman played ____ Baggins in The Hobbit films The Times Specialist Sunday 03 Jun 2018
Frodo inherited his ring The Washington Post 26 Jan 2018
''The Hobbit'' hero Newsday 07 Dec 2017
___ Baggins of "The Hobbit" USA Today 27 Oct 2017
Tolkien's hobbit Universal 03 Aug 2017
Hero of The Hobbit The Times Concise 29 Jun 2017
"The Hobbit" character Baggins Family Time 22 May 2017
He steals from Smaug Wall Street Journal 13 May 2017
Baggins in "The Hobbit" Universal 18 Apr 2017
Baggins in 'The Hobbit' The Washington Post 26 Jan 2017
First name in fantasy fiction New York Times 17 Sep 2016
He bests Gollum in a riddle contest Wall Street Journal 04 May 2016
Baggins in Middle-earth The Washington Post 14 Mar 2016
Bag End notable LA Times Daily 03 Mar 2016
He passed the mithril shirt to Frodo The Chronicle of Higher Education 04 Sep 2015
Baggins of 'The Hobbit' Premier Sunday 24 May 2015
Tolkien's ring bearer
Tolkien protagonist
Friend of Gandalf
Bag End resident
A ring bearer
Adventuring Hobbit
Object of Gollum's ire
"The Hobbit" character
Resident of Bag End
Fictional hero in search of stolen treasure
Fictional Baggins
Tolkien hobbit
Frodo's guardian
Ian's role in "The Fellowship of the Ring" and "The Return of the King"
Tolkien's Baggins
Hobbit Baggins
First name in "The Hobbit"
Ian's role in "Fellowship of the Ring"
Old-time alternative to ankle chains
Baggins of "The Lord of the Rings"
Baggins the hobbit
One of the Hobbits
Fictional ring bearer
Tolkien character
A Baggins
Tolkien's ___ Baggins
Finely tempered sword
Old rapier
Old sword
Recently deceased Senator.
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.