Word "BIRD" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
informal terms for a (young) woman
chick, dame, doll, skirt, wench

Part of Speech:
badminton equipment consisting of a ball of cork or rubber with a crown of feathers
birdie, shuttle, shuttlecock

Part of Speech:
a cry or noise made to express displeasure or contempt
boo, bronx cheer, hiss, hoot, raspberry, razz, razzing, snort

Crossword Clues for BIRD

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Clue Source Date
Robin or frogmouth USA Today 21 Nov 2021
Prison (slang); creature The Times Concise 16 Nov 2021
Might one be looking up a Spoonerism for Mrs Malaprop? The Guardian Cryptic 12 Nov 2021
Swallow, e.g Thomas Joseph 12 Nov 2021
Tweet issuer Wall Street Journal 27 Oct 2021
Ornithologist's subject The Washington Post Sunday 17 Oct 2021
It may be flipped in anger, with “the” New York Times 23 Sep 2021
Avian creature Premier Sunday 04 Jul 2021
Source of tweets Wall Street Journal 14 Jun 2021
Eagle or lark The Washington Post 25 May 2021
Eagle or lark LA Times Daily 25 May 2021
Auk, for example Canadiana 17 May 2021
One may tweet a lot Universal 10 May 2021
One in a flock Newsday 18 Apr 2021
Seattle Storm star Sue USA Today 23 Mar 2021
Pigeon or peacock USA Today 09 Mar 2021
Charlie Parker nickname Wall Street Journal 10 Feb 2021
Eg, flycatcher The Times Concise 02 Feb 2021
Sparrow or crow Newsday 04 Jan 2021
Twitter logo New York Times 30 Dec 2020
Little stint, for example, with one of those in 24 down, similarly Irish Times Crosaire 07 Dec 2020
Robin or wren Thomas Joseph 07 Dec 2020
Cardinal or oriole The Washington Post 10 Nov 2020
Cardinal or oriole LA Times Daily 10 Nov 2020
Raven or crow, for example Family Time 02 Nov 2020
One word in the 10 longest answers, if one letter is changed Newsday 01 Nov 2020
Little stint in brambling? Irish Times Crosaire 19 Oct 2020
Parrot or sparrow USA Today 08 Oct 2020
Early Antarctic aviator* Newsday 02 Oct 2020
Middle finger, with 'the' New York Times 17 Sep 2020
Something 'in the hand' that's 'worth two in the bush' New York Times 14 Sep 2020
An Old World sparrow is one Family Time 30 Aug 2020
What might come down to the wire? New York Times 23 Aug 2020
Eagle or kite USA Today 01 Jul 2020
Creature studied by an ornithologist USA Today 12 Jun 2020
Feeder visitor Universal 29 May 2020
Oriole or wren Eugene Sheffer 15 Apr 2020
Twitter producer Newsday 03 Apr 2020
Frequent flier The Washington Post 15 Mar 2020
Frequent flier LA Times Daily 15 Mar 2020
Audubon subject Eugene Sheffer 05 Mar 2020
It's time for Charlie Parker! The Sun Two Speed 19 Jan 2020
Flying creature The Sun Two Speed 19 Jan 2020
Owl or osprey
One might tweet at dawn Universal 08 Dec 2019
Offer includes writing by Hawk Irish Times Crosaire 13 Nov 2019
WNBA legend Sue or NBA legend Larry Universal 01 Oct 2019
Take capers off crispbread to swallow Irish Times Crosaire 28 Sep 2019
Certain flock member Newsday 11 Jul 2019
Twitter logo Wall Street Journal 20 Jun 2019
Audubon subject USA Today 30 Apr 2019
Take capers off crispbread and swallow Irish Times Crosaire 20 Apr 2019
Nest builder Universal 29 Mar 2019
Cardinal or blue jay Family Time 24 Mar 2019
What Superman first looked like? LA Times Daily 24 Mar 2019
What Superman first looked like? The Washington Post 24 Mar 2019
Part of the Woodstock logo Jonesin 19 Mar 2019
Eagle or oriole Newsday 11 Mar 2019
Owl or albatross Universal 05 Mar 2019
Snow ___ (Slang for a vacationing canuck ) Canadiana 18 Feb 2019
Derbyshire rejects heresy by Swift Irish Times Crosaire 12 Jan 2019
Owl or albatross
What Superman first looked like?
Twitter logo
Audubon subject
Nest builder
WNBA legend Sue or NBA legend Larry
One of the swifts hasn't got the gene for breeding Irish Times Crosaire 29 Dec 2018
Owl or osprey LA Times Daily 26 Dec 2018
Owl or osprey The Washington Post 26 Dec 2018
Grackle or grosbeak USA Today 21 Oct 2018
Booby or loon The Washington Post 02 Jul 2018
Booby or loon LA Times Daily 02 Jul 2018
Builder of a 47 Across Newsday 25 Jun 2018
Prison time (slang) The Telegraph Quick 16 Jun 2018
What a U.K. hobbyist called a 'twitcher' hopes to see The Chronicle of Higher Education 08 Jun 2018
Morning singer Universal 05 May 2018
Heresy coming out of Derbyshire and Turkey? Irish Times Crosaire 04 May 2018
Frequent tweeter New York Times 31 Mar 2018
Crane or kite USA Today 22 Feb 2018
Member of a romantic pair Wall Street Journal 14 Feb 2018
Crane, e.g Wall Street Journal 07 Feb 2018
Wren or robin Newsday 29 Jan 2018
Twitter mascot USA Today 08 Jan 2018
It can be fed from a feeder Family Time 07 Jan 2018
Twitter mascot
Grackle or grosbeak
What a U.K. hobbyist called a "twitcher" hopes to see
Cockatiel or cockatoo, e.g.
Frequent tweeter
Morning singer
Owl or osprey
Crane or kite
Booby or loon
__ of paradise LA Times Daily 27 Dec 2017
__ of paradise The Washington Post 27 Dec 2017
Swift or swallow USA Today 13 Dec 2017
Feeder visitor USA Today 08 Dec 2017
Archaeopteryx descendant Wall Street Journal 16 Nov 2017
Larry Robinson AKA The big ___ Canadiana 06 Nov 2017
Dove or robin The Washington Post 04 Oct 2017
Dove or robin LA Times Daily 04 Oct 2017
NBA legend Larry Universal 29 Sep 2017
Egg-laying creature The Telegraph Quick 12 Sep 2017
Hawk or dove Wall Street Journal 28 Aug 2017
Crane, for one Wall Street Journal 26 Aug 2017
Tweeter in a tree Newsday 06 Aug 2017
Famous inventor, no adult for chat maybe The Times Cryptic 01 Aug 2017
__ call LA Times Daily 15 Jul 2017
__ call The Washington Post 15 Jul 2017
Hawk or dove, e.g Universal 03 Jun 2017
Has 9 across and might be fed 10 across for a period in jail locally Irish Times Crosaire 19 May 2017
Member of class Aves The Times Concise 27 Apr 2017
Frequent flyer Wall Street Journal 25 Mar 2017
Small singer Newsday 17 Mar 2017
Many a sports team logo Newsday 16 Mar 2017
Animal aviator Universal 18 Feb 2017
Leader of seven animals migrating south in V formation Wall Street Journal 18 Feb 2017
One with a lot of tweets New York Times 12 Feb 2017
Avian The Times Concise 19 Jan 2017
Emu or owl Premier Sunday 08 Jan 2017
NBA legend Larry
One with a lot of tweets
Animal aviator
Feeder visitor
Hawk or dove, e.g.
Dove or robin
__ call
__ of paradise
Swift or swallow
What a tot might draw as an ''m'' Newsday 17 Dec 2016
Cardinal or oriole Family Time 02 Oct 2016
Time swift, maybe? The Telegraph Toughie 21 Sep 2016
Cardinal, e.g LA Times Daily 28 Aug 2016
Pie, for example, that may be served inside The Times Cryptic 12 Aug 2016
Frequent flier New York Times 10 Aug 2016
Hawk or dove USA Today 10 Aug 2016
Twitter logo whose name is Larry The Washington Post 08 Aug 2016
Robin or wren Newsday 20 Jun 2016
Frequent flier's respite LA Times Daily 10 Jun 2016
Part of four NFL logos Newsday 28 May 2016
Rhea or emu Universal 27 May 2016
Feeder frequenter Newsday 01 May 2016
Breaks into restaurant, for starters, with key in Turkey Irish Times Crosaire 30 Apr 2016
52-Across builder Eugene Sheffer 09 Apr 2016
Diver, for instance Newsday 27 Feb 2016
Frequent flier's respite
Cardinal, e.g.
Frequent flier
Hawk or dove
Rhea or emu
T-__ LA Times Daily 21 Nov 2015
42-Across, e.g Universal 12 Oct 2015
Rail or quail Thomas Joseph 03 Oct 2015
One filling the bill? USA Today 05 Aug 2015
Robin, e.g Eugene Sheffer 29 Jul 2015
Charlie Parker's nickname USA Today 08 Jun 2015
Swallow, e.g Thomas Joseph 28 May 2015
Blue jay or oriole LA Times Daily 28 Apr 2015
Crow or crane Eugene Sheffer 14 Apr 2015
Word with "blue" or "whirly" USA Today 12 Apr 2015
Flighty type goes around big backyard Irish Times Crosaire 19 Feb 2015
Charlie Parker's nickname Eugene Sheffer 06 Feb 2015
Avian creature Universal 25 Jan 2015
20-Across, e.g Eugene Sheffer 14 Jan 2015
Flock member Newsday 11 Jan 2015
Hall-of-Fame Celtic
Word with "blue" or "whirly"
42-Across, e.g.
Avian creature
Charlie Parker's nickname
Flock member
Blue jay or oriole
One filling the bill?
Audubon subject
Eagle or erne
Martin or swift
Finch or falcon
*See 29-Across
Cardinal or oriole
Celt who wore 33
Something Superman is mistaken for
Larry of basketball fame
Nest egg protector
Robin or wren
Bruce "___ on a wire outside my motel room"
Small singer
Feathered friend
Crane or kite
Flock member
Larry who may leap for a layup
Dinosaur descendant
#33 for the Celtics
Crane or cuckoo
Celt #33
PBS has a big one
Nest builder
Audubon subject
Eagle or egret
Finch or flycatcher
__ call
Charlie Parker
"The Hick From French Lick"
Audubon painting subject
Feathery saxophonist?
Aviary's occupant
Celtic great Larry
Feeder frequenter
Frequent flier
Seed eater
Parish partner?
Biopic directed by Clint Eastwood
1988 film about Charlie Parker
Nest protector
Celtic great Larry
Phoenix, in myth
Celtics legend
One of the flock
Celtic great Larry
Phoenix, in myth
Charlie Parker's nickname
Feeder frequenter
Goose or loon
Winter migrator
Aircraft, informally
Loon or hoopoe
Ostrich or owl
Winter migrator
One filling the bill?
20 Across, for example
Kookaburra, e.g.
Winter migrator
91 Down is one
Robin, for one
Martin or swift
Tweety ___ of Warner Bros. cartoons
Word with early or whirly
Wren or hen
Frequent flier
Frequent flier
Robin, for one
Titmouse, e.g.
It fills the bill?
McHale teammate
See 19-Across
Frequent flier
Swift, e.g.
Kite or crane
Grouse or snipe
Robin or swallow
Word with 15-Down
Feathered friend
Celtic hero
Celtic No. 33
Audubon subject
Charlie Parker's sobriquet
Roadrunner, e.g.
Audubon subject
Celtic hero
Feathered friend
Word with 15-Down
Charlie Parker, to fans
Flyer or fryer
Cardinal, for one
Charlie Parker's nickname
39-Down, e.g.
Bill owner
Frequent flier?
Booby, e.g.
Cardinal or oriole
39-Down, e.g.
Bill owner
Flying egg-layer
Feeder frequenter
Crane or kite
Grosbeak, for one
Raven or robin
Raven or robin
Heckle or Jeckle
Thanksgiving dinner focus, informally
Frequent flier
Nest builder
Hawk or dove, e.g.
Audubon painting subject
Charlie Parker's sobriquet
Word that can precede the first words of 20-, 37- and 54-Across, and 11- and 33-Down
Lady ___ Johnson, 36th president's first lady (1963-69)
Nest builder
Celtic great
Aviary member
Nest builder
Word that can precede the first words of 20-, 37- and 54-Across, and 11- and 33-Down
Swallow or sparrow
Former Celtics star Larry
Wren or hen
Booby, e.g.
Dodo, for instance
Boston legend
Aka Charlie Parker
Basketball's Larry
Nest builder
Frequent flier, really
Country singer?
Jacana or barbet
Revered surname in Boston
Aircraft, slangily
Aircraft, so to speak
Canary or cardinal
Hoosier beloved in Boston
Larry, of basketball
Badminton projectile
It takes flight
Cock, but not bull
Feeder frequenter
Grackle or grosbeak
Pigeon or plover
The Celtics' #33
Larry, from French Lick
Hoopster Larry
One filling the bill?
Former Celtic great Larry
Peacock e.g.
Finch or dove
37 Across, e.g.
Former Celtics star
Charlie Parker's nickname
1988 Clint Eastwood film
Brit's chick
Coot or loon
N.B.A. M.V.P., 1984-86
Goose or loon
Celtics flyer?
Parker's nickname
Grebe, grackle, or grosbeak
"Larry Legend"
The ____ Man of Alcatraz
Oriole or cardinal
Parrot or sparrow
He's Big on Sesame Street
Plover e.g.
Basketball's Larry
Larry of N.B.A. fame
Celtics' "33"
Celtic great
Pyrrhuloxia or jacana
Ani or tui
Sora or rail
Larry of the N.B.A.
Celtic star
Identifiable flying object
Celtics star
Celtics star
Kind of dog or louse
Jay or martin
Celtics' flier
Celtic flier
"Sweet ___ of Youth," Newman film: 1962
Auk or hawk
Celtics' star
Larry of the Celtics
Feather bearer
"A ___ in the hand . . . "
Creeper or roller
Flicker, e.g.
Chuck-will's-widow, for one
Chat or martin
Kind of brain or seed
Condor, e.g.
Robin or wren
Trapshooting gear
Kite, for one
Badminton need
Smee or smew
Badminton item
Rook or rail
See 20 Across.
Cardinal, for example.
Flicker, for one.
Cushat or chebec.
"Sweet ___ of Youth."
Limpkin or lapwing.
Lapwing or waxwing.
Redpoll or redwing.
Scientists' name for artificial satellite.
Capercaillie or towhee.
Something for the watchers.
Hoopoe or goony.
Little secret-teller.
Emblem on Mexico's flag.
Shooting target.
Born flier.
Toothless vertebrate.
Bunting, e.g.
See 30-Across
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