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Crossword Clues for BIRDS

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Clue Source Date
Hawks and doves New York Times 21 Dec 2020
Flock makeup Thomas Joseph 05 Oct 2020
Hitchcock menace The Washington Post 01 Aug 2020
Aviary residents USA Today 06 Jul 2020
Feathered friends Newsday 01 Apr 2020
“Edward, I thought I said no more ____” (Twelve Days of Christmas [Correspondence], John Julius Norwich (seventh day)) The Times Specialist Sunday 29 Dec 2019
Hawks, e.g New York Times 20 Oct 2019
Hawks, e.g.
Threat in a 1963 Hitchcock film Wall Street Journal 18 Jul 2019
Perchers on power lines USA Today 30 Nov 2018
Egg-laying vertebrates The Telegraph Quick 24 Jun 2018
Thunder ____(UBC Gridders ) Canadiana 01 Jan 2018
Tweeters The Washington Post 13 Sep 2017
Loons and cuckoos Wall Street Journal 19 Jul 2017
There are two, as the expression goes, in each of 16- and 55-Across New York Times 06 Jul 2017
Hitchcock villains Eugene Sheffer 10 Feb 2017
Grouse and snipe Wall Street Journal 26 Jul 2016
Boobies, e.g The Washington Post 07 Feb 2016
Ones sending out tweets New York Times 21 Nov 2015
Robins and wrens Newsday 17 Aug 2015
They often come down to the wire New York Times 04 Jul 2015
Eagles and such New York Times 16 Feb 2015
Cagers Sue and Larry
Hawks and herons
Aviary denizens
Sex education component?
Hitchcock classic, with "The"
Swallows, e.g.
Bath visitors
Where to get down
Hitchcock film (with "The")
Layers of 1-Across
Wrens and sparrows
Hitchcock classic (with "The")
Chickens, e.g.
Gulls and geese
1963 Alfred Hitchcock film, with "The"
Feathered vertebrates
Hitchcock menaces
Things hidden in the answers to this puzzle's six starred clues
Kites, e.g.
Kites and coots
Audubon subjects
Ornithologist's study
Skylarks and sparrows
Ornithophobe's fear
Word in a Hitchcock film title
Titmice, e.g.
Gift on the fourth day
Aviary inhabitants
Hitchcock thriller, with "The"
Villains in a Hitchcock film
They're found at the end of 23, 34, 42, 62, 76, 97, 105 and 120 Across
Menaces in a Hitchcock film
Film set in Bodega Bay, with "The"
Boobies and loons
Robin and phoebe
Antagonists in a Hitchcock film
Cranes, but not derricks
Frequent migrants
Orioles and cardinals
Cardinals or bishops
Flying attackers in a Hitchcock film
Canaries and cardinals
With "The," 1963 Hitchcock classic
Badminton needs
Category for 5 Down
Aviary population
Canaries or chats
Hitchcock assailants
Hitchcock classic with The
Flight engineers?
Assailants in a Hitchcock film
Doves and hawks
Hitchcock's "The-"
Hitchcock nail-biter with "The"
Aristophanes drama, with "The"
Halcyon and phoenix
Hitchcock film, with "The"
Gals, to Alfie
Aristophanes play, with "The"
Creepers and rollers
Menaces of Hitchcock film
Badminton equipment
See 20 Across
Cardinals and orioles.
Badminton gear.
Small eaters.
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.