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Word "BIZ" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
your occupation or line of work
she's in show biz

Crossword Clues for BIZ

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Clue Source Date
Entertainment industry, informally Thomas Joseph 05 May 2021
Occupation, for short Eugene Sheffer 03 Apr 2021
Show __ LA Times Daily 20 Jan 2021
Ad ___ New York Times 10 Oct 2020
Ending for some commerce URLs Jonesin 09 Jun 2020
Show __ (entertainment industry) Newsday 18 May 2020
Industry, informally The Washington Post 13 May 2020
'That's show ___!' New York Times 01 Mar 2020
"That's show ___" (Hollywood saying) Family Time 29 Sep 2019
Industry, familiarly Newsday 27 Sep 2019
Trade, informally Wall Street Journal 29 Aug 2019
Trade, for short Thomas Joseph 29 May 2019
Profession, informally USA Today 17 Feb 2019
Domain name ender
Commercial URL suffix The Washington Post 25 Dec 2018
Occupation, casually USA Today 19 Dec 2018
Line of work, informally USA Today 28 Sep 2018
''That's show __!'' Newsday 11 Sep 2018
Show ending? The Washington Post 09 Sep 2018
Trade, in brief New York Times 24 Aug 2018
Show ___ (Hollywood's industry) Universal 10 Aug 2018
Industry, for short New York Times 20 May 2018
Domain introduced in 2001 The Washington Post 02 Feb 2018
Show ___ New York Times 07 Dec 2017
Infrequent ending for URLs New York Times 03 Jun 2017
Profession, casually LA Times Daily 02 Feb 2017
Industry, slangily USA Today 01 Feb 2017
Small enterprise? New York Times 05 Jan 2017
"That's show ___!"
Hollywood, with 'the' New York Times 27 Nov 2016
Line of work, briefly The Washington Post 17 May 2016
'That's show !' Eugene Sheffer 19 Jan 2016
Hollywood, with "the"
Show -- (entertainment industry) Thomas Joseph 09 Feb 2015
Rapper Markie
Profession, slangily
Show ___ (entertainment industry)
'That's show --!'
"That's show __!"
Line of work, for short
Occupation, briefly
.com alternative for companies
Commercial dealings, informally
Enterprise, for short
"Just a Friend" singer Markie
Show --
Laundry room brand
Surf alternative
All alternative
Commercial URL ender
Trade, briefly
Rapper ___ Markie
"Well, that's show ___!"
URL ender, possibly
URL ender since 2001
Brand of laundry detergent
Show ender?
Detergent brand or URL extension
Hip-hop musician ___ Markie
Alternative to com
Line of work
URL suffix
___ Markie
URL ender
Top-level domain since 2001
Laundry brand since 1968
Trade, slangily
Profession, in slang
Possible domain name ender
Ending for some URLs
Alternative to "com" in domain names
"That's show __"
Show ___ (Hollywood industry)
Laundry room brand name
Enterprise, informally
Line of work, slangily
Occupation, slangily
Show _____
"That's show _____!"
Dot follower, sometimes
Variety's beat, with "the"
"That's show ___"
Industry, casually
Tide alternative
Show ____
Show follower
Show ___ (Hollywood and such)
Commerce, colloquially
Show chaser
Show ___.
The industry, for short
End of many web addresses
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