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Word "BLADE" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
especially a leaf of grass or the broad portion of a leaf as distinct from the petiole
leaf blade

Part of Speech:
a cutting or thrusting weapon that has a long metal blade and a hilt with a hand guard
brand, steel, sword

Part of Speech:
flat surface that rotates and pushes against air or water

Crossword Clues for BLADE

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Clue Source Date
Element of Freddy Krueger's glove New York Times 28 Feb 2021
Part of an ice skate USA Today 25 Feb 2021
Cutting edge Newsday 13 Dec 2020
Foil, e.g New York Times 10 Dec 2020
Zagreb lad Edgar conceals knife The Sun Two Speed 07 Sep 2020
Sword part Thomas Joseph 01 Aug 2020
British boy bearing weapon The Sun Two Speed 29 Jun 2020
Green part of a field, or what cuts it (as also shown in the circled squares) The Washington Post Sunday 07 Jun 2020
Razor insert Newsday 26 May 2020
Bit of grass Eugene Sheffer 10 Apr 2020
Lawn mower part or target Universal 27 Mar 2020
Dagger part Thomas Joseph 20 Mar 2020
Mower part, or mower target Universal 25 Nov 2019
Tomb, laden, contains weapon The Sun Two Speed 21 Oct 2019
Piece of grass Newsday 08 Sep 2019
Ice skate part USA Today 25 Aug 2019
Young man in Belgium sometimes has a reputation for cutting it fine Irish Times Crosaire 23 May 2019
Part of a lawn mower The Washington Post Sunday 19 May 2019
Forged item The Washington Post Sunday 28 Apr 2019
Business end of a bulldozer Newsday 13 Apr 2019
Knife's edge Newsday 02 Apr 2019
Food processor accessory USA Today 20 Feb 2019
What might cut a dashing figure? The Telegraph Toughie 06 Nov 2018
Suburb lad easily conceals knife The Sun Two Speed 04 Nov 2018
Business end of a sword Universal 22 Oct 2018
Leaf of grass The Times Concise 03 Oct 2018
It has a cutting edge Irish Times Simplex 16 Aug 2018
Grass unit The Washington Post 10 Aug 2018
Sword The Telegraph Quick 03 Jul 2018
Young man in Belgium is capable of making the cut Irish Times Crosaire 25 Nov 2017
Propeller part USA Today 25 Nov 2017
Unit of grass New York Times 19 Nov 2017
*Feature of a 24- and 36-Down New York Times 30 Aug 2017
Marvel Comics character played thrice by Wesley Snipes The Washington Post 18 Aug 2016
Fan part Universal 21 Jul 2016
London rail terminus The Times Concise 29 Feb 2016
Windmill part Newsday 24 Dec 2015
Leaf of a lawn Newsday 08 Nov 2015
Sharp part of a knife Newsday 07 Apr 2015
Barber's accessory USA Today 17 Mar 2015
Cutlass feature
Razor or knife
Toledo newspaper
Grass shoot
Shaver insert
Duelist's weapon
Disposable razor insert
Twisted Sister "Under the ___"
Word that may follow the ends of 17-, 29-, 45-, and 61-Across
Switch attachment?
Every fan should have at least one
Spinner in a mower
Grass leaf
Oar part
Cutting surface
Little shaver
Foil feature
Wesley Snipes superhero role
Razor need
Marvel Comics vampire hunter
It may make the cut
Snipes superhero
Lawnmower part
Mower part
Main part of a knife
Vampire-hunting Marvel Comics character
Toledo daily
Gay guy?
Wesley Snipes flick
Dashing fellow
It spins in a blender
Part of a skate
1998 superhero film with two sequels
Ice-skate feature
Skate part
Dashing young man
See 19-Across
See 4 Down
Knife part
Gay man?
It can probably make the cut
Switch follower
Épée, e.g.
Sword or swordsman
"___ Runner" (1982 Harrison Ford film)
Man about town
Skate's bottom
Food processor feature
Beard cutter
Flat bone
Ice-skate runner
Jaunty chap
Lawnmower feature
Plow part
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.