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Crossword Clues for BLENDS

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Clue Source Date
Mixes with and combines Irish Times Simplex 18 Feb 2021
Mixes Thomas Joseph 04 Jan 2021
Barman at closing time opening some types of whiskies Irish Times Crosaire 17 Sep 2020
Combines The Telegraph Quick 19 May 2020
Mixes into one Irish Times Simplex 04 Jun 2019
Coffee merchant's offerings Wall Street Journal 03 Nov 2018
Puts together Newsday 26 Jul 2018
Mixes together Newsday 12 Jun 2018
Fuses together Newsday 06 May 2018
Bank initially extends credit for mergers Irish Times Crosaire 03 Apr 2018
Coffee roaster's offerings Wall Street Journal 29 Aug 2017
Does a paint-store job, often The Chronicle of Higher Education 26 May 2017
Fusions New York Times 16 May 2017
Combines into one Irish Times Simplex 22 Mar 2017
Homogenizes Newsday 20 Nov 2016
Coffee shop selection Wall Street Journal 29 Oct 2016
Mixes smoothly Universal 26 Sep 2016
Mixes thoroughly Newsday 12 Sep 2016
Mixtures LA Times Daily 17 Jun 2015
Cranapple juice and others
Wines comprising different grapes
Coffee combinations
Stirs in
Some coffees
Many gourmet coffees
Tobacco buys
Uses a certain kitchen appliance
Uses a kitchen appliance
Becomes part of the crowd, with "in"
Mixes up
Tea varieties
Fits in
Some teas
Tobacco mixtures
Whisky and coffee mélanges
Some whiskies
Uses a mixer
Certain whiskies
Mixes smoothly.
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.