Word "BLOOM" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
produce or yield flowers
blossom, flower
The cherry tree bloomed

Part of Speech:
the organic process of bearing flowers
you will stop all bloom if you let the flowers go to seed

Part of Speech:
the best time of youth
bloom of youth, salad days

Crossword Clues for BLOOM

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Clue Source Date
Do well, making money in the expansion of business (5)
Flourish Universal 05 Apr 2024
It promises fruitfulness, perhaps, with expansion just around the corner
Leopold, character in James Joyce's Ulysses (5)
Actor Orlando
Come out in the garden
Flower beginning to beautify thing used by weavers (5)
What aptly bookends "blossom" Universal 24 Jan 2024
Leopold ***** , central character in James Joyce's novel 'Ulysses' (5)
Bee can move to open flower (5)
Bee can move to open flower The Guardian Cryptic 29 Dec 2023
Sign of spring LA Times Daily 29 Dec 2023
Flourish as learner in time of prosperity The Times Quick Cryptic 25 Dec 2023
Mistake on queen's departure may grow even bigger (5)
Flourish when low pound is on the rise (5)
Orlando of The Three Musketeers
Produce flowers USA Today 20 Oct 2023
Flourish LA Times Daily 19 Jul 2023
Flower LA Times Daily 30 Jun 2023
See 4 down The Guardian Cryptic 14 Apr 2023
Colorful sign of spring Universal 10 Jan 2023
Rarity for a century plant Universal 31 Dec 2022
Rachel of "Crazy Ex-Girlfriend" Universal 14 Oct 2022
In full ___ (flowering) USA Today 18 Jul 2022
Spread one's petals?
On a summer's day in Dublin, we saw him come out The Telegraph Toughie 01 Jul 2022
2003 Irish film directed by Sean Walsh which is based on a novel by James Joyce
Open up like a buttercup Universal 09 Jun 2022
Open, as an orchid
Supermodel Leyna USA Today 11 Feb 2022
Flower The Times Concise 02 Jan 2022
Flower The Guardian Quick 16 Oct 2021
Look into Mafia to come back and thrive
Look into Mafia to come back and thrive The Guardian Quiptic 04 Oct 2021
Orlando ___, actor from "The Lord of The Rings"
Burst into flower
Bishop to emerge and thrive
Rachel ___, actress who created and starred in The CW's "Crazy Ex-Girlfriend" as Rebecca Bunch
Go from bud to flower
Get on well lost in time of prosperity Irish Times Crosaire 08 Feb 2021
Mature sweeper changes sides
Produce flowers USA Today 29 Sep 2020
Burst into flower
Success securing student ideal of perfection The Telegraph Toughie 09 Sep 2020
What fire poppies do after a wildfire New York Times 09 Sep 2020
Mature, prosper The Guardian Speedy 09 Aug 2020
Result in flowers Jonesin 10 Mar 2020
Flower The Telegraph Quick 04 Feb 2020
Produce flowers The Times Concise 11 Jun 2019
Flourish into a flower
What flowers do in spring
Open book has become visible
Bud's promise LA Times Daily 17 Feb 2019
Bud's promise The Washington Post 17 Feb 2019
Burst into flower USA Today 27 Jan 2019
Do very well as Liberal in time of prosperity The Telegraph Cryptic 15 Jan 2019
Burst into flower
Bud's promise
Flourish The Times Concise 30 Sep 2018
"The tree is in full ___" (filled with flowers)
Bear flowers Newsday 23 Sep 2018
CIA is not in Colombia to be successful Irish Times Crosaire 14 Sep 2018
The beauty of a rose Universal 02 Sep 2018
Come into one's own Newsday 26 Aug 2018
Become full-flower Universal 01 Aug 2018
Left in period of prosperity to flourish
Produce flowers Irish Times Simplex 10 May 2018
Thrive, making pounds in time of prosperity The Telegraph Cryptic 23 Mar 2018
Flower's achievement Universal 11 Mar 2018
The beauty of a rose
Become full-flower
Bachelor can go to McDonalds, it's opened
Open in the garden LA Times Daily 18 Oct 2017
Open in the garden The Washington Post 18 Oct 2017
A pursuer to appear with a flower
What flowers do in spring
Open, in a way Wall Street Journal 24 May 2017
Sign of spring New York Times 09 Apr 2017
Flourish as learner in time of prosperity The Telegraph Cryptic 26 Mar 2017
Flourish, due to return of low pound
Flower LA Times Daily 22 Jan 2017
Sign of spring
Open in the garden
Orlando's flower
Joyce's Leopold Universal 03 Dec 2016
Be in flower Wall Street Journal 08 Aug 2016
Bialystock's partner in ''The Producers'' Newsday 07 Aug 2016
Stop for a honeybee Wall Street Journal 22 Jun 2016
Flower‘s sudden growth around lake
Boutonniere part New York Times 14 Jun 2016
Student appearing in report to prosper The Telegraph Cryptic 09 May 2016
Boutonniere part
Leopold ___, 'Ulysses' protagonist New York Times 29 Dec 2015
Begin to flower New York Times 30 Nov 2015
Flower Eugene Sheffer 16 Nov 2015
Flourish The Washington Post 14 Nov 2015
Burst into flower Universal 11 Nov 2015
Flourish The Telegraph Quick 09 Oct 2015
Open, as a flower Family Time 17 Aug 2015
Become best buds? Jonesin 23 Jun 2015
Flourish Eugene Sheffer 27 May 2015
Flower Thomas Joseph 21 Apr 2015
Burst into flower
At start and end of game Birmingham's wingers do very well The Times Cryptic 01 Jan 2015
Begin to flower
Leopold ___, "Ulysses" protagonist
Old car firm on outskirts of Orlando on motorway to Orlando
Thin Lizzy "Little Girl in ___"
What century plants do only once
Flower beginning to limp in thunder
Bud's promise
Bud, in time
Come into one's own
Come into one's own
Open, as a flower
Come to fruition
Achieve beauty
A flower is pretty when it's in this
Come into one's own
Burst into flower
Part of a bouquet
Start to blossom
Produce flowers
Burst into blossom
"Ulysses" protagonist
Open in the garden
Joyce's Molly
Rose's beauty
48-Across's partner
Hit puberty, or flower
Molly or Leopold
Gardener's pride, often
Rarity for a century plant
Bud, in time
Open up
"___ County" (Opus's comic strip)
Produce blossoms
Joyce character
"The Producers" role
Open in the garden
Produce flowers
Century plant's rarity
Produce flowers
"Look Back in Anger" actress Claire
Bialystock's partner in "The Producers"
Bud's promise
Burst into flower
Gardener's pride
Tulip, e.g.
New Florida congresswoman Elaine or NBC reporter David
Bear flowers
Rose's beauty
Rarity for a century plant
Jack Benny's Love in ___
Gardener's pride
Claire of film
"Love in ___," 1934 song
Actress in "Limelight"
Claire of films
Actress Claire
Actress Claire.
Time of beauty and vigor.
Youthful, healthy look.
Central character in "Ulysses."
A poinsettia, for instance.
Rosy color on the cheek.
F. D. R. Jr. now occupies his seat in Congress.
Chairman of House Foreign Affairs Committee, 1940–45.
"Ulysses" heroine
Produce flowers
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