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Crossword Clues for BLOT

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Clue Source Date
Mark footballers not for sale Irish Times Crosaire 22 Mar 2021
Moral flaw Thomas Joseph 19 Mar 2021
Ink spot The Telegraph Quick 25 Jan 2021
Ink stain Newsday 12 Jan 2021
Dab with a towel Newsday 26 Nov 2020
Dark mark or stain The Times Concise 06 Nov 2020
Dab at USA Today 06 Nov 2020
Ink smear Newsday 26 Oct 2020
Unintended ink, maybe LA Times Daily 10 Sep 2020
Inky stain Eugene Sheffer 27 Aug 2020
Rorschach test image Universal 10 Jul 2020
Rorschach image New York Times 29 Jun 2020
Blemish; disgrace The Guardian Speedy 28 Jun 2020
Ink smudge The Washington Post Sunday 14 Jun 2020
Smudge Canadiana 25 May 2020
Bit of spatter USA Today 10 Mar 2020
Eyesore Newsday 07 Mar 2020
In backgammon, a single checker on a point The Times Specialist Sunday 29 Dec 2019
Disgrace of guts turning in bar The Telegraph Toughie 31 Oct 2019
Stain that is generally left by p?t? removed from table top Irish Times Crosaire 11 Sep 2019
Rorschach test item Family Time 08 Sep 2019
Scribe's mishap Newsday 06 Sep 2019
Flaw on a record Newsday 07 Jul 2019
Rorschach test feature Universal 26 Jun 2019
Stain that is generally left by p?t? removed from table-top Irish Times Crosaire 20 May 2019
Mark in second-class band The Sun Two Speed 15 May 2019
Dark mark Wall Street Journal 07 May 2019
Stain on one's reputation USA Today 17 Feb 2019
Dark stain Wall Street Journal 19 Dec 2018
Blemish Universal 22 Nov 2018
Inky mess New York Times 11 Jun 2018
Ink problem New York Times 16 Apr 2018
Dirt blemish Universal 12 Mar 2018
Rorschach-test shape
Splotch Universal 22 Nov 2017
A drop of ink? The Telegraph Cryptic 02 Oct 2017
Inky smear Thomas Joseph 25 Aug 2017
Rorschach test shape New York Times 22 Aug 2017
Record flaw The Washington Post 15 Apr 2017
Try to contain, in a way, as a spill New York Times 15 Apr 2017
Ink stain, e.g Family Time 03 Apr 2017
Rorschach test pattern Wall Street Journal 29 Nov 2016
Stain The Washington Post 06 Oct 2016
Reputation blemish Universal 28 Aug 2016
Result of an ink mishap Universal 16 Aug 2016
Clean, as with paper towels Family Time 20 Jun 2016
Black mark Universal 20 May 2016
Ink spill result Universal 27 Apr 2016
Problem on a record New York Times 15 Apr 2016
Rorschach test element New York Times 08 Feb 2016
Use a paper towel USA Today 13 Jan 2016
Ink mishap Newsday 27 Dec 2015
Bad thing on a record New York Times 27 Dec 2015
Mark found at the bar with old books Irish Times Crosaire 12 Dec 2015
Obliterate, with ''out'' Newsday 19 Jun 2015
Mark on Bible at the auctioneers Irish Times Crosaire 04 Jun 2015
Ink spill New York Times 26 May 2015
Rorschach figure Eugene Sheffer 21 May 2015
Reputation tarnisher Wall Street Journal 03 Apr 2015
Dab dry Newsday 19 Mar 2015
Obliterate, with "out"
You don't want this on your record
Use absorbent paper
Printout problem
Soak up
Printing mistake
Rorschach pic
Blemish on one's reputation
Dry with absorbent paper
Rorschach test component
Dab with absorbent paper
Bad mark
Reputation stain
Rorschach ink mark
Rorschach mark
Printing problem
Negative on your record
___ out (erase)
Dab gently
Sponge up
Dab at with a towel, as a spill
Ink stain, e.g.
Dry, in a way
Stain or disgrace
Apply tissue to fresh lipstick, perhaps
Part of a Rorschach test
Bad mark on one's reputation
Dry with a paper towel
Rorschach "image"
Too much ink
Dry, as a spill
Deal with spilled milk
Reputation ruiner
Backgammon piece that's alone on its point
Reputation spoiler
Soak up liquid
Remove with absorbent material
Backgammon piece that can be sent to the bar
Pick up, in a way
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