Word "BLUE" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
of the color intermediate between green and violet; having a color similar to that of a clear unclouded sky
blueish, bluish
October's bright blue weather
a blue flame
blue haze of tobacco smoke

Part of Speech:
morally rigorous and strict
puritanic, puritanical
blue laws

Part of Speech:
blue color or pigment; resembling the color of the clear sky in the daytime
he had eyes of bright blue

Crossword Clues for BLUE

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Clue Source Date
"- Suede Shoes"
"Rhapsody in __"
Species of long, slender marine fish with large eyes (4,5)
& 18D Species of long, slender marine fish with large eyes (4,5) Mirror Quiz 15 Apr 2024
Big ___ lilyturf is a descriptive name for Liriope muscari (4)
Shade of Michelle Pfeiffer's iconic dress in "Scarface"
Picasso's ___ Period Universal 09 Apr 2024
University athlete sounded the whistle, one hears (4)
Depressed Oxbridge rower?
"Muffed it", say, "and that's sad" (4)
...for someone flaky? Wall Street Journal 06 Apr 2024
Are little boys unhappy in it?
Cold and depressed (4)
Smurfs color
Down or dirty LA Times Daily 02 Apr 2024
What colour flag warns a racing driver that he or she is about to be lapped by another driver? (4)
"___ Bloods," fill in a color to complete the name of this police procedural featuring Tom Selleck
British boy band whose first UK No. 1 was Too Close in 2001 (4)
All Rise band (4)
Royal colour to squander, being depressed (4)
Down New York Times 20 Mar 2024
Downcast university 8 (4)
The colour of Thomas the Tank Engine (4)
And 22 1998 science fiction novel by Walter Mosley (4,5)
& 22A 1998 science fiction novel by Walter Mosley Mirror Quiz 16 Mar 2024
Spend a lot on powder? (4)
Beyonce's daughter, _ Ivy (4)
Eye colour Mirror Classic 14 Mar 2024
Laundry whitener - remember?
& 7A 1990 action film starring Jamie Lee Curtis and Ron Silver Mirror Quiz 09 Mar 2024
Colour of the snooker ball worth five points (4)
Teal or azure, eg (4)
*Say Cheese!* with this "sky-colored" cheese
Low and bawdy (4)
Adult-only colour? (4)
Squander colour (4)
A boy band - or the antepenultimate colour of the rainbow (4)
A boy band - or the antepenultimate colour of the rainbow The Guardian Weekend 02 Mar 2024
& 23A 2011 1,000 Guineas winner ridden by Frankie Dettori Mirror Quiz 02 Mar 2024
Lee Ryan and Simon Webbe's boyband (4)
Depressed Oxbridge sportsman? (4) Puzzler Cryptic 26 Feb 2024
What 21 did in radio report is sad (4)
___ Peter, TV programme (4)
A fight about the colour needed? (4)
Depressed, dismal (4)
The little boy's clothes are dirty (4)
Color of a Smurf USA Today 10 Feb 2024
Color associated with sadness USA Today 09 Feb 2024
Singers of All Rise (4)
Color associated with the L.A. Dodgers LA Times Daily 05 Feb 2024
"____ Suede Shoes"
"___ Bloods"
___ Ivy Carter, daughter of Beyonce and Jay-Z; colour (4)
Movie colour (4)
Color with shades such as navy and aqua
Down and dirty! (4)
A primary color Eugene Sheffer 10 Jan 2024
Deacon ---- or ---blood (4)
Monday-feeling color that ends with "e"
Obscene Oxbridge sportsperson The Times Quick Cryptic 06 Jan 2024
Sad Universal 04 Jan 2024
A primary color Family Time 01 Jan 2024
Down and dirty The Sun Two Speed 31 Dec 2023
Sad or depressed The Sun Two Speed 31 Dec 2023
Color of most of the Australian flag
Colour that might be royal or navy (4)
___ Cross, animal welfare charity founded in 1897 (4)
____ Cross, animal welfare charity founded in 1897 (4)
Sad Eugene Sheffer 26 Dec 2023
Democratic state color
_ Peter, long-running BBC children's show (4)
Dolor color?
Sad varsity sportsman (4)
Sad Eugene Sheffer 21 Dec 2023
A shade sorrowful
Mix this with yellow to get green
Chelsea player, or what he'd be after a defeat to Arsenal? (4)
Spend unwisely being depressed
Once in a ___ moon, rarely (4)
Carolina ___ (UNC's color) USA Today 04 Dec 2023
Sad or depressed The Sun Two Speed 03 Dec 2023
Tone down The Sun Two Speed 03 Dec 2023
Be a shade over extravagant? (4)
Color that Picasso became enamored with from 1901-1904 New York Times Mini 29 Nov 2023
Color of gloom?
A royal, perhaps, and unhappy (4)
Greece's national flag has horizontal stripes of this colour and white (4)
Color of UNICEF's 22-Down LA Times Daily 13 Nov 2023
Robin's egg color USA Today 08 Nov 2023
Breathed hard in ear: raunchy or sad? The Telegraph Toughie 01 Nov 2023
Oxbridge competitor unhappy The Guardian Quiptic 30 Oct 2023
Word with blood or moon LA Times Daily 20 Oct 2023
Summer sky color, perhaps
Rather indecent — not happy The Times Quick Cryptic 14 Sep 2023
Color "B" of RGB that is associated with 16a, 22a, 37a, 45a, 56a, 61a, 4d, 27d and 53d
Like robin's eggs Wall Street Journal 28 Aug 2023
Cookie Monster's color
Depressed The Guardian Quick 23 Aug 2023
Color of Obi-Wan Kenobi's lightsaber USA Today 14 Aug 2023
Color of Grover or Gonzo USA Today 28 Jul 2023
Sky shade Thomas Joseph 27 Jul 2023
A primary color Eugene Sheffer 17 Jul 2023
Sad, glum The Times Concise 27 Jun 2023
Sad Eugene Sheffer 23 Jun 2023
Down Wall Street Journal 15 Jun 2023
Classic jeans color Universal 15 Jun 2023
Cool color? Universal 13 Jun 2023
American flag color Newsday 05 Jun 2023
'Robin's egg' shade Newsday 14 May 2023
Colorful synonym of "sad"
Rainbow color associated with clear skies and sadness
77-Down's color New York Times 26 Feb 2023
In need of cheering up Wall Street Journal 08 Feb 2023
Color of Montana's flag LA Times Daily 29 Jan 2023
Crayola's Pacific, for one Newsday 15 Jan 2023
Word with "jay" or "jeans" Universal 15 Jan 2023
Sad Conservative? The Telegraph Cryptic 19 Dec 2022
Color that also means 'sad' Newsday 28 Nov 2022
Color of sunny skies
Pornographic The Guardian Quick 21 Nov 2022
Stars and Stripes color Newsday 16 Nov 2022
Down and dirty The Guardian Cryptic 03 Nov 2022
Down and dirty
A Territories flag colour Canadiana 31 Oct 2022
Feeling down Wall Street Journal 29 Oct 2022
Color of a clear sky Newsday 24 Oct 2022
Unhappy member of university team The Times Cryptic 24 Oct 2022
Conservative down in the dumps? The Telegraph Cryptic 03 Oct 2022
Christmas color for Elvis New York Times 18 Sep 2022
Cornflower color Wall Street Journal 17 Sep 2022
Dirty colour The Times Cryptic 13 Sep 2022
Livid Tory The Telegraph Toughie 02 Sep 2022
It's rare for sad ignoramus to dump Romeo The Guardian Cryptic 25 Aug 2022
One of the primary colors USA Today 25 Aug 2022
"Sad" color Universal 12 Aug 2022
"The ___ Planet," 2001 documentary series on marine environments that is narrated by David Attenborough
In a funk Universal 28 Jun 2022
Varsity sportsperson down in the dumps The Times Cryptic 28 Jun 2022
"Why is the sky ___?" Universal 26 Jun 2022
Sad LA Times Daily 23 Jun 2022
____ River, British Columbia Canadiana 20 Jun 2022
Off colour and feeling down Irish Times Crosaire 13 Jun 2022
"Sad" color Universal 10 Jun 2022
The Foot Levelers ___ Ridge Marathon, annual running event that is held in Virginia
Sad The Times Concise 07 Jun 2022
Sky shade Thomas Joseph 25 May 2022
Colour The Times Concise 24 May 2022
Color of sapphire USA Today 21 May 2022
Color of the clear sky
Cookie Monster's color The Washington Post 09 May 2022
Cookie Monster's color LA Times Daily 09 May 2022
Sad at first but lightens up eventually Irish Times Crosaire 04 May 2022
Bummed out The Washington Post 29 Apr 2022
Bummed out LA Times Daily 29 Apr 2022
Azure The Guardian Quick 23 Apr 2022
Clear-sky color Newsday 18 Apr 2022
Sky colour Canadiana 18 Apr 2022
Sky colour Canadiana 11 Apr 2022
Conservative not happy The Times Cryptic 11 Apr 2022
Depressed squealer's country music The Guardian Cryptic 31 Mar 2022
Western Pygmy ___, smallest butterflies in the world
Crow Nation flag color USA Today 26 Mar 2022
___ Bird Flour USA Today 13 Mar 2022
Colour The Times Concise 04 Mar 2022
Right-wing British left treaty partners taken aback
Word with collar or chip The Washington Post 18 Feb 2022
Word with collar or chip LA Times Daily 18 Feb 2022
Color of some damson plums USA Today 13 Feb 2022
"U Make Me Wanna" band
"...something borrowed, something ___...," traditional rhyme that details what a bride should wear for good luck
Second-rate part of crossword, not the first down
Sad, like some eyes The Times Cryptic 25 Jan 2022
Conservative produced a torrent of wind on radio
"___ Suede Shoes," 1955 song by Carl Perkins that was covered by Elvis Presley
'In Moonlight Black Boys Look ___' USA Today 03 Jan 2022
Sad New York Times 23 Nov 2021
Bottom color on the Eritrean flag USA Today 04 Nov 2021
Down LA Times Daily 29 Oct 2021
Down in the dumps The Washington Post Sunday 17 Oct 2021
"___ Lamp", 1981 Stevie Nicks track from her album "Bella Donna"
Color of gloom?
American flag color Newsday 27 Sep 2021
Down and dirty
Sad... mad Oscar leaves crab louse
Sad Thomas Joseph 04 Aug 2021
One of the colours of Dublin and Down Irish Times Crosaire 02 Aug 2021
Stars and Stripes shade Newsday 07 Jul 2021
Racy New York Times 27 Jun 2021
2000 British boy band known for their hit "One Love"
Low sky
Colour The Times Concise 02 Jun 2021
Finally settle after brief muddle in Navy Irish Times Crosaire 31 May 2021
Spectrum slice Newsday 30 May 2021
Sapphire's color, often Universal 28 May 2021
Loudly performed hornpipe for navy?
Despondent Canadiana 17 May 2021
Down Wall Street Journal 05 May 2021
University lecturer recalled in live university award
Color behind the clouds Family Time 28 Mar 2021
Loudly performed hornpipe for navy?
Bell or sky preceder Canadiana 08 Feb 2021
______River, British Columbia Canadiana 01 Feb 2021
Sporty student blasted on the radio The Telegraph Toughie 26 Jan 2021
Shade of the sea Newsday 21 Jan 2021
Like robins' eggs USA Today 16 Dec 2020
Sky-colored Newsday 15 Dec 2020
Sad The Washington Post 13 Dec 2020
Sad LA Times Daily 13 Dec 2020
Colorful "sad" synonym
"Violets Are ___," seventh novel in the Alex Cross series by James Patterson
Gorgonzola veined ___, Italian cheese which is made of unskimmed cow's milk
Russian _____ Canadiana 23 Nov 2020
Water color Universal 22 Nov 2020
Athlete up at university? No, down! The Telegraph Cryptic 21 Nov 2020
Gloomy Newsday 15 Nov 2020
Bummed out Wall Street Journal 11 Nov 2020
Sad The Telegraph Quick 10 Nov 2020
Canine companion of 43 Across Canadiana 02 Nov 2020
Color way up high Family Time 26 Oct 2020
Oxbridge sportsperson The Sun Two Speed 23 Oct 2020
Sad adult The Sun Two Speed 23 Oct 2020
Russian ______ Canadiana 19 Oct 2020
___ Bell Creameries, popular American ice cream company which is well known for its Homemade vanilla flavor
Unhappy The Telegraph Quick 06 Oct 2020
Colour regularly seen in ballutes
Down; squander The Telegraph Quick 25 Sep 2020
Color of a clear sky Newsday 14 Sep 2020
Being overheard, piped down
Low; colour The Telegraph Quick 28 Aug 2020
How to get down from a whale?
Like Genie in 'Aladdin' The Washington Post Sunday 09 Aug 2020
"___ Moon," song from the 1934 film "Manhattan Melodrama" sung by Shirley Ross
Being overheard, piped down
Needing cheering Newsday 02 Jul 2020
Word after 'light' or 'true' USA Today 30 Jun 2020
Sky shade Thomas Joseph 18 Jun 2020
Colour; sad The Telegraph Quick 11 May 2020
See 25
Down in the dumps The Washington Post 26 Apr 2020
Down in the dumps LA Times Daily 26 Apr 2020
Cerulean or navy Universal 16 Apr 2020
Color that's 'azul' in Spanish USA Today 16 Apr 2020
Adult butterfly
"Into the ___," 2005 action thriller film directed by John Stockwell that stars Jessica Alba
Navy, for example Universal 17 Mar 2020
Depressed Thomas Joseph 12 Mar 2020
Tone down adult clues for this?
"___ Valentine," 2010 romantic drama film starring Ryan Gosling
Unhappy Tory
Correct having navy lead?
Sad Eugene Sheffer 06 Jan 2020
Censor has been extremely unhelpful, clip appearing blurred
Oxbridge student in team of 21 down
Color of Henry's striped pajamas in the animated children's TV series, "Horrid Henry"
Ball used regularly becomes dirty
Don's dog Canadiana 16 Dec 2019
Color on Idaho's flag USA Today 09 Dec 2019
Cookie Monster's color Universal 08 Dec 2019
Remove organ from lounge bar for The Navy Irish Times Crosaire 30 Nov 2019
Down in the dumps USA Today 27 Nov 2019
Feeling sad Newsday 26 Nov 2019
Suppress dodgy licence, pub losing 100 litres
Low, shade on the right?
Sky color
Pale ___ dot (Earth)
Pale ___ dot (Earth) New York Times 05 Nov 2019
Down and dirty
Navy or cerulean USA Today 23 Sep 2019
"___ Hawaii," 1961 Hawaiian-themed cover by Elvis Presley that was featured in the namesake film
Down and dirty The Sun Two Speed 30 Aug 2019
Sad or depressed The Sun Two Speed 30 Aug 2019
Risqué New York Times 17 Aug 2019
Down: source of the unexpected?
"Tangled Up in ___," 1975 song by Bob Dylan which is a part of his album, "Blood on the Tracks"
Fish or book lead-in The Washington Post 07 Jul 2019
Fish or book lead-in LA Times Daily 07 Jul 2019
Sad; colour The Times Concise 02 Jul 2019
Top sportsman who's up and down
Wretched waste in the sea
Bummed out USA Today 18 May 2019
Colorful "sad" synonym Universal 13 May 2019
1996 LeAnn Rimes song, and what can precede the starred answers in song titles Wall Street Journal 30 Apr 2019
Cherry's pooch Canadiana 29 Apr 2019
Bill used regularly to be sad
With 25 Across, large game fish Newsday 11 Mar 2019
Down The Washington Post 01 Mar 2019
Down LA Times Daily 01 Mar 2019
Tone down The Sun Two Speed 24 Feb 2019
"Red, Yellow and ___ are the primary colors"
Color mixed with red to create purple
With 65 Across, ''deep'' locale Newsday 24 Jan 2019
Most prominent color on a globe
Rock's ___ Oyster Cult USA Today 06 Jan 2019
"Feeling ___" (sad)
Fish or book lead-in
Down in the dumps
Rock's ___ Oyster Cult
Colorful "sad" synonym
Navy or cerulean
Bummed out
1996 LeAnn Rimes song, and what can precede the starred answers in song titles
Adult butterfly‘s sad and cold
Navy's shade? Universal 13 Dec 2018
Remove organ from lounge bar in Down Irish Times Crosaire 26 Nov 2018
Color of 1a on a sunny day
NYPD shade Universal 06 Nov 2018
Cobalt or aqua USA Today 03 Nov 2018
Sad as some music is cut short
Colour The Telegraph Quick 26 Oct 2018
Shade of sky or sea Newsday 21 Oct 2018
Color of sadness Universal 03 Oct 2018
Depressed? Spend, spend, spend!
____ Berry, or unhappy frame of mind Canadiana 17 Sep 2018
Rare moon color Universal 05 Sep 2018
Color of the sky
Cookie Monster's hue Newsday 30 Aug 2018
Oxbridge player The Telegraph Quick 17 Aug 2018
Dirty five in 24
Depressed hue? Universal 10 Aug 2018
___ Earth, city in Minnesota named after a river
Risqué The Chronicle of Higher Education 03 Aug 2018
Dismal as a right-winger
Depressed boy was in front of the washroom, I hear
Cobalt or navy USA Today 21 May 2018
Down and dirty
Like most of New York State's flag New York Times 19 Apr 2018
Between green and violet Irish Times Simplex 12 Apr 2018
Cookie Monster's color Newsday 11 Apr 2018
Clear-sky color Newsday 10 Apr 2018
Baby __ Newsday 07 Apr 2018
Colour; squander The Times Concise 03 Apr 2018
Sad member of Boat Race crew?
With 120-Down, like Siamese cats or Frank Sinatra Premier Sunday 01 Apr 2018
Tory puffed out air in speech
Feeling sad New York Times 20 Mar 2018
With 64-Across, Marge Simpson feature USA Today 07 Mar 2018
Nile low?
___ Ridge Mountains, mountain range in Eastern U.S. that has a colorful name
Like a robin's egg
Gershwin title color LA Times Daily 12 Jan 2018
Gershwin title color The Washington Post 12 Jan 2018
Gershwin's "Rhapsody in ___" USA Today 07 Jan 2018
Rare moon color
Gershwin title color
Gershwin's "Rhapsody in ___"
Cobalt or navy
Cobalt or aqua
Navy's shade?
NYPD shade
Depressed hue?
Color of sadness
Like most of New York State's flag
Feeling sad
The ___-Ringed Octopus, one of the most venomous animals on the planet whose venom has no known antidote
Sky-colored Family Time 03 Dec 2017
Dispirited Wall Street Journal 25 Nov 2017
Reportedly puffed like an aristocrat
See 18 Across Newsday 15 Nov 2017
Like Alice's gown in 'Alice in Wonderland' New York Times 10 Nov 2017
Navy, e.g., or what the starred answers can be, in various ways Wall Street Journal 06 Nov 2017
"My ___ Heaven" Universal 11 Oct 2017
Sky color Universal 01 Oct 2017
Bawdy / university sportsman
Like a first-place ribbon
Cold with clear sky The Telegraph Toughie 22 Aug 2017
A shade down
"___ (Da Ba Dee)" a hit song by Eiffel 65 that won a Grammy award for "Best Dance Recording"
A shade too near the knuckle? The Telegraph Cryptic 31 Jul 2017
Not at all chipper
'Kind of ___' (classic Miles Davis album) Jonesin 18 Jul 2017
Color that can precede each half of each [3] answer Wall Street Journal 03 Jul 2017
Colour, first seen with 1A in black and white
Color of depression? Universal 27 May 2017
In need of cheering up Wall Street Journal 16 May 2017
One of the three primary colors
Dirty colour The Telegraph Cryptic 11 May 2017
Down New York Times 29 Apr 2017
An American flag color Universal 21 Apr 2017
Like some bruises near the knuckle The Telegraph Cryptic 02 Apr 2017
Color like indigo New York Times 02 Mar 2017
Type of cheese that's fruity
Midnight, e.g New York Times 21 Jan 2017
Like the upper half of Haiti's flag New York Times 14 Jan 2017
and 22 Down: Waters squandered a point before end of game The Telegraph Toughie 12 Jan 2017
Like Alice's gown in "Alice in Wonderland"
Color like indigo
Sky color
Color of depression?
An American flag color
"My ___ Heaven"
Midnight, e.g.
Like the upper half of Haiti's flag
Feeling sad USA Today 29 Dec 2016
In a funk The Washington Post 25 Dec 2016
Big __ marble (Earth, as seen from space) Newsday 13 Dec 2016
Bummed out Newsday 20 Nov 2016
Mopey Newsday 18 Nov 2016
Sky color Premier Sunday 13 Nov 2016
As reported, what the wind did is sad
Low jacket sailor took out
Down in the dumps Universal 18 Oct 2016
See 7 Across The Telegraph Quick 16 Oct 2016
Smurf-colored The Washington Post 13 Oct 2016
IBM's color Jonesin 13 Sep 2016
Like Cookie Monster and Grover New York Times 08 Sep 2016
Like California on most election maps Wall Street Journal 29 Aug 2016
Off-color, paradoxically New York Times 17 Aug 2016
Shady type banks blank cheque Irish Times Crosaire 16 Aug 2016
Sky color Newsday 20 Jun 2016
Colour; obscene The Telegraph Quick 07 Jun 2016
Azure or navy Newsday 01 Jun 2016
See 15 The Telegraph Toughie 29 Apr 2016
In a glum mood Jonesin 12 Apr 2016
Risqué LA Times Daily 07 Apr 2016
The 'B' of Roy G. Biv New York Times 14 Mar 2016
Down in the mouth LA Times Daily 09 Mar 2016
The 'B' in Roy G. Biv New York Times 16 Feb 2016
Cobalt __ LA Times Daily 10 Feb 2016
Like the sky Family Time 18 Jan 2016
Boasted in speech about a colour
Union wear Wall Street Journal 06 Jan 2016
Feeling sad
Cobalt __
Like Cookie Monster and Grover
The "B" in Roy G. Biv
Union wear
Color in the American flag USA Today 13 Dec 2015
Sad colour The Sun Two Speed 30 Nov 2015
Azure The Sun Two Speed 30 Nov 2015
Melancholy, rude Conservative sportsman
Unhappy Canadiana 23 Nov 2015
See 31-Down Wall Street Journal 29 Oct 2015
Color of sadness USA Today 26 Oct 2015
Despondent Eugene Sheffer 23 Sep 2015
Looking extremely cold and depressed? The Telegraph Cryptic 21 Sep 2015
Melancholy, sad The Times Concise 07 Sep 2015
Melancholy Newsday 23 Aug 2015
Sad color Universal 20 Aug 2015
Cerulean, for instance Newsday 13 Aug 2015
Risqu Eugene Sheffer 25 Jul 2015
Gloomy Wall Street Journal 17 Jul 2015
Sportsman at university is dirty The Telegraph Cryptic 04 Jul 2015
Despondent USA Today 26 Jun 2015
Glum, sad The Telegraph Quick 31 May 2015
Azure The Guardian Quick 16 May 2015
Crayon choice USA Today 23 Apr 2015
Bummed out Universal 16 Apr 2015
Groan leaving lounge bar into the great unknown, poetically speaking Irish Times Crosaire 11 Apr 2015
Navy gets one miserable? The Telegraph Cryptic 16 Mar 2015
Openings of books like Ulysses: extremely coarse The Times Cryptic 25 Feb 2015
A shade gloomy The Telegraph Cryptic 21 Feb 2015
Melancholy Universal 28 Jan 2015
Spectrum shade Newsday 22 Jan 2015
Color for a little boy or a lagoon USA Today 03 Jan 2015
Clear-sky color
Smurfy color
See 31-Down
Bummed out
Crayon choice
Color of sadness
Color in the American flag
Color for a little boy or a lagoon
Bummed out
Cerulean, for instance
Sad color
Bummed out
Spectrum shade
Sky color
Needing cheering
Down-in-the-dumps // shade
Sportsman, could be one of 8 or 11 or one of 18
22 across or down
Produced a blow say that's near the knuckle
Sportsman needing to be cheered
Without a name, unable to crack down
Spectrum color
Word before cheese or chip
Jeans color
Word with "moon" or "ribbon"
Like Toronto's Jays
"NYPD ____"
Rainbow color
"NYPD ___"
Old Glory color
Litmus-paper color
Not at all chipper
In a melancholy mood
A bit bummed out
Down in the dumps
Vulgar  colour
Low as the sky, perhaps
Really bummed
Teal, e.g.
Bummed-out color?
A color in the U.S. flag
Really bummed
Feeling down
Despondent one's color?
Off-color color
Despondent color?
Color of Paul Bunyan's ox
A primary color
A color in the U.S. flag
Royal Navy?
Like a clear sky
A primary color
Down in the dumps shade?
Jeans opener?
Sapphire, for instance
Color of a first-place ribbon
In a funk
Hardly happy
*Robin's egg color
In a funk
Hardly happy
*Robin's egg color
Word after sky or powder
Marine shade
Color of suede shoes, in song
Like a clear sky
Clue-hunting pooch
Color of suede shoes, in song
Like Smurfs
Down in the dumps
Grotto color at 61-Across
See 1-Across
Picasso's ___ Period, 1901-04
Oceanic hue
With 57-Down, teal or aqua
Word after sky or powder
'80s rockers Black 'n ___
Color of suede shoes of song
Color of Angels and Devils?
Aquamarine, for example
Azure, e.g.
Shades of it begin this puzzle's four longest answers
In the dumps
African lily color
Color for a little boy
Like a Smurf
Shades of it begin this puzzle's four longest answers
Feeling sad
Animated TV dog
Most of Iceland's flag
Lewd color?
Sad color?
Traditional color for baby boys
Union wear
St. Louis hockey player
Like a clear sky
Picasso's ___ Period, 1901-04
Lapis lazuli's hue
Peacock __
Down in the dumps
Down in the dumps
Lapis lazuli color
Down in the dumps
Color of some streaks
M&M color introduced in 1995
A primary color
With 52-Across, Thomas Gainsborough portrait, with "The"
With 4-Down, longtime jazz record label
Like a first-place ribbon
Sad color?
Spectrum component
Sky shade
In the dumps
"NYPD ___"
Barbie's eye color
Dirty, in a way
Color preceding Devils or Angels
___ states (California, Massachusetts, et al.)
Barbie's eye color
In a glum mood
See 57-Down
American flag color
Babe's color
Like a clear sky
Like a clear sky
"Am I __"
Like Smurfs
"Rhapsody in ___"
Off-color color
Word with corn or chip
Stephen Crane's "The ___ Hotel"
Like Carl Perkins's suede shoes
Like Marge Simpson's hair
Down in the dumps
Color for a little boy
Dog on a Nick Jr. show
Down in the dumps
See 54-Down
Down in the dumps
Spectrum section
Color preceding Angels or Devils
Spectrum color
Down in the dumps
Waiting to exhale?
Spectrum color
Primary color
Low color?
Like a Smurf
Jeans opening?
Navy color
Spectrum color
Low color?
American Express card with a smart chip
Word with print or ribbon
Word with navy or baby
Jeans opening?
Like a robin's egg
Movie color?
Bummed out
Feeling sad
Down in the dumps
One of the primary colors
Old Glory color
Like a clear day
One of the primary colors
Crayon choice
Like some laws
"___ Man Group" (Off-Broadway offering)
54 Across, e.g.
IBM's color
Union dress
Like some chips
See 10 Across
In the dumps
Word with moon or ribbon
Anagram for 64 Across
Down, so to speak
Sad, like some eyes
Down at the mouth
Down in the dumps
Smurf's hue
Color of some streaks
Bummed out
Down in the mouth
Water color
"__ Bayou"
Former A's hurler Vida
Spectrum component
"My __ Heaven"
Moper's hue
Color of Eugene Field's "Little Boy"
Like larkspur
Eye shade
See 5-Down
____ Oyster Cult
Color, or off-color
Like robbins' eggs
One side in the Civil War
Berlin's skies?
Kind of baby or cheese
In a funk
Type of law
Cornflower ___
"___ Skies," 1927 song
In the dumps
Kind of 21 Down
Colorful comedian Ben
With "bonnet," Houston's bowl
Danube hue
Kind of bird or berry
"___ Monday," Domino song
Color of 51 Down
Gloomy or indecent
Oceanic hue
Navy, e.g.
Sad, like the Jays?
An Old Glory color
"___ Skies," Berlin prediction
Suffering from mulligrubs
Word with sky or true
True ___
Like Alice's gown
Fish or chip
Monday, e.g.
Color for Alice.
One of a colorful trio.
Kind of sad.
One of an American trio.
Kind of stocking or bonnet.
Monday's hue.
Moon color.
Adjective for Monday.
___ cheese.
Part of Old Glory.
Sky or sea (with "the").
Chip color.
Monday's shade.
Down in the dumps.
Second ring of archer's target.
Veteran comedian.
Monday's adjective.
A sailor.
Morally strict, as certain laws.
"Into the wild ___ yonder."
Monte of the movies.
Characteristic of Monday.
Governor of Iowa.
___ Legion, Spanish soldiers in Nazi army.
Third circle of target.
Not suitable for all audiences
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