Crossword Clues for BOLTS

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Clue Source Date
They're often paired with nuts New York Times 05 Aug 2022
Leaves in a hurry New York Times 19 Jul 2022
Rolls of fabric LA Times Daily 20 Jun 2022
Nuts are attached by them Family Time 27 Mar 2022
Flashes of lightning Newsday 08 Feb 2022
Leaves in a hurry Universal 07 Nov 2021
Locks with a bar LA Times Daily 04 Nov 2021
Leaves suddenly Newsday 03 Jul 2021
Flashes of lightning USA Today 23 Jun 2021
Flashes of lightning Newsday 16 Nov 2020
Secures in place, or dashes away Universal 02 Nov 2020
Neckwear for Frankenstein's monster? Jonesin 11 Aug 2020
Lightning units USA Today 10 Aug 2020
Metal fasteners Newsday 03 Jun 2020
Fabric bundles Eugene Sheffer 13 Sep 2019
Nuts' partners Thomas Joseph 28 May 2019
Nuts-and-__ (practical) Newsday 01 May 2019
Nuts' mates USA Today 01 Jan 2019
Nuts' mates
Beats a hasty retreat USA Today 28 Nov 2018
Carpentry fasteners The Washington Post Sunday 23 Sep 2018
Makes a quick getaway USA Today 18 Sep 2018
Fabric bundles Thomas Joseph 15 Aug 2018
Beats a hasty retreat
Makes a quick getaway
Door fasteners Newsday 13 Dec 2017
Parts of a Frankenstein costume New York Times 08 Dec 2017
Fabric rolls Newsday 27 Aug 2017
Fabric quantities Newsday 22 Jan 2017
Parts of a Frankenstein costume
Fabric bundles Newsday 27 Nov 2016
They're effective when nutty? Universal 23 Sep 2016
Nuts go-with Universal 23 May 2016
Runs out LA Times Daily 06 May 2016
Runs out
Nuts go-with
They're effective when nutty?
Flies the coop Newsday 20 Sep 2015
Door fasteners that slide Newsday 18 Aug 2015
Door fasteners The Telegraph Quick 28 Jun 2015
Door fasteners that slide
Flies the coop
Hightails it
Partner of nuts
Leaves in a hurry
Leaves suddenly
Heavy door locks
Fabric units
Nuts go-with
Nuts go-with
They get nuts
Emblems on the Chargers' helmets
Hardware purchases
Takes off
Beats a retreat
Makes a mad dash
Makes a mad dash
Lightning bits
Secures, as a door
Lightning units
Runs away
Lightning flashes
Leaves in a hurry
Nuts and --
Fastens, in a way
Fastens, in a way
Bucket filler?
Frankenstein's monster features
Rolls of fabric
Flange fasteners
Gobbles down
Hardware purchases
Door fasteners
Lightning units
Fastens securely
Crossbow ammo
Frankenstein monster features
Gobbles down
Nuts go-with
Eats and runs?
Gobbles down
Some hardware purchases
"Frankenstein" features
"Frankenstein" features
Makes a hasty escape
Nuts' companions
Hardware purchase
Charges off
Metal fasteners
Runs off
They have heads and threads
Nuts and __
Makes a beeline
Eats in a hurry
Hardware purchase
Fastening devices
Fabric rolls
Hardware items
Leaves in a hurry
Rifle parts
Lengths of cloth
Examines closely
Breaks away
Takes off
Door fixtures
Nuts' partners
Eats in a hurry
Sweet Alice's Ben et al.
Runs away.
Gulps down.
Political maneuvers.
Deserts one's party.
Tears (through)
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