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Word "BOND" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
stick to firmly
adhere, bind, hold fast, stick, stick to

Part of Speech:
(criminal law) money that must be forfeited by the bondsman if an accused person fails to appear in court for trial
bail, bail bond
a $10,000 bond was furnished by an alderman

Part of Speech:
a certificate of debt (usually interest-bearing or discounted) that is issued by a government or corporation in order to raise money; the issuer is required to pay a fixed sum annually until maturity and then a fixed sum to repay the principal
bond certificate

Crossword Clues for BOND

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Clue Source Date
Form close ties (with) The Washington Post 08 Apr 2021
Role for Craig Thomas Joseph 08 Apr 2021
Form a connection USA Today 02 Apr 2021
No foe? Wall Street Journal 01 Apr 2021
Connection USA Today 03 Mar 2021
"__, James __" LA Times Daily 21 Dec 2020
'__, James __' The Washington Post 21 Dec 2020
007 Universal 01 Dec 2020
Become stuck together Family Time 26 Oct 2020
Bail payment Wall Street Journal 15 Sep 2020
M's favorite agent The Washington Post 08 May 2020
Strong tie Wall Street Journal 23 Mar 2020
'Skyfall' protagonist USA Today 16 Mar 2020
Investor's purchase USA Today 12 Mar 2020
Grow closer USA Today 08 Mar 2020
M's top agent Thomas Joseph 11 Feb 2020
James of Her Majesty's Secret Service New York Times 31 Dec 2019
Adhese Canadiana 02 Dec 2019
Tie; agent The Times Concise 12 Nov 2019
Form a rapport Wall Street Journal 05 Oct 2019
Boyfriend sacrifices fiery relationship Irish Times Crosaire 04 Sep 2019
Agent 007 Thomas Joseph 13 Aug 2019
Tight connection, as between mother and baby The Washington Post 08 Jul 2019
'Skyfall' spy USA Today 04 Jul 2019
Form a friendship USA Today 25 Mar 2019
Spy in relationship The Telegraph Cryptic 15 Feb 2019
Fellow feeling secure? The Telegraph Cryptic 02 Feb 2019
Investor's alternative The Washington Post 01 Feb 2019
"Skyfall" spy
No hitter of filmdom Newsday 10 Nov 2018
Word spoken before and after 'James' New York Times 04 Sep 2018
Fixed-rate security Wall Street Journal 13 Aug 2018
Fictional 25, associate of 18 20 The Telegraph Quick 04 Aug 2018
No foe Wall Street Journal 23 Jun 2018
Stick together Newsday 18 Mar 2018
My word, maybe New York Times 11 Mar 2018
Hold together Newsday 25 Feb 2018
Investor's buy Thomas Joseph 03 Jan 2018
Word spoken before and after "James"
"Live and Let Die" spy USA Today 12 Nov 2017
Fleming's agent Universal 18 Sep 2017
Portfolio item Wall Street Journal 11 Jul 2017
James ___ New York Times 19 Jun 2017
Spy person taking on M's successor The Telegraph Cryptic 18 May 2017
James of spydom Universal 16 May 2017
What the answers to the starred clues share, in two ways New York Times 10 Apr 2017
James ___ (007)
Fleming superspy The Washington Post 16 Dec 2016
Close connection Newsday 21 Nov 2016
Fictional agent; link The Times Concise 27 Oct 2016
Craig role LA Times Daily 15 Oct 2016
M's associate Jonesin 20 Sep 2016
'GoldenEye' spy New York Times 09 Aug 2016
Daniel Craig role Eugene Sheffer 16 May 2016
Result of an application of epoxy The Chronicle of Higher Education 25 Mar 2016
Agent sure to lose uniform The Telegraph Toughie 05 Feb 2016
Ornithologist James of whom Ian Fleming was a fan New York Times 10 Jan 2016
"GoldenEye" spy
Covenant LA Times Daily 17 Dec 2015
Fictional spy James Newsday 28 Sep 2015
''Skyfall'' spy Newsday 08 Apr 2015
Tie Premier Sunday 25 Jan 2015
No's foe
"Skyfall" hero
Portfolio purchase
James the agent
What atoms may have
Attraction in a carbon dioxide molecule
Fleming's Agent 007
Strong connection
"For Your Eyes Only" character
Name said before and after James
M asset
Matrimony, metaphorically
Agent 007's last name
Close link
Government-issued security
Craig's "Skyfall" role
No hitter
Niven's "Casino Royale" role
Become attached
Double O Seven
One who reports to M
Portfolio choice
Stock's kin
Close tie
Agent under M
What atoms do
Fleming's agent James
Dr. No's nemesis
Thing with a future?
Municipal __ (tax-free investment)
Fleming's spy
Martini drinker of note
Source of interest
Agent with many girls
Become good friends, say
See 6 Down
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