Word "BOOT" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
the act of delivering a blow with the foot
kick, kicking

Part of Speech:
an instrument of torture that is used to heat or crush the foot and leg
iron boot, iron heel, the boot

Part of Speech:
cause to load (an operating system) and start the initial processes
bring up, reboot
boot your computer

Crossword Clues for BOOT

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Clue Source Date
Start up, as a computer Universal 04 Aug 2022
Ugg product Universal 03 Aug 2022
Kick, or something to kick with Universal 24 Jul 2022
Italy's shape Thomas Joseph 20 Jul 2022
Hard kick The Times Concise 19 Jul 2022
Cowgirl's footwear Eugene Sheffer 05 Jul 2022
Kick out Newsday 15 Jun 2022
Italy's shape Thomas Joseph 02 May 2022
Hiking footwear The Washington Post Sunday 20 Mar 2022
and 4 down: Private place in Wellington College for a foreign politician Irish Times Crosaire 11 Feb 2022
Italy’s shape Wall Street Journal 07 Feb 2022
Nearly all those in 24 down heading for Tauranga or Wellington Irish Times Crosaire 05 Jan 2022
Wader, e.g Thomas Joseph 10 Dec 2021
Shoe that might be knee-high USA Today 10 Nov 2021
Italy's shape Universal 06 Oct 2021
Italy’s shape Wall Street Journal 28 Sep 2021
Kick LA Times Daily 21 Aug 2021
Kick The Washington Post 21 Aug 2021
Jaguar’s trunk Wall Street Journal 14 Aug 2021
Kick out USA Today 26 Jun 2021
Footwear for snow The Washington Post 21 Jun 2021
Footwear for snow LA Times Daily 21 Jun 2021
Winter shoe USA Today 19 Jun 2021
Winter footwear item Premier Sunday 06 Jun 2021
Things that are far from basic? New York Times 03 Jun 2021
Cowboy's shoe USA Today 28 May 2021
Word after combat or cowboy New York Times 23 May 2021
Italy's silhouette Eugene Sheffer 01 May 2021
Italy's shape Thomas Joseph 18 Mar 2021
Eject LA Times Daily 17 Feb 2021
Eject The Washington Post 17 Feb 2021
Heave-ho LA Times Daily 06 Dec 2020
Kick out Universal 27 Oct 2020
To ___ (in addition) USA Today 12 Oct 2020
Cowboy's footwear Eugene Sheffer 02 Oct 2020
Wellington The Sun Two Speed 24 Aug 2020
Footwear in trunk The Sun Two Speed 24 Aug 2020
Abrupt dismissal LA Times Daily 17 Jul 2020
Abrupt dismissal The Washington Post 17 Jul 2020
Italy's outline resembles one USA Today 12 Jul 2020
Italy's shape USA Today 02 Apr 2020
Bit of skiing wear The Washington Post Sunday 22 Mar 2020
Trunk, to a Brit USA Today 09 Mar 2020
Footwear in punt The Sun Two Speed 03 Mar 2020
Car luggage space The Sun Two Speed 03 Mar 2020
A rancher might pull one over a calf New York Times 01 Dec 2019
A rancher might pull one over a calf
Kick out New York Times 06 Nov 2019
Kick out
Winter wear unit Family Time 28 Oct 2019
Spur site Wall Street Journal 12 Oct 2019
Jeer team starting in Wellington Irish Times Crosaire 02 Oct 2019
Clothing; kick The Telegraph Quick 24 Aug 2019
Start PC in Wellington? The Sun Two Speed 19 May 2019
Post-blizzard wear Newsday 24 Jan 2019
Footwear Canadiana 14 Jan 2019
Spur site
Give the heave-ho to
Footwear in sack The Sun Two Speed 02 Nov 2018
Italy's shape New York Times 22 Oct 2018
Give the heave-ho to USA Today 17 Oct 2018
It may sport a spur USA Today 12 Oct 2018
Start up a PC Family Time 08 Oct 2018
Dismiss unceremoniously Wall Street Journal 28 Aug 2018
Item of footwear The Times Concise 06 Aug 2018
One in an UGG box LA Times Daily 19 Jul 2018
One in an UGG box The Washington Post 19 Jul 2018
Oust Newsday 12 Jul 2018
Voice disapproval of Best's last kick The Sun Two Speed 10 Jul 2018
Jeer first team in Italy for the locals Irish Times Crosaire 30 May 2018
Hard kick Wall Street Journal 30 May 2018
Spare tyre site LA Times Daily 03 Feb 2018
Spare tyre site The Washington Post 03 Feb 2018
It may sport a spur
Italy's shape
Italy's shape
Dismiss unceremoniously
One in an UGG box
Spare tyre site
Hard kick
New Marine Newsday 15 Dec 2017
Footwear Irish Times Simplex 09 Dec 2017
Can The Washington Post Sunday 29 Oct 2017
Start up a computer Jonesin 24 Oct 2017
Start "up" a PC Family Time 06 Aug 2017
Kick (out) New York Times 07 Jun 2017
Eject abruptly USA Today 24 May 2017
Cowboy's footwear LA Times Daily 08 May 2017
Cowboy's footwear The Washington Post 08 May 2017
Wellington or chukka USA Today 03 Apr 2017
Half an UGG pair USA Today 31 Mar 2017
Wader, e.g Thomas Joseph 15 Mar 2017
Automobile trunk, to a Brit USA Today 03 Mar 2017
Item of footwear The Telegraph Quick 23 Jan 2017
Flub, as a grounder The Washington Post 22 Jan 2017
*Tool for removing heavy footwear New York Times 05 Jan 2017
Eject abruptly
Wellington or chukka
*Tool for removing heavy footwear
Kick (out)
Cowboy's footwear
Start up, in a way New York Times 03 Dec 2016
Cowboy's pride Universal 07 Sep 2016
Kick; footwear The Times Concise 15 Aug 2016
Result of a parking violation ... as illustrated four times in this puzzle? New York Times 04 Aug 2016
Start up a computer Universal 22 Jul 2016
Tony Lama product The Washington Post 12 Jul 2016
Dismiss abruptly Wall Street Journal 31 Mar 2016
Dismiss unceremoniously USA Today 27 Mar 2016
Diner option New York Times 07 Jan 2016
Cowboy's pride
Start up a computer
Start up, in a way
Result of a parking violation ... as illustrated four times in this puzzle?
Get rid of Wall Street Journal 18 Dec 2015
Rancher's footwear USA Today 04 Dec 2015
Throw out unceremoniously New York Times 27 Nov 2015
Kick The Telegraph Quick 19 Nov 2015
Cowpoke's footwear LA Times Daily 14 Sep 2015
It may need cobbling LA Times Daily 10 Jul 2015
Cowboy's footwear Family Time 31 May 2015
Hard kick The Times Concise 15 May 2015
Eject New York Times 17 Apr 2015
and 24: Big name in oil, perhaps Aberdonian, too uppity to enter military unit The Telegraph Toughie 27 Feb 2015
Cowboy's footwear Universal 12 Feb 2015
Throw out Newsday 05 Feb 2015
Item of footwear in sack The Telegraph Cryptic 30 Jan 2015
Throw out unceremoniously
Rancher's footwear
Cowpoke's footwear
It may need cobbling
Throw out
Cowboy's footwear
Get rid of
Italy's shape
Shape of some novelty beer steins
First product sold by L.L. Bean
Rancher's footwear
Italy's shape
Italian shape?
Firefighter's footwear
Soccer star's favorite type of shoe?
To ___ (besides)
Cowboy's footwear
Word with "camp" or "Hill"
Timberland product
Give the heave-ho
Kick out
Cowboy's footwear
Wader or wafflestomper
Start up, as a computer
Fail to field a grounder
To sack a member
Shoe worn in snow
Snow shoe
Wellington or mukluk
Toss out
It may be spurred
With 16-Across, naval training site
Cowboy's foot covering
Parking-violation attachment
Jodhpur, e.g.
Military footwear
Mishandle, as a grounder
Wader or wafflestomper
Military footwear
Mishandle, as a grounder
Wellington, e.g.
Cowboy footwear
Part of a firefighter's attire
Bum's rush
Start up, as a PC
Word before camp or hill
Wellington, for one
Power up, as a PC
Dismiss unceremoniously
Bad thing to get on the job
Part of firefighter attire
Kick (out)
Start up the PC
Italy's outline
Marine recruit
Marine recruit
Mukluk, e.g.
Restart a computer (with "up")
Mukluk, for one
Mukluk, e.g.
Unceremonious pink slip
Diamond flub
Worst thing to get on the job
Car trunk, to Brits
Word with camp or hill
Ouster, so to speak
Mukluk or Wellington, e.g.
Mukluk, e.g.
Trunk in Soho
Mukluk or Wellington
Car trunk, to a Brit
Italy's shape
Word with half or cowboy
Cowboy's footwear
55 Down's shape
Toss out
Word with camp or tree
Kick out
Bum's rush
Work as a kicker
Start up a computer
Trunk, in Tottenham
Bum's rush
Rancher's footwear
Car-wheel lock
Italian figure
Marine recruit
Dismiss unceremoniously
Soccer star's favorite type of shoe?
Cowboy wear
Car securer
Italy's shape
Start up a PC
Brit's trunk
Soccer star's shoe?
Start up
Scofflaw's stopper
Dismissal, with "the"
Heave-ho, with "the"
One kind of camp
____ hill Cemetery Ariz.
British car trunk
Ferragamo or Wellington
Flub, as a grounder
Start, as a computer
Give the heave-ho
Word with black or camp
Word with camp or black
Kind of camp
To ___ (besides)
___ camp
To ___ (also)
Eject roughly
Marine recruit
Napoleon or Wellington
A Wellington or Napoleon
Navy recruit
Wading item
Type of camp
English car trunk
Italian shape
Fielder's error
Dismiss: Slang.
Kick: Colloq.
Navy recruit: Slang.
Contour of Italy.
Navy recruit.
To ___ (besides).
Baggage compartment of a car.
Fumble a grounder.
Auto trunk, in England.
To ___.
To ___ (also).
Baggage compartment in a British car.
To ___ (in addition).
Fumble in baseball.
Southern Italy.
Kind of army training.
What the British call the baggage compartment of a car.
Error in baseball.
Sorel product
Ugg product
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