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Word "BOSUN" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
a petty officer on a merchant ship who controls the work of other seamen
bo's'n, bo'sun, boatswain, bos'n

Crossword Clues for BOSUN

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Clue Source Date
Ship's officer The Times Concise 05 Jan 2021
Shift bonus for one of the crew Irish Times Crosaire 02 Jan 2021
Job for a gob Wall Street Journal 09 Nov 2019
Boatswain, casually Eugene Sheffer 16 Jul 2019
Merchant ship supervisor Newsday 01 Jun 2019
Petty officer on a merchant ship Wall Street Journal 24 Apr 2019
Petty officer Universal 11 Apr 2019
Deck crew boss The Washington Post 17 Feb 2019
Ship's deck boss Newsday 12 Jul 2018
Officer over deckhands Premier Sunday 08 Apr 2018
Naval officer warmer on the outskirts of Borneo The Telegraph Toughie 09 May 2017
Bill Bobstay, on the H.M.S. Pinafore Wall Street Journal 29 Apr 2017
Ship's petty officer USA Today 02 Nov 2016
Hull tender Wall Street Journal 23 Jul 2016
Petty officer on sub at sea The Telegraph Cryptic 28 Feb 2016
Warrant officer New York Times 22 Oct 2015
Captain Hook subordinate Newsday 16 Oct 2015
Smee's job Newsday 02 Oct 2015
Seaman upset former pupil with shiner? The Times Cryptic 28 Sep 2015
Boatswain USA Today 08 Jul 2015
Shift bonus for petty type Irish Times Crosaire 21 Feb 2015
Deckhand supervisor
Merchant vessel petty officer
Short deck hand?
Merchant vessel elision
Royal Navy officer
Warship warrant officer
Merchant ship officer
Naval officer
Crew leader
Maintenance mate
Merchant vessel officer
Officer in charge of rigging
Hand on a deck
Deck-crew leader
Officer in charge of a ship's rigging, informally
Warship officer
Deck officer
Ship officer
USN maintenance officer
One of a cap'n's aides
Deck hands' superior
Nautical man
Naval man
Ship's officer.
Crew member.
Member of the crew.
Navy man.
Seaman of a sort.
Man in charge of deck crew.
Petty officier on shipboard.
Relative of first mate.
Petty officer: Colloq.
Petty officer in charge of rigging, anchors, cables, etc.
Superior seaman.
Ship's crew leader.
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.