Word "BOT" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
botfly larva; typically develops inside the body of a horse or sheep or human

Crossword Clues for BOT

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Clue Source Date
CAPTCHA prey LA Times Daily 14 Aug 2022
CAPTCHA target Universal 14 Jul 2022
Automaton, for short Eugene Sheffer 14 Jul 2022
Spammy Twitter account Universal 09 Jul 2022
Program that spits out spam New York Times 04 Jul 2022
Droid LA Times Daily 17 Jun 2022
Droid Universal 02 Jun 2022
Droid Eugene Sheffer 26 May 2022
Automaton, for short Eugene Sheffer 23 May 2022
CAPTCHA target Universal 26 Apr 2022
Automated Twitter user The Washington Post 20 Apr 2022
Automated Twitter user LA Times Daily 20 Apr 2022
Fake user Universal 13 Mar 2022
Mechanical sci-fi creation Family Time 06 Mar 2022
Droid Eugene Sheffer 01 Mar 2022
Electronic data miner Newsday 18 Feb 2022
Spam generator Wall Street Journal 16 Feb 2022
Maggot first in beef to turn The Guardian Cryptic 07 Feb 2022
Web automaton Premier Sunday 06 Feb 2022
Droid Eugene Sheffer 03 Jan 2022
Automated spam sender LA Times Daily 01 Nov 2021
Automated web scraper Universal 29 Oct 2021
Droid Eugene Sheffer 16 Oct 2021
Twitch or Twitter spammer USA Today 14 Oct 2021
Droid Eugene Sheffer 20 Sep 2021
Droid cousin Family Time 05 Sep 2021
Automaton, for short Eugene Sheffer 31 Aug 2021
Spam source USA Today 29 Aug 2021
Automated Twitter account USA Today 12 Aug 2021
Poster impostor? New York Times 06 Aug 2021
Data-mining software Newsday 25 Jul 2021
Automated Web browser Newsday 11 Jul 2021
Relatives of glockenspiels New York Times 03 Jun 2021
Droid Eugene Sheffer 03 May 2021
Automaton, for short Eugene Sheffer 02 Apr 2021
Net automaton Premier Sunday 14 Mar 2021
Spam-spreading program The Washington Post 14 Feb 2021
Spam-spreading program LA Times Daily 14 Feb 2021
Spam caller, e.g New York Times 09 Feb 2021
Autonomous program Thomas Joseph 21 Jan 2021
Spam generator Universal 10 Nov 2020
Droid LA Times Daily 30 Oct 2020
Droid The Washington Post 30 Oct 2020
Spam spewer New York Times 31 Aug 2020
Automated Twitter account Universal 29 Aug 2020
Spam sender New York Times 02 Aug 2020
Automated web browser Newsday 12 Jul 2020
One making a malicious attack, maybe New York Times 29 May 2020
Spam sender Universal 11 May 2020
Source of false impressions online? The New Yorker 11 May 2020
Tweet creator, at times LA Times Daily 03 May 2020
Tweet creator, at times The Washington Post 03 May 2020
Search engine spider, e.g Universal 29 Mar 2020
Web-crawling software Newsday 15 Mar 2020
Spam source USA Today 08 Mar 2020
Spam producer Universal 13 Jan 2020
Automated spam creator LA Times Daily 10 Dec 2019
Automated spam creator The Washington Post 10 Dec 2019
Spam-sending program, for short Universal 09 Dec 2019
CAPTCHA failer (hopefully) Universal 09 Nov 2019
Nonhuman Twitter account New York Times 23 Oct 2019
Nonhuman Twitter account
Program that performs repetitive tasks Thomas Joseph 06 Sep 2019
Spam generator USA Today 07 Aug 2019
Spam generator New York Times 31 Jul 2019
Spam generator, briefly USA Today 29 Jul 2019
Automated producer of spam New York Times 09 Jul 2019
Message-spewing program New York Times 01 Jul 2019
These two things The Washington Post Sunday 30 Jun 2019
Automated blog participant, for short LA Times Daily 29 May 2019
Automated blog participant, for short The Washington Post 29 May 2019
Many a Tweeter The Washington Post 13 Apr 2019
Many a Tweeter LA Times Daily 13 Apr 2019
Unpaid tech worker? Universal 04 Apr 2019
Twitter spammer Universal 28 Feb 2019
Web-crawling software USA Today 14 Feb 2019
Many a spam creator Wall Street Journal 30 Jan 2019
Web-crawling software
Many a Tweeter
Many a spam creator
Spam generator, briefly
Automated producer of spam
Spam generator
Twitter spammer (4)
Spam generator
Message-spewing program
Automated blog participant, for short
Unpaid tech worker?
Spam sender, for short USA Today 26 Dec 2018
Internet automaton Premier Sunday 09 Dec 2018
Web-crawling app Universal 02 Dec 2018
Web crawler, e.g The Washington Post 01 Dec 2018
Web crawler, e.g LA Times Daily 01 Dec 2018
AI game participant Universal 19 Sep 2018
Spam producer, for short The Washington Post 21 Aug 2018
Spam producer, for short LA Times Daily 21 Aug 2018
Web-crawling software Wall Street Journal 23 Jul 2018
Questionable Twitter poster, perhaps Jonesin 17 Jul 2018
Autonomous program Wall Street Journal 05 Jul 2018
Computer-controlled game character Wall Street Journal 27 Jun 2018
High-tech agent LA Times Daily 29 Apr 2018
High-tech agent The Washington Post 29 Apr 2018
Hi-tech worker The Washington Post 26 Mar 2018
Hi-tech worker LA Times Daily 26 Mar 2018
Plant sci LA Times Daily 07 Mar 2018
Plant sci The Washington Post 07 Mar 2018
Frequent Twitter poster New York Times 14 Jan 2018
Web-crawling software
High-tech agent
Spam producer, for short
Web crawler, e.g.
Frequent Twitter poster
AI game participant
Web-crawling app
Spam sender, for short
Autonomous program
Computer-controlled game character
Many an online nuisance New York Times 26 Aug 2017
What may have a strong net effect? New York Times 07 Jul 2017
Spam-sending software Newsday 22 Jun 2017
Web crawler New York Times 12 Jun 2017
Autonomous software program Wall Street Journal 03 Jun 2017
Automated miner Newsday 01 Apr 2017
Droid New York Times 06 Mar 2017
Droid kin Universal 27 Feb 2017
Web-crawling software, e.g USA Today 26 Feb 2017
Web crawler Thomas Joseph 12 Jan 2017
Web crawler, e.g New York Times 02 Jan 2017
Web crawler, e.g.
Many an online nuisance
Web-crawling software, e.g.
What may have a strong net effect?
Web crawler
Automaton, in sci-fi slang Universal 25 Dec 2016
Droid Premier Sunday 25 Dec 2016
Plant science (Abbr.) USA Today 08 Nov 2016
Automaton, briefly Universal 09 Oct 2016
Data miner Newsday 03 Sep 2016
Web crawler, e.g USA Today 19 Jun 2016
Automaton, in sci-fi slang USA Today 02 Jun 2016
AI game competitor LA Times Daily 29 May 2016
Turing test participant New York Times 19 May 2016
'Droid Universal 05 May 2016
Droid Jonesin 05 Apr 2016
Internet __ LA Times Daily 22 Jan 2016
Sci-fi servant USA Today 10 Jan 2016
Plant science (Abbr.)
Sci-fi servant
Web crawler, e.g.
Automaton, in sci-fi slang
Automaton, in sci-fi slang
Automaton, briefly
AI game competitor
Internet __
Droid cousin USA Today 30 Jun 2015
Mendel's sci LA Times Daily 02 Apr 2015
Certain sci-fi fighter New York Times 12 Mar 2015
Google worker New York Times 27 Feb 2015
Autonomous computer program Wall Street Journal 20 Feb 2015
Kind of fly Universal 31 Jan 2015
High-tech worker LA Times Daily 10 Jan 2015
Spam generator
Spam generator
Computer program that works automatically
Mendel's sci.
Many a modern commenter
Repetitive-task computer program
Autonomous computer program
CAPTCHA target
Kind of fly
High-tech worker
Mendel's sci.
Google worker
Certain sci-fi fighter
Droid cousin
Web-crawling software
Spam producer
Bit of Google programming
Droid cousin
Mechanical man, for short
Automated online script, as it were
Spam producer
Many a Google program
Plant sci.
Sci-fi sidekick, often
Plant sci.
Spam sender, often
Ending with spam
Automated piece of software
Automated task performer, briefly
Autonomous program
Sci-fi sidekick, maybe
Autonomous computer program
Autonomous computer program
Search engine spider, e.g.
'Droid kin
Automated computer program
Hi-tech worker
Mechanical combatant, for short
Hi-tech worker
Software agent
Automated Web browser
Sci-fi sidekick, sometimes
Automaton, for short
Mechanical combatant, for short
Automaton, for short
Hi-tech battler
Automated task performer
Hi-tech battler
Automated task performer
Automated Web assistant
Science fair creation, briefly
Android, for short
Automaton, briefly
High-tech helper, briefly
Plant sci.
Program that performs repetitive tasks
Gray's field: abbr.
24/7 computer program
Burbank's sci.
High-tech helper, briefly
Repetitive computer program
9-Across, e.g., informally
Sci-fi sidekick, possibly
Mendel's field: Abbr.
Mechanical man, for short
Mendel's field: Abbr.
Agric. course
High-tech battler
Study of plants: Abbr.
Agric. course
Automaton, briefly
Automaton, briefly
Asa Gray's sci.
Droid cousin
Sci. course
Mechanical man, for short
Automaton, for short
Horticulturalist's subj.
Burbank's sci.
Horticulturalist's subj.
Larva of a certain fly
Parasitic fly larva
Australian scrounger
Zool. sibling
HS course
Plant-life sci.
Purchased, on the NYSE
Plant sci.
Sci. of flora
Fly larva
Sci. of plants
Gray area: Abbr.
A science: Abbr.
Asa Gray's forte: Abbr.
Science subj.
Horse pest
Plant study: Abbr;
Plant study: Abbr.
Science study: Abbr.
Science course: Abbr.
Plant science: Abbr.
Science: Abbr.
Important science: Abbr.
Group like a chamber of commerce: Abbr.
Course of study: Abbr.
Science subject: Abbr.
Of plants: Abbr.
Science of plants: Abbr.
Botfly larva.
Spam producer, briefly
Hard worker?
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