Word "BREAD" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
informal terms for money
boodle, cabbage, clams, dinero, dough, gelt, kale, lettuce, lolly, loot, lucre, moolah, pelf, scratch, shekels, simoleons, sugar, wampum

Part of Speech:
food made from dough of flour or meal and usually raised with yeast or baking powder and then baked
breadstuff, staff of life

Part of Speech:
cover with bread crumbs
bread the pork chops before frying them

Crossword Clues for BREAD

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Clue Source Date
Money raised during radio broadcast The Times Cryptic 21 Sep 2022
Challah or injera USA Today 15 Sep 2022
Sandwich necessity Family Time 25 Jul 2022
Coat in the kitchen Wall Street Journal 31 May 2022
Naan or ciabatta, e.g Universal 24 Mar 2022
Opening book to study the Russian Borodinsky Irish Times Crosaire 22 Jan 2022
Food brought up from the mouth The Times Cryptic 05 Jan 2022
"Daily" food in a prayer Universal 28 Dec 2021
Ciabatta or naan Universal 16 Dec 2021
Spread site that rhymes with 'spread' The Washington Post Sunday 05 Dec 2021
Focaccia, e.g The Washington Post Sunday 03 Oct 2021
Side bar is missing something to put the butter and marmalade on Irish Times Crosaire 29 Sep 2021
See 44-Across New York Times 17 Aug 2021
The staff of life Eugene Sheffer 13 Aug 2021
Sourdough, for example USA Today 07 Aug 2021
Rolls, e.g New York Times 16 Jul 2021
Moolah New York Times 21 Jun 2021
Loaf The Sun Two Speed 11 May 2021
Poor holding on for money The Sun Two Speed 11 May 2021
Sustenance New York Times 13 Mar 2021
Bakery output Thomas Joseph 06 Mar 2021
The staff of life Eugene Sheffer 06 Mar 2021
Ciabatta, e.g Jonesin 26 Jan 2021
Pita, for a gyro Universal 03 Jan 2021
Dough -- and what it might become The Telegraph Cryptic 17 Nov 2020
Engendered* Newsday 02 Oct 2020
*Dough (and start of a word ladder) The Washington Post 15 Sep 2020
*Dough (and start of a word ladder) LA Times Daily 15 Sep 2020
Toast, essentially New York Times 25 Aug 2020
Eg, loaf or rolls The Times Concise 09 Jun 2020
Challah, for one Wall Street Journal 13 May 2020
Money from poor holding on The Sun Two Speed 12 May 2020
Sourdough, for one Universal 14 Mar 2020
Basketful on the table The Washington Post 22 Dec 2019
Basketful on the table LA Times Daily 22 Dec 2019
Whole wheat or rye Newsday 05 Nov 2019
Bruschetta base USA Today 26 Oct 2019
Eg, sourdough or rye The Times Concise 31 Aug 2019
Longtime product with a 'Classic White' variety New York Times 05 Jun 2019
Side bar is missing something to put the butter and marmalade on Irish Times Crosaire 05 Apr 2019
Bishop pored over brass The Telegraph Toughie 12 Feb 2019
Bruschetta base
Longtime product with a "Classic White" variety
& 10 Double brass for a 9? The Telegraph Toughie 25 Dec 2018
Sandwich part Family Time 16 Dec 2018
Naan or pumpernickel Universal 14 Dec 2018
Baked food The Telegraph Quick 18 Nov 2018
Baked food; money The Times Concise 08 Nov 2018
What a low-carb diet may ban New York Times 06 Nov 2018
See 41 Across The Washington Post Sunday 02 Sep 2018
Lolly, something to eat The Telegraph Cryptic 23 Jul 2018
''Artisanal'' edible Newsday 03 Jun 2018
Staple food The Times Concise 09 Feb 2018
Coat before cooking Wall Street Journal 04 Jan 2018
What a low-carb diet may ban
Naan or pumpernickel
Roti, say
'Cabbage' New York Times 13 Dec 2017
Money raised, we hear The Telegraph Cryptic 20 Aug 2017
Naan or challah USA Today 16 Aug 2017
Sandwich exterior Newsday 18 Apr 2017
Sandwich ends Family Time 26 Mar 2017
Loaf The Times Concise 21 Mar 2017
Pumpernickel or rye Newsday 28 Feb 2017
Bruschetta base The Washington Post 01 Feb 2017
Naan or challah
Wonder wares Wall Street Journal 09 Aug 2016
Naan, at an Indian restaurant USA Today 01 Aug 2016
Deli loaf LA Times Daily 26 Jul 2016
Sandwich start Thomas Joseph 10 Jun 2016
Moolah ... or the makeup of the ends of the answers to the starred clues New York Times 18 Apr 2016
Sandwich need Jonesin 01 Mar 2016
Baguette or brioche The Washington Post 01 Feb 2016
Deli loaf
Naan, at an Indian restaurant
Money (inf) The Telegraph Quick 27 Dec 2015
Some wealth Wall Street Journal 12 Dec 2015
Staff of life Canadiana 19 Oct 2015
Sandwich necessity USA Today 10 Jul 2015
Diner basketful LA Times Daily 23 Jun 2015
As stated, raised money The Telegraph Cryptic 07 Jun 2015
Food; money The Times Concise 01 Jun 2015
Eg, loaf or roll The Times Concise 19 May 2015
Wonder product New York Times 17 Feb 2015
Bakery item USA Today 25 Jan 2015
Bakery item
Challah, for example
Common basket filler
Diner basketful
Some wealth
Sandwich necessity
Wonder product
Places where wheat is stored?
Gluten-rich food
Naan, for example
Beatnik's dough
Edible '70s L.A. band?
Sandwich loaf
Beatnik's dough
Sustenance, so to speak
What a slicer slices
Sandwich loaf
"If" band named after a carb
Wheat or pumpernickel
Communion offering
___ and 38-Across (meager meal)
Toasting candidate
Certain basket contents
Slicer input
Server's basketful
It's broken at meals
Some deli slices
Rye or pumpernickel
Server's basketful
Server's basketful
Twelve grain, e.g.
It's broken at meals
The staff of life
It is cast upon the waters
Word that follows the first word of 18-, 26-, 43-, and 57-Across
See 93 Down
Rye, for example
"If" group
Challah, e.g.
Host in a church
Long green
Hippie money
Prepare cutlets
Atkins Diet no-no
Diner freebie
Pita, e.g.
It may be toast
Type of winner?
Staff of life
Puzzle theme
Restaurant basketful
Money, in Haight-Ashbury
Challah, e.g.
Food pyramid item
Staff of life
Lettuce or clams
Long green
Theme of this puzzle
Kind of basket
Theme of this puzzle
Kind of basket
Pumpernickel, e.g.
"Make It With You" band
French ___
Staff of life
Wad contents: sl.
Dough, or what dough becomes
Some ask for it daily
Hippie's money
Whole-wheat or white
Word with basket or pudding
Life's staff?
Communion offering
Hero's necessity
Sandwich need
Basket or knife
C. G. Norris novel
Staff of life
Cabbage; clams
Pita, e.g.
Anadama or panettone
Cabbage or moola
Kind of basket
C. Norris novel
The staff of life
Modern moola
Basket or winner
Long green
Toasting word
Rye or whole wheat
Word with basket or line
Grocery staple
Rye or corn
Slang word for money
Coat for cooking.
A living.
Basic food.
Daily need.
Subject of a recent strike in N. Y.
Toss this upon the H2O
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