Word "BREAK" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
(tennis) a score consisting of winning a game when your opponent was serving
break of serve
he was up two breaks in the second set

Part of Speech:
breaking of hard tissue such as bone
the break seems to have been caused by a fall

Part of Speech:
enter someone's (virtual or real) property in an unauthorized manner, usually with the intent to steal or commit a violent act
break in

Crossword Clues for BREAK

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Clue Source Date
Intermission will soundly slow things down (5)
An interruption
Opening snooker shot Mirror Tea Time 31 Mar 2024
1984 Queen hit, I Want to ___-- Free (5)
Opening shot in snooker Mirror Classic 09 Mar 2024
Shatter a series of scoring strokes (5)
Fracture Commuter 07 Mar 2024
"Gimme a ___!"; Nell Carter sitcom
Short pause Commuter 27 Feb 2024
A good chance for a rest
Successive points won in snooker, e.g. (5)
Opening shot in snooker Mirror Classic 11 Feb 2024
Period of rest; snap
Bust a breather (5)
Tell the news about the holiday (5)
Pause The Times Concise 14 Jan 2024
Opening snooker shot Mirror Tea Time 12 Jan 2024
Scott Robertson's trademark celebration, -dance (5)
... return key can yield? New York Times Mini 01 Jan 2024
Better holiday The Telegraph Toughie 21 Dec 2023
"___ the Ice," 2007 hit song by Britney Spears
"___ the ice," complete this phrase that you may use during "winter"
Smash several pots on a table?
___ point, stage in a tennis match where the receiving player can win the game with the next point
Damage device for stopping broadcast The Telegraph Toughie 11 Jul 2023
Bit of luck LA Times Daily 23 May 2023
Take five Eugene Sheffer 01 May 2023
Some time off The Guardian Quick 26 Jan 2023
Come apart Newsday 19 Jan 2023
Stop for an intermission Universal 28 Dec 2022
Come apart USA Today 05 Oct 2022
Take ten New York Times 24 Aug 2022
Disperse from a huddle USA Today 21 Jun 2022
Recess Wall Street Journal 26 May 2022
Intermission, for example Wall Street Journal 18 Apr 2022
School vacation New York Times 28 Mar 2022
"___ a leg" ("Good luck!")
Buster Keaton released tunes to presumably Out West, for instance, for the holiday Irish Times Crosaire 11 Nov 2021
Rest? One may be needed during it The Times Cryptic 15 Oct 2021
Pause in activity The Guardian Quick 02 Oct 2021
Recess Thomas Joseph 03 Sep 2021
Fracture The Telegraph Quick 28 Jul 2021
Bishop on a weekend getaway
Holiday; snap The Times Concise 09 Jul 2021
Rest The Washington Post Sunday 04 Jul 2021
"We were on a ___!" ("F.R.I.E.N.D.S" quote)
Stop on road, we hear, to get rest
Fail to observe (a law) The Times Concise 24 May 2021
The 'five' in 'take five,' e.g The Washington Post 16 May 2021
The "five" in "take five," e.g LA Times Daily 16 May 2021
Respite New York Times 27 Apr 2021
Snap, crack or pop, maybe New York Times 23 Apr 2021
"___ a leg"
___ the Internet (go viral) The Washington Post Sunday 04 Apr 2021
"___ a leg!" ("Good luck!")
Holiday; snap The Times Concise 18 Mar 2021
With 48-Down, it follows Yom Kippur Wall Street Journal 04 Feb 2021
Shatter, as a vase
Short recess Universal 15 Nov 2020
"Smoke ___," 2015 song by Carrie Underwood from her fifth studio album "Storyteller"
Short holiday The Times Concise 21 Sep 2020
*Bit of luck LA Times Daily 15 Sep 2020
*Bit of luck The Washington Post 15 Sep 2020
Opening shot in billiards New York Times 12 Aug 2020
Short vacation The Times Concise 07 Aug 2020
Take five from all sides today Irish Times Crosaire 18 Jul 2020
Stop working USA Today 27 Jun 2020
It’s bad to the bone Wall Street Journal 25 Apr 2020
"I Want to ___ Free," 1984 song by Queen which is a part of the album "The Works"
Holiday snap
Period of rest Premier Sunday 22 Mar 2020
Holiday snap
Rest period USA Today 23 Feb 2020
Start of a billiards game
Snap; holiday The Times Concise 01 Feb 2020
Short vacation Wall Street Journal 06 Nov 2019
Holiday snap
Word that, when preceding this puzzle's split words, forms the phrases with split clues The Washington Post Sunday 28 Jul 2019
Work stoppage? LA Times Daily 11 Jul 2019
Work stoppage? The Washington Post 11 Jul 2019
Ruin holiday The Telegraph Cryptic 03 Feb 2019
Work stoppage?
Time-out for coffee or a quick smoke
Start a billiards match Universal 09 Dec 2018
Fracture Thomas Joseph 21 Sep 2018
Recess Wall Street Journal 18 Sep 2018
Rest period Premier Sunday 02 Sep 2018
Time for coffee USA Today 18 Jan 2018
Take five of the sides today Irish Times Crosaire 13 Jan 2018
Time for coffee
Start a billiards match
Start playing snooker in school rest period The Telegraph Cryptic 04 Dec 2017
Coffee Eugene Sheffer 24 Oct 2017
Baker, butcher and Shatter? Irish Times Crosaire 22 Aug 2017
Short recess Newsday 11 May 2017
Take five Eugene Sheffer 18 Apr 2017
Fracture The Guardian Quick 04 Feb 2017
What one may do to 17- and 60-Across and 11- and 28-Down USA Today 29 Jan 2017
Fracture The Telegraph Quick 22 Jan 2017
Told to slow down and rest
Smash The Telegraph Quick 29 Sep 2016
Split pedal audibly
Pierce nose with tip of ring
Get smashed in interval The Telegraph Cryptic 30 Apr 2016
Time off for lunch, say The Washington Post 20 Apr 2016
Start a game of eight-ball USA Today 02 Apr 2016
Shatter New York Times 07 Mar 2016
Time off to slow down, we hear
Vacation; snap The Times Concise 06 Nov 2015
Bust ringleader imprisoned by magistrate The Telegraph Cryptic 11 Oct 2015
Time away from work Family Time 27 Sep 2015
Heart ______ Canadiana 14 Sep 2015
Start playing snooker in school rest period
Fracture Newsday 04 Aug 2015
Come apart Newsday 29 Jul 2015
Bit of luck LA Times Daily 06 Apr 2015
Hiatus Premier Sunday 22 Feb 2015
Rest that a billiards player wants as high as possible? The Telegraph Cryptic 05 Jan 2015
Come apart
Nine ball beginning
Go to pieces?
Bit of luck
Bit of luck
With 57-Down, part of a morning routine
Disclose opportunity to stop working
Scattershot in a game room?
Fold under pressure
Go to pieces?
Spring ___
Intermission ... or what you can do to the starts of 17-, 24-, 38-, 46- and 59-Across
Respite from work
Go all to pieces
Bit of luck
With 65-Across, go against the group ... or what the shaded squares literally do in the answers to the starred clues
Start a billiards game
Bit of luck
Come apart
Start a game of pool
Time for coffee
Time-out for coffee
Come apart
Coffee time
Take five
Eightball starter
Word that can follow the last word of 17- and 54-Across and 11- and 27-Down
Take five, say
Do better than, as a score
Pool opening
Escape, with "out"
Escape, with "out"
It can precede the words at either end of 20-, 39-, and 58-Across
Stroke of luck
Require fixing
Shout from those huddled together
Start a rack
Start a snooker game
Word missing from 17, 23, 44, 56 Across
Word missing from 17, 23, 44, 56 Across
Time away from work
Type of dancing
Bit of luck
Need fixing
Huddle ender
Period between sessions
Jazz solo cadenza
Short recess
Coffee ___
Reveal, as news
What to do with the news
Stroke of luck
TV interval.
Disclose, as news.
What curve balls do.
Chance piece of luck: Slang.
Social blunder: Slang.
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