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Crossword Clues for BROW

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Clue Source Date
One might be raised by a skeptic New York Times 06 Mar 2021
Eye liner? Family Time 10 Jan 2021
Waxing target Jonesin 05 Jan 2021
It's above an eye Family Time 18 Oct 2020
Forehead Eugene Sheffer 17 Sep 2020
Something often penciled in Newsday 29 Aug 2020
Sweat spot The Washington Post Sunday 24 May 2020
Eye line Thomas Joseph 05 Feb 2020
Body part over the eyes Premier Sunday 17 Nov 2019
Something the confused might knit Wall Street Journal 06 Nov 2019
Expressive body part Wall Street Journal 15 Oct 2019
It may be furrowed Thomas Joseph 18 Sep 2019
Site of facial furrows Wall Street Journal 06 Aug 2019
Hill summit The Times Concise 06 Jun 2019
Furrowed feature Thomas Joseph 22 Mar 2019
What a sweatband keeps dry USA Today 28 Jan 2019
Bishop leads procession to find temple The Telegraph Cryptic 24 Nov 2018
It may be mopped Jonesin 13 Nov 2018
Thing over either 43-Down Family Time 12 Nov 2018
Furrowed or mopped body part USA Today 24 Sep 2018
Furrowed facial feature USA Today 28 Aug 2018
It's mopped on muggy days USA Today 23 Jul 2018
Furrowed body part USA Today 09 Apr 2018
Forehead mostly tanned The Sun Two Speed 12 Mar 2018
Crest The Sun Two Speed 12 Mar 2018
Facial ridge Newsday 18 Jan 2018
Arch above the eye Premier Sunday 08 Oct 2017
Face part that may be mopped USA Today 16 Sep 2017
Eye covering? Universal 12 Aug 2017
Arched facial feature Universal 14 Feb 2017
Feature showing line below crown of barnet? The Telegraph Toughie 05 Jan 2017
Thing on a forehead Family Time 12 Dec 2016
Sweatband site Wall Street Journal 19 Nov 2016
Tweezing target, maybe The Washington Post 10 Nov 2016
A skeptic may raise one New York Times 31 Aug 2016
Ridge over the eyes Newsday 14 Aug 2016
Facial arch Wall Street Journal 15 Jul 2016
It may be furrowed or knitted Universal 12 Apr 2016
Something to furrow USA Today 26 Mar 2016
Forehead feature Family Time 21 Mar 2016
Something that's knitted New York Times 04 Mar 2016
Body part above eyes Premier Sunday 31 Jan 2016
It's furrowed in a frown Universal 29 Nov 2015
Head line The Washington Post 19 Nov 2015
Facial feature USA Today 26 Oct 2015
Moppable body part Universal 18 Oct 2015
Wrinkled or furrowed item Universal 17 Oct 2015
Something furrowed USA Today 18 Feb 2015
It may be knitted
Head piece?
NBA player Anthony Davis's nickname, with the"
Knitted thing
It's between temples
It may be mopped or furrowed
It ends at the hairline
It may be mopped or arched
Furrowed item
Sweat of one's --
Often-knitted item
It's often knitted
Botox target
Body part that may be furrowed
It may be wrinkled or knitted
It may be knitted or furrowed
Prominent feature of Ernie's roommate
It may be knitted, wrinkled or mopped
It can be pierced or furrowed
It can be furrowed
Anatomical ridge
Body part that might be mopped
Peak of a hill
It's moppable
Often furrowed facial feature
Thing that may be penciled in
Furrowed thing
It may be waxed or knitted
Word with eye or high
It's arched above the eye
Furrowed part of the head
Sweat spot?
Place to see big bangs?
Knitted body part
Eye ridge
Beating preceder?
Knitted item
Eye accent
Common spot for wrinkles
Thing that may be wrinkled or knitted
Item often knitted
Eye topper
Part of a hill
Edge of a cliff
Perspiration location
It's sometimes furrowed
Hill projection
Word after eye or before beat
The peak of a hill
It can be clear or clouded
It may be wiped
It may be wrinkled
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