Crossword Clues for BRUCE

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Clue Source Date
___ Springsteen, US singer (5)
Actor, ___ Willis
Springsteen or Willis
Mr Willis American actor
Die Hard star Willis (5)
Was King Robert an Australian?
Robert the _, popular name given to Robert I of Scotland (5)
The Boss, familiarly New York Times 06 Mar 2024
Movie about a gym tub, Charlie (5,8)
Veteran entertainer, _ Forsyth (5)
Lee or Boxleitner
___ Lee, legendary martial artist
Question Time presenter, Fiona _ (5)
Rock's Springsteen
_ Springsteen (famous NJ rock star) (5)
Robert the -, Scottish king (5)
Actor Willis Thomas Joseph 05 Dec 2023
___ Willis, Pulp Fiction actor
Die Hard star, _ Willis (5)
Robert the —, Scots king
___ Matthews, former Tennessee Titans left guard who has been invited to the Pro Bowl 14 times
___ Willis, Emmy-winning actor who plays Carl Roebuck in the 1994 film "Nobody's Fool"
Jack --, bass player with the rock band Cream The Telegraph General Knowledge 01 Aug 2022
Actor Dern LA Times Daily 10 Apr 2022
Actor Dern The Washington Post 10 Apr 2022
First name of Batman's alter ego Universal 10 Feb 2022
___ Wayne, a.k.a. Batman
___ Dickinson, lead singer of Iron Maiden who was also a fencer and ranked 7th in Britain in 1989
Actor ___ McGill, "Rizzoli & Isles" cast member who plays detective Vince Korsak
Jack ___, Cream bassist who was awarded a Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award in 2006
Willis of action films Newsday 18 Apr 2021
___ Lowe, The Hawkins Post journalist who turned into a monster in "Stranger Things"
___ Springsteen, singer of "Thunder Road"
Martial artist Lee USA Today 22 Oct 2020
see 7 Down The Telegraph General Knowledge 12 Oct 2020
__ Banner, a.k.a. The Hulk The Washington Post 06 Jun 2020
__ Banner, a.k.a. The Hulk LA Times Daily 06 Jun 2020
Actor Willis Thomas Joseph 16 Apr 2020
___ Wayne, Batman's alter ego who is the owner of Wayne Enterprises
Robert the ___, much-storied king of Scotland New York Times 05 Dec 2019
Robert the ___, much-storied king of Scotland
Stand-up in Brown University caught with drug
Wayne of Wayne Manor The Washington Post 07 Jul 2019
Wayne of Wayne Manor LA Times Daily 07 Jul 2019
Willis of 'Die Hard' movies USA Today 05 Mar 2019
Springsteen of song Newsday 06 Feb 2019
Willis of "Die Hard" movies
Wayne of Wayne Manor
Robert the --, hero of Scottish War of Independence The Telegraph General Knowledge 28 Oct 2018
"Dancing in the Dark" singer ___ Springsteen whose memoir is titled "Born to Run"
___ Lee, legendary martial artist who was born in the fall month of November
With 21a, the real name of Batman from, Cartoon Network's "Justice League," played by Ben Affleck in the new film (released yesterday)
Wayne of Wayne Manor USA Today 31 Jan 2017
Wayne of Wayne Manor
Wayne Manor name Wall Street Journal 10 Dec 2016
"___ Almighty" (Jim Carrey film) Universal 07 Nov 2016
Actor Willis New York Times 18 Apr 2016
Check up on English victor at Bannockburn
Actor Willis Premier Sunday 15 Feb 2015
Actor Willis
Rocker Springsteen
With 68-Across, secret identity of a fictional crime fighter
___ Wayne, a.k.a. 47-Down
Lee or Willis
Lenny with the jokes
Willis of Hollywood
First name of Batman's alter ego
Groundbreaking comic Lenny
Name elongated by fans at his concerts
Giants manager Bochy
Giants manager Bochy
Actor Willis
__ Wayne (Batman alter ego)
Wayne, aka Batman
Wayne or Lee
Comic book hero Dr. ___ Banner, a.k.a. the Hulk
Lee who got a kick out of acting?
Springsteen of rock
"___ Almighty"
Martial arts actor Lee
"How to Talk Dirty and Influence People" author Lenny
"How to Talk Dirty and Influence People" author Lenny
Laura Dern's father
Wayne, aka Batman
Lee on the screen
The comic book Hulk's alter ego
Batman, to his mother?
"___ Almighty" (Jim Carrey film)
Comic Lenny
Rathbone's film partner
Comic Lenny
Robert the __
Lee on the screen
Robert the ___
Scottish hero
Olympian Jenner
Actor Dern
Liberator of Scotland
Robert, king of Scotland.
One-time king of Scotland.
Scottish hero.
Celebrated Scottish family.
Liberator of Scotland.
Carol, Nigel or Virginia.
Carol or Virginia of Hollywood.
Ambassador to France.
New United States Ambassador to France.
He gained a throne by emulating a spider.
Caitlyn, once
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