Word "BULL" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
(astrology) a person who is born while the sun is in Taurus

Part of Speech:
uncomplimentary terms for a policeman
cop, copper, fuzz, pig

Part of Speech:
push or force
bull through
He bulled through his demands

Crossword Clues for BULL

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Clue Source Date
Target centre The Guardian Quick 08 Jan 2022
Male moose Thomas Joseph 03 Jan 2022
Certain team member in Chicago Family Time 08 Nov 2021
Bovine animal The Times Concise 06 Oct 2021
Dartboard's centre The Telegraph Quick 27 Sep 2021
Zodiac beast Newsday 26 Sep 2021
Good kind of market Universal 20 Aug 2021
Taurus symbol New York Times 12 Jul 2021
Taurean menace in china shop? The Sun Two Speed 17 May 2021
Male bovine The Sun Two Speed 17 May 2021
Calf's dad Newsday 14 Mar 2021
64 Across participant Newsday 04 Mar 2021
Johnny --, one of Billy Bunter's classmates in the stories by Frank Richards The Telegraph General Knowledge 01 Feb 2021
Taurus symbol USA Today 28 Dec 2020
Upward market for a bovine Irish Times Simplex 28 Nov 2020
Bovine animal The Telegraph Quick 16 Nov 2020
Fierce animal? Nonsense! The Telegraph Cryptic 08 Oct 2020
Calf's father Newsday 20 Jul 2020
Religious edict located in Istanbul library Irish Times Crosaire 06 May 2020
Letter from Pope's central point The Sun Two Speed 14 Dec 2019
Religious edict found in Istanbul library Irish Times Crosaire 01 Nov 2019
One advocating buying The Washington Post 17 Oct 2019
One advocating buying LA Times Daily 17 Oct 2019
'I don't believe you!' USA Today 27 Aug 2019
Papal proclamation The Telegraph Quick 26 Jul 2019
Calf's father Premier Sunday 07 Jul 2019
Large quadruped The Times Concise 24 Jun 2019
Zodiac beast Newsday 07 Apr 2019
Ram follower Newsday 23 Mar 2019
Malarkey The New Yorker 04 Mar 2019
Taurean menace in china shop The Sun Two Speed 25 Feb 2019
One advocating buying
"I don't believe you!"
A ____ in a china shop Canadiana 03 Dec 2018
*Market optimist The Chronicle of Higher Education 02 Nov 2018
Male animal The Telegraph Quick 03 Sep 2018
Ferdinand of kid-lit, e.g USA Today 24 Aug 2018
Strong edict from the Vatican The Telegraph Toughie 23 Aug 2018
Dartboard centre The Telegraph Quick 13 Aug 2018
Wall Street beast USA Today 09 Jun 2018
Michael Jordan, for 13 seasons USA Today 31 May 2018
Subject of a famed Financial District statue Wall Street Journal 26 May 2018
Male elephant Newsday 02 Mar 2018
Ferdinand of kid-lit, e.g.
*Market optimist
Michael Jordan, for 13 seasons
Wall Street beast
Subject of a famed Financial District statue
China shop wrecker, proverbially USA Today 15 Dec 2017
Market optimist Wall Street Journal 02 Nov 2017
Male moose Thomas Joseph 07 Sep 2017
Metaphorical china shop culprit LA Times Daily 28 Jun 2017
Metaphorical china shop culprit The Washington Post 28 Jun 2017
Male whale The Telegraph Quick 07 Jun 2017
Symbol of an "up" market, and what can precede the last parts of 17-, 39- and 62-Across and 11- and 28-Down USA Today 12 Apr 2017
Wall Street optimist Eugene Sheffer 04 Apr 2017
Centre of target The Telegraph Quick 17 Mar 2017
Large male elephant The Times Concise 10 Mar 2017
China shop wrecker, proverbially
Metaphorical china shop culprit
Symbol of an "up" market, and what can precede the last parts of 17-, 39- and 62-Across and 11- and 28-Down
Animal in a Wall Street sculpture New York Times 26 Jul 2016
Chicago baller Wall Street Journal 03 May 2016
Wall Street optimist Wall Street Journal 15 Apr 2016
Calf father LA Times Daily 17 Feb 2016
Lower middle The Telegraph Cryptic 26 Jan 2016
Male bovine Eugene Sheffer 11 Jan 2016
Calf father
Animal in a Wall Street sculpture
Nonsense on both sides of business call Irish Times Crosaire 05 Dec 2015
Male moose Newsday 27 Nov 2015
Centre of a target The Guardian Quick 13 Jun 2015
Positive Wall Street figure Family Time 25 May 2015
China-shop menace Universal 28 Mar 2015
Wall Street optimist Universal 11 Feb 2015
"That's hogwash!"
Male moose
Wall Street optimist
China-shop menace
New York Stock Exchange symbol
Toreador's opponent
China shop destroyer
Kind of pen?
Cow's mate
Rodeo beast
King of the pasture
Unpopular animal in a china shop?
Zodiac animal
Chicago athlete
Bronze animal in New York's Financial District
Market optimist
Bronze animal in New York's financial district
China-shop menace
Market optimist
Cow's mate
Michael Jordan, once
Stock-market optimist
Sacred seal
Optimistic forecaster
Market optimist
Market optimist
Calf's dad
Certain optimist
Cape charger
Wall Street optimist
San Fermín festival runner
It may be mechanical in a bar
Zodiac symbol
Headstrong one
Ranch animal
Unwanted china shop visitor?
Matador charger
Kind of pen
Bear's counterpart
Horn or pen lead-in
Certain optimist
Kind of snake or moose
Certain optimist
Horn or pen lead-in
Market optimist
China shop destroyer
Male whale
Male cow
Picador's target
Wall Street optimist
Corrida charger
China shop blunderer
China hazard, proverbially
Cow's mate
Headstrong one
Kind of market
Papal edict
China shop visitor
Zodiacal animal
Male moose
Proverbial china shop problem
Jordan, formerly
Positive Wall Street figure
Papal document
Bovine charger
Pope's decree
Wall Street optimist
See 51 Down
China shop charger?
Vatican release
Wall Street optimist
Torero's foe
Wall Street optimist
Certain charger
Bear's antithesis
Optimist, of sorts
Kind of pen
Positive Wall Street figure
Bear's opposite
Papal document
Papal edict
China-shop wrecker
Wall Street figure
Papal decree
China-shop nemesis
Male elephant
China-shop menace
China wrecker
Run or market
Upside operator
Part of the Minotaur
Kind of terrier
Wall St. man
Moose or Run
Wall St. term.
Wall Streeter.
John ___.
Wall Street fixture.
Market optimist.
Gardener's concern.
Wall Street operator.
Wall Street term.
El toro.
Red baits him.
Figure in Picasso's "Guernica."
Wall Street optimist.
Opposite of a bear.
Notorious enemy of china.
Papal edict.
Wall St. optimist.
___ fight.
Sitting ___, Sioux shaman.
"I don't believe you!"
"I don't buy that for a second"
"Pfft. Yeah, right"
Utter nonsense
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