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Word "CABLE" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
television that is transmitted over cable directly to the receiver
cable television

Part of Speech:
a conductor for transmitting electrical or optical signals or electric power
line, transmission line

Part of Speech:
a nautical unit of depth
cable's length, cable length

Crossword Clues for CABLE

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Clue Source Date
Monthly cost, for many New York Times 08 Jun 2021
Satellite alternative Universal 31 May 2021
Monthly bill The Washington Post 16 May 2021
Monthly bill LA Times Daily 16 May 2021
CNN introduction? Universal 21 Feb 2021
Monthly TV bill USA Today 20 Feb 2021
Suspension bridge support LA Times Daily 27 Dec 2020
Suspension bridge support The Washington Post 27 Dec 2020
Strong wire The Sun Two Speed 25 Nov 2020
Conservative seen with clever Liberal politician The Sun Two Speed 25 Nov 2020
Computer cord Newsday 12 Aug 2020
Telegram from Liberal Vince The Sun Two Speed 06 Aug 2020
The____ Guy, 1996 movie starring 34 Down Canadiana 15 Jun 2020
TV-watching option USA Today 13 Jun 2020
Former Lib Dem leader's message ... The Telegraph Toughie 12 Jun 2020
Pay television LA Times Daily 31 May 2020
Pay television The Washington Post 31 May 2020
Elevator lifter Thomas Joseph 14 May 2020
Some Inca blessings in telegram The Sun Two Speed 05 Apr 2020
Part of a suspension bridge New York Times 01 Apr 2020
Suspension bridge support Eugene Sheffer 18 Mar 2020
Conservative with clever Liberal politician The Sun Two Speed 27 Feb 2020
Netflix alternative Universal 13 Dec 2019
Thick twisted rope Irish Times Simplex 28 Nov 2019
Monthly TV bill Family Time 28 Oct 2019
26 guy? The Telegraph Cryptic 22 Oct 2019
Comcast offering The Washington Post Sunday 13 Oct 2019
Thick rope of twisted steel wire Irish Times Simplex 21 Sep 2019
Monthly charge New York Times 05 Sep 2019
Discovery deliverer Wall Street Journal 27 Jun 2019
Strong rope Newsday 23 Jun 2019
Wire rope The Telegraph Quick 14 Jun 2019
Bygone communication New York Times 25 May 2019
Network alternative The Washington Post Sunday 05 May 2019
Discovery deliverer
Bygone communication
Monthly charge
Thick rope; wire The Times Concise 05 Dec 2018
Internet access method The Washington Post Sunday 02 Dec 2018
Bridge's metal wire Newsday 29 Oct 2018
Thick wire; telegram The Telegraph Quick 15 Oct 2018
Bridge suspender Thomas Joseph 05 Oct 2018
Fiber optic alternative USA Today 03 Aug 2018
"Deadpool 2" character Universal 06 Jul 2018
Carrier of pre-internet messages USA Today 04 Jul 2018
Computer cord LA Times Daily 25 Jun 2018
Computer cord The Washington Post 25 Jun 2018
Part of CNN USA Today 24 Jun 2018
Strong cord Universal 18 May 2018
Internet provider The Washington Post 18 May 2018
Internet provider LA Times Daily 18 May 2018
Kind of TV? Universal 30 Apr 2018
Monthly bill for many Universal 28 Apr 2018
Wire rope; telegram The Times Concise 11 Apr 2018
Programming provider Universal 29 Jan 2018
Guy is cold to first victim on the radio Irish Times Crosaire 27 Jan 2018
Computer cord
Part of CNN
Fiber optic alternative
Carrier of pre-internet messages
Strong cord
Programming provider
Internet provider
Monthly bill for many
Kind of TV?
"Deadpool 2" character
Dish alternative The Washington Post 10 Dec 2017
Dish alternative LA Times Daily 10 Dec 2017
Ski lift component Wall Street Journal 02 Nov 2017
CNN part USA Today 12 Sep 2017
Telegram Thomas Joseph 06 Sep 2017
Lift things? New York Times 25 Jun 2017
Antenna alternative Thomas Joseph 23 Jun 2017
Rope supporting a bridge Newsday 23 May 2017
Telegram; wire The Times Concise 09 May 2017
It can give you good reception Family Time 26 Feb 2017
Part of CNN LA Times Daily 11 Jan 2017
Dish alternative
CNN part
Part of CNN
Monthly bill, for many Universal 30 Oct 2016
TV hookup for many Wall Street Journal 29 Aug 2016
Communications line The Washington Post 28 Jul 2016
Thick rope of twisted hemp or steel wire Irish Times Simplex 16 Jul 2016
Wire that may hold back a ship The Telegraph Cryptic 13 Jun 2016
Rope; telegram The Telegraph Quick 16 Apr 2016
Power line The Sun Two Speed 07 Feb 2016
Message from part of Antarctica bleak The Sun Two Speed 07 Feb 2016
Antenna alternative USA Today 29 Jan 2016
Strong rope made of twisted strands of hemp, nylon or steel wire The Guardian Quick 16 Jan 2016
Antenna alternative
Monthly TV bill
Satellite TV alternative Wall Street Journal 16 Nov 2015
Premium ___ New York Times 07 Oct 2015
Monthly bill for many USA Today 21 Aug 2015
Dish alternative Jonesin 21 Jul 2015
Communications line LA Times Daily 14 Jun 2015
Thick rope or wire The Times Concise 11 May 2015
Home entertainment option LA Times Daily 11 Apr 2015
Strong rope The Telegraph Quick 24 Feb 2015
Not broadcast New York Times 27 Jan 2015
Satellite TV alternative
MTV is on this
TV hookup for many
Communications line
Home entertainment option
Monthly bill for many
Not broadcast
Premium ___
Home entertainment option
Broadband choice
Heavy metal band?
Golden Gate Bridge feature
ISP choice
HBO access, maybe
Common monthly expense
Kind of stitch
Golden Gate element
Dish alternative
Heavy rope
A car in San Francisco
Kind of car in San Francisco
Big show cord
Discovery medium
Dish alternative
TV option
Broadcast alternative
Dish alternative
TV choice
TV choice
TV by subscription
__ car
"The ___ Guy" (Jim Carrey movie)
Suspension bridge support
Satellite alternative
Suspension bridge support
Monthly TV bill
Network alternative
Lifetime home
Elevator hoister
Satellite-dish alternative
Remote possibility?
Monthly bill
Suspension bridge support
Coax, for instance
Coax, for instance
Send a telegram
Reception choice
Broadband choice
Couch potato's lifeline
It can give you good reception
Monthly bill, for many
Monthly bill, for some
Strong rope
Antenna alternative
TV reception medium
Monthly bill for many
Internet hookup, often
Dish alternative, maybe
Dish alternative
TV viewer's choice
HBO's milieu
Couch potato's choice
TV viewer's choice
Dish alternative, maybe
Dish alternative
Techie's toolbox item
Internet access means
DSL alternative
It gives a good reception
Coax, for example
The "C" in C-SPAN
Internet hookup, for many
Dial-up alternative
Dish alternative
Heavy rope
Broadcast alternative
Dish alternative
Broadband choice
Dish alternative
Part of CNN
Its reception is good
Heavy rope
Pay-per-view prerequisite
Lifetime domain
TV signal carrier
Nautical rope
Road Runner adjunct
Couch potato's essential
Monthly bill
Broadcast alternative
Monthly expense for many
Kind of modem
Television hook-up
The "C" of CNN
Dish alternative
Where to see Larry King
Suspension bridge support
HBO deliverer
Source of some TV
It s a stitch
Type of telegram
Type of modem
Beyond broadcast TV
Your reception may be better with it
It may bring a box to your house
Monthly service
TV antenna alternative
Reception medium
The "C" in CNN
TV viewing choice
TV connection
Couch potato's lifeline
San Francisco transport with 5 Down
TV listings category
TV signal carrier
Wire, or wire rope
High wire
Alternative to the networks
Minidish alternative
Reception improver
Dish alternative, maybe
Monthly service
The C in C-Span
Type of TV
Cyrus Field interest
Kind of TV
Kind of stitch
Mode of TV reception
Type of TV
Sweater knitter's stitch
"Old Creole Days" author
Mooring chain
Kind of car or stitch
100 fathoms
Nautical unit of length
S. F. car
Kind of car
Heavy rope.
Mooring line.
Knitting stitch.
Type of message.
Tent rope.
___ car.
Anchor chain.
Wire rope.
Message from afar.
100 fathoms.
News from abroad.
Communications medium.
Coaxial ___.
Cyrus Field's achievement, 1866.
Transoceanic communication.
TV's coaxial ___.
Report from overseas.
Ship's hawser.
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