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Crossword Clues for CANS

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Clue Source Date
Survivalist's stockpile New York Times 14 Mar 2021
Recycling bin items USA Today 11 Mar 2021
Six-pack units Eugene Sheffer 09 Mar 2021
Soup aisle array LA Times Daily 04 Jan 2021
Tins The Telegraph Quick 09 Dec 2020
Axes Eugene Sheffer 07 Nov 2020
Food bank donations The Washington Post Sunday 01 Nov 2020
Recyclable containers Family Time 20 Sep 2020
Holders of trash or Spam USA Today 09 Aug 2020
Headphones The Telegraph Quick 10 Apr 2020
Preserves satire ignored by sectarians Irish Times Crosaire 06 Apr 2020
Fires Wall Street Journal 19 Feb 2020
Soup buys Thomas Joseph 14 Nov 2019
Preserves, in a way The Washington Post 25 Oct 2019
Case's 24, perhaps USA Today 19 Oct 2019
Supermarket shelf array USA Today 13 Oct 2019
Gives the boot New York Times 13 Jun 2019
Puts up, as preserves USA Today 08 May 2019
Tuna containers Universal 12 Apr 2019
Recycled items The Washington Post 23 Mar 2019
Tushes The New Yorker 04 Mar 2019
Spam holders Wall Street Journal 20 Oct 2018
Some recyclables The Washington Post 11 Sep 2018
Food drive collection New York Times 08 Jul 2018
Preserves Thomas Joseph 04 Jul 2018
Metal containers Wall Street Journal 09 Dec 2017
Soup containers Universal 08 Dec 2017
Aluminum beer holders Newsday 20 Nov 2017
Supermarket array USA Today 13 Nov 2017
Beverage cart containers Wall Street Journal 13 Nov 2017
Some pantry items Universal 31 Oct 2017
Preserves, as tomatoes USA Today 12 Aug 2017
Six-pack units, perhaps USA Today 05 Aug 2017
Pantry stock Jonesin 16 May 2017
Noisemakers after a wedding Universal 30 Nov 2016
Lets go Wall Street Journal 02 Aug 2016
Peas keepers? USA Today 24 Jul 2016
Case units, often LA Times Daily 01 Jun 2016
Tin containers Eugene Sheffer 19 Jan 2016
Sends packing New York Times 09 Dec 2015
Sacks New York Times 13 Nov 2015
Pantry array Newsday 13 Aug 2015
Aluminum drink containers Newsday 15 Jun 2015
Preserves, perhaps Newsday 20 Mar 2015
Trash containers Newsday 06 Jan 2015
Bomb shelter items
Grocery line?
Some recyclable containers
See 67-Down
Gives the heave-ho
Drops from the payroll
Food-drive donations
Ends of a certain homemade phone
Food drive donations
Food bank containers
Some drink containers
Pink-slips session musician
Soup holders
Recycling center delivery
Supermarket stack
Blocks someone from their trade?
Kicks to the curb
Recycling candidates
"Just Married" sign accompaniments
Fires member
Axes member
Film holders
Metallic soda containers
Accessories for a "Just Married" sign
Certain six-pack units
Typical food-drive donations
Fires unceremoniously
Concert parking lot litter
Some soda containers
Food drive offerings
Beer holders
Recycling-center fodder
Bud holders?
They make noise soon after you're married
Some six-packs
Some pantry fillers
Puts out of work
Soda holders
Trash holders
Parts of newlyweds' cars?
Puts up fruit, say
Recycle bin fillers
Puts up, as tomatoes
Shows the door to
Depth charges, in military slang
Soda containers
Paint containers
Garbage containers
Shows the door, perhaps
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.