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Word "CANT" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
a characteristic language of a particular group (as among thieves)
argot, jargon, lingo, patois, slang, vernacular

Part of Speech:
heel over
cant over, pitch, slant, tilt

Part of Speech:
stock phrases that have become nonsense through endless repetition

Crossword Clues for CANT

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Clue Source Date
Jargon Thomas Joseph 06 May 2021
"I ___ take you anywhere!" Universal 10 Apr 2021
Quitter’s word Wall Street Journal 10 Apr 2021
'I ___ even' USA Today 27 Jan 2021
Is unable to The Washington Post Sunday 17 Jan 2021
Is unable Canadiana 28 Sep 2020
Lacks the ability to Family Time 17 Aug 2020
Pessimist's word New York Times 13 Aug 2020
'You ___ win 'em all' The Washington Post Sunday 09 Aug 2020
Is powerless to Universal 31 Jul 2020
'___ relate' USA Today 27 Jul 2020
Is incapable of Universal 26 Jun 2020
Isn't able to Family Time 08 Jun 2020
'Too busy' New York Times 24 May 2020
"I ___ wait!" Universal 13 Mar 2020
Quitter's word Eugene Sheffer 03 Dec 2019
Lacks the know-how USA Today 03 Nov 2019
Tilt The Washington Post 06 Oct 2019
Possible RSVP reply Wall Street Journal 02 Oct 2019
Hypocritical talk The Times Concise 09 Sep 2019
Lacks the means to USA Today 09 Sep 2019
"Too busy" Universal 11 Aug 2019
Insincerity The Telegraph Quick 03 May 2019
Pious platitudes The Guardian Speedy 10 Mar 2019
Quitter's contraction USA Today 15 Dec 2018
Ray Charles' 'I __ Stop Loving You' The Washington Post 19 Nov 2018
Ray Charles' "I __ Stop Loving You" LA Times Daily 19 Nov 2018
Contraction on an RSVP, maybe
Insincere talk The Telegraph Quick 20 Nov 2017
Lingo The Chronicle of Higher Education 29 Sep 2017
Has no ability to Newsday 20 Aug 2017
Prominent angle The Washington Post 13 Aug 2017
Lean New York Times 01 Jul 2017
Terse refusal New York Times 09 Jun 2017
Not just won't Universal 12 Jan 2017
Defeatist's word USA Today 22 Dec 2016
Tilted position LA Times Daily 25 Nov 2016
"___ you read?" USA Today 30 Sep 2016
"You ___ be serious!" USA Today 08 Jun 2016
Negative contraction Family Time 18 Apr 2016
"___ wait!"
"__ Buy Me Love": Beatles hit LA Times Daily 22 Dec 2015
In speech, philosopher is unable to use specialised language The Telegraph Cryptic 01 Nov 2015
Inclination to use jargon The Telegraph Cryptic 04 Jul 2015
'It -- be!' Premier Sunday 07 Jun 2015
"Out of the question" USA Today 25 May 2015
'Why ___ we be friends?' New York Times 06 Apr 2015
Lacks the capacity Newsday 15 Jan 2015
"Why ___ we be friends?"
Specialized lingo
More than won't
Lacks the power to
Van Halen "___ Stop Loving You"
'White Men -- Jump'
"I ___ blame you"
Slacker's word
Macklemore and Ryan Lewis's "___ Hold Us"
Isn't capable of
"Got other plans, sorry"
Stevie Nicks "I ___ Wait"
"You __ be serious!"
"I'm busy that day"
Word avoided by optimists
Lacks the wherewithal
Lacks what it takes
'This -- be!'
Word for quitters
Frankie Valli's "___ Take My Eyes Off You"
"Not doable"
"You ___ take it with you"
Isn't able
"You ___ handle the truth!"
"I'm busy then"
"You ___ fight city hall"
Secret lingo
With 23-across, Elvis hit about senior instability?
Hasn't the wherewithal
Doesn't have what it takes
Singsong speech
"You __ fight City Hall"
Pious platitude
"This ___ be!"
"You ___ Stop the Beat" ("Hairspray" song)
"__ you take a hint?"
"__ Smile Without You": 1978 hit
Oblique line
Unable to
"___ or won't?
Slanted surface
Slanting surface
Lean to one side
"This __ be!"
Pitch to one side
Word of frustration
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