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Crossword Clues for CAPS

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Clue Source Date
Beanies Eugene Sheffer 26 Feb 2021
Hats The Times Concise 09 Feb 2021
Pen parts Jonesin 02 Feb 2021
Sides came to grips with spending limits Irish Times Crosaire 30 Jan 2021
Limits Wall Street Journal 28 Jan 2021
Some can be unscrewed Universal 22 Jan 2021
Upper limits Thomas Joseph 20 Jan 2021
WHAT THIS CLUE IS WRITTEN IN Universal 12 Jan 2021
___ Lock (keyboard key) USA Today 02 Dec 2020
Things baseball uniforms and toy pistols have New York Times 01 Dec 2020
Pen lids USA Today 28 Nov 2020
Berets and beanies Wall Street Journal 28 Sep 2020
What your answers must be written in to understand the theme Jonesin 22 Sep 2020
Puts a limit on USA Today 24 Aug 2020
Baseball hats LA Times Daily 09 Jul 2020
2018 Stanley Cup champs, to fans New York Times 27 Jun 2020
Limits borders of cash crops Irish Times Crosaire 17 Jun 2020
Twist-off bottle tops Newsday 25 May 2020
Ceilings New York Times 17 Apr 2020
Mushroom tops USA Today 12 Apr 2020
Trump's precautions lack routine Irish Times Crosaire 10 Apr 2020
Ammo sold in rolls LA Times Daily 06 Mar 2020
Starts of many names The Washington Post 29 Dec 2019
Lens covers Family Time 09 Dec 2019
Letters like THIS Newsday 14 Nov 2019
Some MLB wear Family Time 19 Aug 2019
Puts a limit on most of room on the way up The Telegraph Cryptic 17 Jul 2019
Mushroom parts The Washington Post 29 Jun 2019
Baseballers' toppers Newsday 11 Jun 2019
Toy gun ammo USA Today 16 Apr 2019
THIS CLUE HAS NINETEEN Wall Street Journal 03 Apr 2019
Places for baseball team insignia New York Times 19 Mar 2019
Mushroom heads Thomas Joseph 16 Jan 2019
Salary limits USA Today 05 Jan 2019
Parts of baseball uniforms USA Today 21 Dec 2018
Imposes limits on The Telegraph Quick 15 Dec 2018
Men with no end of cash getting crowns The Telegraph Cryptic 12 Dec 2018
Ball team wear Wall Street Journal 03 Dec 2018
2018 Stanley Cup champs, familiarly The Washington Post 03 Oct 2018
Tube tops New York Times 16 Sep 2018
Washington team, familiarly New York Times 05 Aug 2018
Covers time away from campsite Irish Times Crosaire 09 Jun 2018
Is the culmination of Newsday 13 May 2018
Things that bottles and snow-covered mountains have New York Times 13 Mar 2018
Blasting ___ (detonators) USA Today 17 Jan 2018
Ballplayers' wear
Spending limits Newsday 03 Dec 2017
Bottle toppers Wall Street Journal 13 Nov 2017
Ballpark souvenirs Wall Street Journal 12 Oct 2017
Baseball players' hats Newsday 24 Jul 2017
Gowns' companions USA Today 20 Dec 2016
Crosswords are often solved in them LA Times Daily 30 Sep 2016
Salary maximums Jonesin 20 Sep 2016
Excels in room mainly facing north The Telegraph Cryptic 20 Jul 2016
Stadium souvenirs Newsday 14 Apr 2016
Toppers in dugouts The Washington Post 07 Apr 2016
LETTERS LIKE THESE Newsday 27 Nov 2015
*Features of some front teeth New York Times 04 Jun 2015
Crowns for men with no teeth at last! The Telegraph Cryptic 27 May 2015
Junior ammunition USA Today 27 Apr 2015
Sporty headgear Universal 03 Apr 2015
Coonskins for Davy Crockett, e.g New York Times 09 Mar 2015
Uppercase Eugene Sheffer 25 Feb 2015
Kids' ammo USA Today 16 Jan 2015
Coonskins for Davy Crockett, e.g.
Toppers for Twins and Tigers
What many signs are written in
Infielders' wear them
Bottle and salary
Tops of tubes
Means of emphasis
Concert souvenirs
Beanies, e.g.
They may be used for emphasis
Diamond headwear
Baseball players' toppers
Dental additions
Bottle tops
Baseball headwear
They may be locked on a computer
They're billed at the ballpark
Puts a lid on
Junior's ammunition
They're worn by balding rockers
Fred Durst was never without his
Baseball toppers
Uppercase letters, briefly
Berets and birettas
Salary ceilings
Toy pistol ammo
Gowns' go-withs
Bold alternative?
Graduation ceremony hats
Post-commencement fliers?
Detonating devices
Items on which baseball insignia appear
Uppercase letters, for short
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.