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Crossword Clues for CAPT

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Clue Source Date
USCG rank Newsday 04 Oct 2020
Hook or Cook: Abbr The Washington Post 14 Nov 2019
Georg von Trapp's title in 'The Sound of Music': Abbr New York Times 04 Sep 2019
Georg von Trapp's title in "The Sound of Music": Abbr.
Abbr. by Hook or by Cook The Chronicle of Higher Education 23 Nov 2018
Adm.'s underling Wall Street Journal 01 Sep 2018
Adm.'s subordinate The Washington Post 24 Jun 2018
Sgt.'s superior Wall Street Journal 23 May 2018
Maj.'s subordinate Wall Street Journal 24 Mar 2018
Flight-deck VIP
Announcer of a 15 Across: Abbr The Chronicle of Higher Education 20 Oct 2017
Airline V.I.P.: Abbr New York Times 31 Mar 2017
Airline V.I.P.: Abbr.
Announcer of a 15 Across: Abbr.
Boss of a first lieut Universal 06 Oct 2016
Lt.'s superior New York Times 03 Oct 2016
Kirk's rank (Abbr.) Universal 04 Apr 2016
NYPD rank Eugene Sheffer 12 Oct 2015
Ship leader: Abbr LA Times Daily 23 Sep 2015
One with special quarters: Abbr New York Times 11 Jun 2015
Kirk or Picard: Abbr LA Times Daily 28 May 2015
One with special quarters: Abbr.
Ship leader: Abbr.
Kirk or Picard: Abbr.
Hook, e.g.: Abbr.
Cockpit boss: Abbr.
Kirk's title on the USS Enterprise
Cook, for one: Abbr.
Ahab or America: Abbr.
U.S.N. rank
NYPD honcho
Cmdr.'s superior
Hook or Cook: Abbr.
Nemo's rank, for short
Cook, e.g.: Abbr.
"Aye, aye!" hearer (Abbr.)
USN rank
Boat skipper: Abbr.
"Aye, aye!" hearer: Abbr.
Kangaroo, for one: Abbr.
Cook, e.g. (abbr.)
Mil. rank
Kirk, for one, briefly
Hands are under one: Abbr.
Ship's skipper: Abbr.
Army rank below maj.
Bos'n's boss (abbr.)
USS Enterprise leader
Boat bigwig: Abbr.
Skipper: Abbr.
Nemo, e.g.: Abbr.
Four-striper (abbr.)
First Lt.'s superior
Coin toss caller, maybe: Abbr.
Hook, for one: Abbr.
LAPD leader
Kirk's rank, briefly
Airplane pilot: Abbr.
1 Down's title: Abbr.
Mil. title
Lt.-Maj. go-between
Voyage V.I.P.
USMC rank
Naval rank: Abbr.
Cook or Hook: Abbr.
Kirk, for one: Abbr.
Bligh or Hook: Abbr.
Queeg, e.g.: Abbr.
Lieut's superior
Kirk or Hook: Abbr.
USM rank
Nav. rank
Kangaroo, for one (abbr.)
Four-striper: Abbr.
Aspiring maj.
Hook e.g.
USNA staffer
Hook or Kidd: Abbr.
Flt. deck chief
Rank below a maj.
Kirk, e.g.: Abbr.
Title for Nemo or Queeg: Abbr.
U.S.N. V.I.P.
Demoted maj.
First Lt.'s boss
Below maj.
Navy rank equal to Col.
First lt.'s boss
Boss of a first lieut.
Midnight or Marvel: Abbr.
Rank under maj.
Ship's V.I.P.
Mil. officer
Mil. man
Relative of lieut.
Ship officer: Abbr.
Military abbreviation
Bligh: Abbr.
Navy man: Abbr.
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