Word "CAR" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
a motor vehicle with four wheels; usually propelled by an internal combustion engine
auto, automobile, machine, motorcar
he needs a car to get to work

Part of Speech:
the compartment that is suspended from an airship and that carries personnel and the cargo and the power plant

Part of Speech:
where passengers ride up and down
elevator car
the car was on the top floor

Crossword Clues for CAR

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Clue Source Date
Batmobile, e.g USA Today 23 Jun 2022
Train segment Universal 16 Jun 2022
Train segment USA Today 14 Jun 2022
It's smaller than a bus Family Time 13 Jun 2022
Tesla, for one New York Times 09 Jun 2022
SUV or sedan Thomas Joseph 07 Jun 2022
Indy 500 racer LA Times Daily 06 Jun 2022
Indy 500 racer The Washington Post 06 Jun 2022
Jam ingredient? Eugene Sheffer 28 May 2022
Caboose, e.g LA Times Daily 27 May 2022
Train unit Wall Street Journal 23 May 2022
Family vehicle Newsday 10 May 2022
One may be touring Newsday 07 May 2022
Wheeled vehicle Irish Times Simplex 02 May 2022
Game of Life vehicle USA Today 23 Apr 2022
'___ Wash' (Rose Royce song) USA Today 15 Apr 2022
Vacation rental Newsday 14 Apr 2022
Train unit Thomas Joseph 12 Apr 2022
Forester or Highlander Universal 11 Apr 2022
Vacation rental Newsday 10 Apr 2022
Jam component? Family Time 04 Apr 2022
What a valet parks The Washington Post Sunday 03 Apr 2022
A caboose is one, technically Family Time 20 Mar 2022
Lincoln or Ford Eugene Sheffer 15 Mar 2022
Wheels Newsday 12 Mar 2022
One may pass a smog check Universal 10 Mar 2022
Subway unit USA Today 06 Mar 2022
Honda Civic or Hyundai Ioniq Universal 04 Mar 2022
Lot vehicle Eugene Sheffer 28 Feb 2022
Sedan or SUV Thomas Joseph 28 Feb 2022
Automobile LA Times Daily 28 Feb 2022
Automobile The Washington Post 28 Feb 2022
Lot sight Thomas Joseph 25 Feb 2022
Freight carrier Newsday 18 Feb 2022
Toy that may be remote-controlled Universal 17 Feb 2022
Wheels on rails Newsday 11 Feb 2022
Beetle with one antenna, e.g Universal 31 Jan 2022
Road vehicle The Times Concise 26 Jan 2022
Roadster, for instance Newsday 23 Jan 2022
Train unit USA Today 06 Jan 2022
Give it some gas! Universal 05 Jan 2022
Beetle or Viper Universal 31 Dec 2021
A caboose is one, ironically Family Time 26 Dec 2021
Part of a subway train USA Today 18 Dec 2021
Train unit Thomas Joseph 18 Dec 2021
One for the road? Eugene Sheffer 16 Dec 2021
Train unit New York Times 06 Dec 2021
Ferris wheel unit USA Today 05 Dec 2021
"Wheels" Universal 30 Nov 2021
Caboose, e.g Thomas Joseph 20 Nov 2021
Moan when end falls off auto The Times Cryptic 19 Nov 2021
Light rail unit USA Today 17 Nov 2021
Sedan or SUV Thomas Joseph 11 Nov 2021
Jeep or Jetta LA Times Daily 09 Nov 2021
Automobile The Telegraph Quick 09 Nov 2021
Lot sight Thomas Joseph 06 Nov 2021
Mustang or Beetle Universal 04 Nov 2021
Automobile Eugene Sheffer 26 Oct 2021
Sedan or hatchback USA Today 26 Oct 2021
Part of a monorail USA Today 25 Oct 2021
Lot sight Thomas Joseph 22 Oct 2021
Lot vehicle Eugene Sheffer 19 Oct 2021
Hertz offering Premier Sunday 17 Oct 2021
The caboose is one Family Time 17 Oct 2021
Clip of The Queen from the estate Irish Times Crosaire 09 Oct 2021
Lot sight Thomas Joseph 08 Oct 2021
Jam ingredient? Wall Street Journal 06 Oct 2021
Word after bumper or cable New York Times 04 Oct 2021
Train unit Thomas Joseph 29 Sep 2021
It might be jacked up New York Times 28 Sep 2021
Automobile The Telegraph Quick 28 Sep 2021
Lyft driver's need Universal 26 Sep 2021
Vehicle on a carrier USA Today 22 Sep 2021
Train unit Thomas Joseph 20 Sep 2021
Vacation rental Newsday 19 Sep 2021
Train unit Eugene Sheffer 07 Sep 2021
Uber arrival Premier Sunday 05 Sep 2021
One may do laps ... or be found in a pool Universal 04 Sep 2021
Chrysler Sebring, for one USA Today 02 Sep 2021
****The Tar Heel State: Abbr Universal 28 Aug 2021
Train unit Eugene Sheffer 10 Aug 2021
Alamo choice Wall Street Journal 07 Aug 2021
Lot sight Thomas Joseph 23 Jul 2021
Train unit Eugene Sheffer 21 Jul 2021
Auto New York Times 19 Jul 2021
Subway unit Wall Street Journal 13 Jul 2021
Mustang, for example Family Time 12 Jul 2021
Automobile Universal 11 Jul 2021
Subway component New York Times 07 Jul 2021
Indy entrant The Washington Post 30 Jun 2021
Indy entrant LA Times Daily 30 Jun 2021
Roller coaster unit USA Today 23 Jun 2021
People mover Family Time 21 Jun 2021
Hot Wheels toy Universal 16 Jun 2021
Garage filler Universal 30 May 2021
Many clowns can pack into one Universal 27 May 2021
Wheeled vehicle Irish Times Simplex 15 May 2021
Cable ____ Canadiana 10 May 2021
'You wouldn't steal a ___' USA Today 10 May 2021
Vehicle on a ferry Universal 06 May 2021
Essex or Monarch Canadiana 03 May 2021
Automobile Universal 25 Apr 2021
Tourist's rental USA Today 22 Apr 2021
___ seat (child safety device) USA Today 20 Apr 2021
Elevator compartment Wall Street Journal 20 Apr 2021
Common vehicle Family Time 18 Apr 2021
Vehicle The Telegraph Quick 17 Apr 2021
Section of a train Newsday 14 Apr 2021
Jaguar, e.g The Washington Post 08 Apr 2021
Jaguar, e.g LA Times Daily 08 Apr 2021
Caboose or sleeper Wall Street Journal 06 Apr 2021
Sedan or SUV Thomas Joseph 27 Mar 2021
Train unit Wall Street Journal 23 Mar 2021
Lot sight Thomas Joseph 10 Mar 2021
Toyota Prius, e.g LA Times Daily 01 Mar 2021
Toyota Prius, e.g The Washington Post 01 Mar 2021
Word after 'race' or 'pace' USA Today 27 Feb 2021
Common get-about Family Time 15 Feb 2021
Automobile Eugene Sheffer 04 Feb 2021
Elevator compartment Newsday 03 Feb 2021
Lot buy Thomas Joseph 22 Jan 2021
Remote-controlled toy USA Today 21 Jan 2021
Automobile The Telegraph Quick 19 Jan 2021
Z4 or Q50 New York Times 17 Jan 2021
Limo or lemon Newsday 17 Jan 2021
One for the road? Eugene Sheffer 14 Jan 2021
Jaguar XK-E, e.g LA Times Daily 11 Jan 2021
Jaguar XK-E, e.g The Washington Post 11 Jan 2021
Tourist's rental The Washington Post 10 Jan 2021
Tourist's rental LA Times Daily 10 Jan 2021
Highway roller? Universal 08 Jan 2021
Automobile Family Time 04 Jan 2021
Part of a train USA Today 04 Jan 2021
Batmobile, e.g New York Times 04 Jan 2021
Road sight Thomas Joseph 31 Dec 2020
Prius or Leaf, e.g USA Today 29 Dec 2020
See-the-sights travel option The Washington Post 29 Dec 2020
See-the-sights travel option LA Times Daily 29 Dec 2020
"Wheels" Premier Sunday 27 Dec 2020
Lincoln or Ford Eugene Sheffer 14 Dec 2020
Amtrak unit USA Today 14 Dec 2020
Saturn or Mercury, once New York Times 13 Dec 2020
Caboose, for one The Washington Post 13 Dec 2020
Tourist's rental Newsday 13 Dec 2020
Caboose, for one LA Times Daily 13 Dec 2020
Automobile The Sun Two Speed 09 Dec 2020
Vehicle seen in picnic area The Sun Two Speed 09 Dec 2020
Road vehicle Premier Sunday 06 Dec 2020
Saturn or Mercury Wall Street Journal 30 Nov 2020
Big game show prize The Washington Post Sunday 29 Nov 2020
Garage occupant New York Times 18 Nov 2020
It and its usual fuel are within "Madagascar" Universal 24 Oct 2020
Big expense for some city dwellers New York Times 21 Oct 2020
Automobile USA Today 21 Oct 2020
Something behind a locomotive Newsday 18 Oct 2020
See 27-Across USA Today 15 Oct 2020
Word with pool or park LA Times Daily 06 Oct 2020
Word with pool or park The Washington Post 06 Oct 2020
'Top Gear' subject The Washington Post Sunday 04 Oct 2020
Monopoly token with wheels USA Today 01 Oct 2020
Gift that helps a teen go places? Universal 22 Sep 2020
Vehicle The Sun Two Speed 18 Sep 2020
Maybe jam ingredient in picnic area The Sun Two Speed 18 Sep 2020
Word after race or pace Newsday 11 Sep 2020
Token in Life Universal 28 Aug 2020
Train segment Newsday 23 Aug 2020
Airport rental USA Today 05 Aug 2020
Word after electric or elevator New York Times 04 Aug 2020
Freight carrier Newsday 31 Jul 2020
Train unit LA Times Daily 27 Jul 2020
Train unit The Washington Post 27 Jul 2020
Something that goes in a garage New York Times 20 Jul 2020
Monopoly token New York Times 19 Jul 2020
Focus on wheels, say Wall Street Journal 18 Jul 2020
'The Price Is Right' prize USA Today 18 Jul 2020
Word after "model" or "muscle" Universal 14 Jul 2020
Cable ___ (San Francisco ride) Universal 10 Jul 2020
Setting for a stakeout Family Time 28 Jun 2020
See 24 Down Newsday 27 Jun 2020
Dealership purchase USA Today 13 Jun 2020
Airport rental Newsday 07 Jun 2020
Train unit Thomas Joseph 21 May 2020
Something with a belt and coat New York Times 14 May 2020
Garage occupant The Washington Post 06 May 2020
Garage occupant LA Times Daily 06 May 2020
Sedan or coupe Newsday 27 Apr 2020
The driving force behind this puzzle? New York Times 26 Apr 2020
Train unit Eugene Sheffer 20 Apr 2020
Game show prize USA Today 18 Apr 2020
Sleeping __ The Washington Post 12 Apr 2020
Sleeping __ LA Times Daily 12 Apr 2020
Street vehicle Premier Sunday 12 Apr 2020
Sedan, e.g USA Today 02 Apr 2020
Saturn or Mercury LA Times Daily 29 Mar 2020
Saturn or Mercury The Washington Post 29 Mar 2020
Hyundai or Honda product Universal 27 Mar 2020
Ferris wheel compartment Newsday 06 Mar 2020
Wheels, so to speak The Washington Post 02 Mar 2020
Wheels, so to speak LA Times Daily 02 Mar 2020
Vehicle The Times Concise 02 Mar 2020
Valeted vehicle Universal 29 Feb 2020
Fit in a garage, e.g Wall Street Journal 22 Feb 2020
Lincoln or Ford LA Times Daily 17 Feb 2020
Lincoln or Ford The Washington Post 17 Feb 2020
Aries or Taurus LA Times Daily 12 Feb 2020
Aries or Taurus The Washington Post 12 Feb 2020
With 59 Across, source of auto tunes The Washington Post Sunday 19 Jan 2020
'Fast & Furious' spoiler site? The Washington Post Sunday 29 Dec 2019
Uber order Premier Sunday 15 Dec 2019
Rogue on the road, e.g Wall Street Journal 07 Dec 2019
Decepticon in disguise USA Today 02 Dec 2019
Sleeper or diner The Washington Post 29 Nov 2019
Sleeper or diner LA Times Daily 29 Nov 2019
Matchbox toy USA Today 23 Nov 2019
Common vacation rental Newsday 03 Nov 2019
Convertible or sedan Newsday 22 Oct 2019
Bar __ The Washington Post 18 Oct 2019
Bar __ LA Times Daily 18 Oct 2019
Atkins diet no-no The Washington Post Sunday 06 Oct 2019
Token in The Game of Life New York Times 04 Oct 2019
Highway sight Thomas Joseph 02 Oct 2019
Hatchback, for one Universal 28 Sep 2019
Coal transport Universal 17 Sep 2019
You drive it on a parkway and park it in a driveway New York Times 17 Sep 2019
Jam ingredient? Eugene Sheffer 10 Sep 2019
Caught short with no thoughts on The Road Irish Times Crosaire 10 Aug 2019
Transport required by most of freshwater fish? The Telegraph Cryptic 07 Aug 2019
Roller coaster unit Wall Street Journal 29 Jul 2019
Component of a jam Universal 22 Jul 2019
Elevator __ The Washington Post 11 Jul 2019
Elevator __ LA Times Daily 11 Jul 2019
Offering from Hertz or National New York Times 01 Jul 2019
Beetle or Jaguar Family Time 30 Jun 2019
Uber employee's need USA Today 23 Jun 2019
Overland or Detroiter, around 1910 Newsday 01 Jun 2019
A dealer might flip one LA Times Daily 24 May 2019
A dealer might flip one The Washington Post 24 May 2019
Budget rental USA Today 23 May 2019
Lyft employee's need The Washington Post Sunday 12 May 2019
Transport no end of fish The Telegraph Cryptic 04 May 2019
Tram part New York Times 14 Apr 2019
Part of a ferry's load, perhaps USA Today 31 Mar 2019
'Wheels' New York Times 27 Mar 2019
Beetle that may have a wing, e.g The Washington Post Sunday 24 Mar 2019
Uber driver's need USA Today 22 Mar 2019
Amtrak unit Universal 18 Mar 2019
Regal on the road, e.g Wall Street Journal 13 Mar 2019
Vehicle includes spectacular actress making a comeback Irish Times Crosaire 23 Feb 2019
Lincoln or Ford USA Today 12 Feb 2019
Subway unit New York Times 30 Jan 2019
'Let's Make a Deal' prize USA Today 28 Jan 2019
Tesla, for one Universal 28 Jan 2019
Something to ride in Family Time 27 Jan 2019
Lincoln or Ford Universal 15 Jan 2019
Roadster Thomas Joseph 10 Jan 2019
56-Down product USA Today 06 Jan 2019
Elevator compartment Universal 05 Jan 2019
Budget rental
56-Down product
Uber employee's need
Bar __
Elevator __
Coal transport
Tram part
Part of a ferry's load, perhaps
Elevator compartment
Offering from Hertz or National
Uber driver's need
Token in The Game of Life
Amtrak unit
A dealer might flip one
Valet's concern USA Today 01 Jan 2019
Subway unit
You drive it on a parkway and park it in a driveway
Regal on the road, e.g.
Roller coaster unit
Amtrak unit
"Let's Make a Deal" prize
Valet's concern
Lincoln or Ford
Tesla, for one
Lincoln or Ford
Hatchback, for one
Component of a jam
Jam ingredient? Wall Street Journal 08 Dec 2018
Coal __ Newsday 24 Nov 2018
Big gift for a teen Wall Street Journal 13 Nov 2018
Lincoln or Ford New York Times 31 Oct 2018
It must be tired to go Universal 31 Oct 2018
Automotive Family Time 29 Oct 2018
Elevator unit New York Times 23 Oct 2018
Sedan or convertible Family Time 21 Oct 2018
See 15-Across New York Times 19 Oct 2018
Compact __ LA Times Daily 15 Oct 2018
Compact __ The Washington Post 15 Oct 2018
Vacationer's rental, perhaps USA Today 13 Oct 2018
Monopoly piece Universal 04 Oct 2018
Pricey graduation gift USA Today 28 Sep 2018
Prefix for port Newsday 22 Sep 2018
SUV or sedan Thomas Joseph 14 Sep 2018
Ferris wheel unit USA Today 10 Sep 2018
Airport rental LA Times Daily 28 Aug 2018
Airport rental The Washington Post 28 Aug 2018
Amtrak unit Newsday 26 Aug 2018
Street hockey interrupter USA Today 19 Aug 2018
Train component Thomas Joseph 16 Aug 2018
Part of a Lionel set USA Today 16 Aug 2018
Soul or Sentra Wall Street Journal 13 Aug 2018
Automobile The Times Concise 12 Aug 2018
One for the road Newsday 03 Aug 2018
Fast Beetle Universal 31 Jul 2018
Ferris wheel unit Universal 23 Jul 2018
Compact, e.g Thomas Joseph 21 Jul 2018
One for the road? The Telegraph Quick 17 Jul 2018
Sedan or convertible New York Times 03 Jul 2018
Vacation rental Newsday 24 Jun 2018
What Christine is in the book 'Christine' New York Times 22 Jun 2018
It can get you there Universal 16 Jun 2018
Auto Canadiana 11 Jun 2018
It works great when tired Universal 17 May 2018
Lot buy Wall Street Journal 07 May 2018
Airport rental New York Times 01 May 2018
Common passer Universal 11 Apr 2018
Auto Thomas Joseph 10 Apr 2018
Budget or Dollar offering USA Today 23 Mar 2018
Token in the game Life New York Times 18 Mar 2018
Sleeper, for one Wall Street Journal 03 Mar 2018
RAC reassembled motor The Sun Two Speed 02 Mar 2018
Stickball obstacle Universal 28 Feb 2018
Dining __ The Washington Post 18 Feb 2018
Dining __ LA Times Daily 18 Feb 2018
Train part LA Times Daily 17 Feb 2018
Train part The Washington Post 17 Feb 2018
Coupe, e.g Universal 31 Jan 2018
Malibu or Rio Wall Street Journal 17 Jan 2018
'Wheels' Premier Sunday 14 Jan 2018
"Wheel of Fortune" prize USA Today 08 Jan 2018
Token in the game Life
Soul or Sentra
Lot buy
Jam ingredient?
Big gift for a teen
Vacationer's rental, perhaps
Tourist's rental
Street hockey interrupter
Pricey graduation gift
Part of a Lionel set
Ferris wheel unit
"Wheel of Fortune" prize
Stickball obstacle
Monopoly piece
It works great when tired
It must be tired to go
It can get you there
Ferris wheel unit
Fast Beetle
Coupe, e.g.
Common passer
What Christine is in the book "Christine"
See 15-Across
Sedan or convertible
Lincoln or Ford
Elevator unit
Airport rental
Train unit
Train part
Lincoln or Ford
Jaguar, e.g.
Dining __
Compact __
Airport rental
Wheels, so to speak USA Today 19 Dec 2017
Big ''Price is Right'' prize Newsday 14 Dec 2017
With 47-Down, some frequently misplaced items New York Times 08 Dec 2017
Monopoly token USA Today 07 Dec 2017
Means of flight for 127-Across Wall Street Journal 02 Dec 2017
Ferris wheel part New York Times 24 Nov 2017
One in a fender-bender USA Today 20 Nov 2017
Road vehicle The Times Concise 16 Nov 2017
"Dude, Where's My ___?" Universal 11 Nov 2017
Hyundai or Honda Newsday 08 Nov 2017
Coach for training? Wall Street Journal 04 Nov 2017
Jetta or 300C, e.g Universal 22 Oct 2017
Avis offering USA Today 09 Oct 2017
Motor The Telegraph Quick 21 Sep 2017
Convertible, for one Newsday 05 Sep 2017
Stock __ Newsday 02 Sep 2017
Tesla creation Wall Street Journal 31 Aug 2017
Budget rental Wall Street Journal 30 Aug 2017
Honda or Hyundai LA Times Daily 24 Aug 2017
Honda or Hyundai The Washington Post 24 Aug 2017
Wheels LA Times Daily 13 Aug 2017
Wheels The Washington Post 13 Aug 2017
Word after "bumper" or "armored" Family Time 13 Aug 2017
Elevator compartment Family Time 07 Aug 2017
Uber worker's need USA Today 01 Aug 2017
Exec perk, perhaps Newsday 20 Jul 2017
It has gas Family Time 17 Jul 2017
Thing on a toy track Newsday 13 Jul 2017
Auto Universal 12 Jul 2017
Hatchback, say? The Telegraph Quick 11 Jul 2017
Vehicle Universal 06 Jul 2017
Sleeper on a train Wall Street Journal 03 Jul 2017
Budget choice The Washington Post 25 Jun 2017
Budget choice LA Times Daily 25 Jun 2017
Many a 10-Across USA Today 20 Jun 2017
Train part New York Times 04 Jun 2017
Auto Family Time 29 May 2017
Sleeper, e.g Wall Street Journal 24 May 2017
Tesla, e.g Premier Sunday 14 May 2017
Tesla or DeLorean USA Today 14 May 2017
Daytona participant Universal 17 Apr 2017
Elevator or train component Jonesin 11 Apr 2017
Tesla offering USA Today 08 Apr 2017
Vehicle needing a lot of supervision The Times Cryptic 06 Mar 2017
Vacation rental USA Today 28 Feb 2017
Tramway vehicle USA Today 27 Feb 2017
There's one garaged in 17- and 53-Across and 11- and 28-Down USA Today 08 Feb 2017
Auto Newsday 07 Feb 2017
Tired mover? Wall Street Journal 04 Feb 2017
Hertz rental Premier Sunday 29 Jan 2017
Mini, e.g The Washington Post 18 Jan 2017
King's Christine, e.g Universal 06 Jan 2017
*Trunk item New York Times 05 Jan 2017
King's Christine, e.g.
Budget choice
Honda or Hyundai
Wheels, so to speak
*Trunk item
Vacation rental
Uber worker's need
Ferris wheel part
With 47-Down, some frequently misplaced items
There's one garaged in 17- and 53-Across and 11- and 28-Down
Tesla or DeLorean
One in a fender-bender
Monopoly token
Many a 10-Across
Avis offering
Airport rental
"Dude, Where's My ___?"
Daytona participant
Jetta or 300C, e.g.
Some workers make a dash for it Universal 30 Dec 2016
You can't do Indy without one Universal 27 Dec 2016
Its job is to run for you Universal 21 Dec 2016
Ride, perhaps Jonesin 13 Dec 2016
Coupe or sedan Newsday 28 Nov 2016
Most of the group retires with one for the road Irish Times Crosaire 12 Nov 2016
Enterprise choice Wall Street Journal 05 Nov 2016
Auto Eugene Sheffer 04 Nov 2016
Elevator unit Universal 30 Oct 2016
Jam ingredient? Thomas Joseph 29 Oct 2016
Jaguar or Impala USA Today 25 Oct 2016
Gift for a lucky graduate Wall Street Journal 15 Oct 2016
Balloon compartment Newsday 14 Oct 2016
See 22-Across Wall Street Journal 12 Oct 2016
Focus on the road, say Wall Street Journal 04 Oct 2016
Delorean or Edsel Canadiana 03 Oct 2016
38-Across, e.g USA Today 28 Sep 2016
Amtrak unit LA Times Daily 23 Sep 2016
Ferrari or Fiat Wall Street Journal 19 Sep 2016
Personal vehicle The Times Concise 19 Sep 2016
It's driven LA Times Daily 18 Sep 2016
Stephen King's Christine, for one Wall Street Journal 13 Sep 2016
Garage occupant Thomas Joseph 02 Sep 2016
Road Runner or Skylark The Washington Post 12 Aug 2016
Pixar's Lightning McQueen or Luigi The Washington Post 08 Aug 2016
Edsel or Delorean Canadiana 18 Jul 2016
Sedan or compact Thomas Joseph 05 Jul 2016
It has gears and a transmission Family Time 27 Jun 2016
_____ Spiel (high stakes curling event) Canadiana 06 Jun 2016
Coupe or convertible Family Time 05 Jun 2016
DeSoto or Hudson Wall Street Journal 02 Jun 2016
Tourist rental The Washington Post 30 May 2016
Tesla product The Washington Post 20 May 2016
Tired runner? New York Times 15 May 2016
Avis offering Premier Sunday 15 May 2016
Jam ingredient Thomas Joseph 13 May 2016
Airport rental Family Time 09 May 2016
Uber offering Newsday 01 May 2016
Caboose, for one Universal 20 Apr 2016
Hybrid, e.g Wall Street Journal 15 Apr 2016
Focus on the freeway, say Wall Street Journal 07 Apr 2016
Rental from 38-Down USA Today 07 Apr 2016
Tesla, for one USA Today 01 Apr 2016
Word before seat or stereo Newsday 01 Apr 2016
KITT in 'Knight Rider' The Washington Post 30 Mar 2016
Kia or Fiat Universal 23 Mar 2016
Ford or Lincoln Eugene Sheffer 22 Mar 2016
Preceder of pool or port Newsday 20 Mar 2016
Ford product Universal 08 Mar 2016
Traffic component USA Today 28 Feb 2016
Four-wheeled vehicle, a wagon almost The Sun Two Speed 07 Feb 2016
One for the road The Washington Post 06 Feb 2016
Automobile Newsday 02 Feb 2016
Common rental LA Times Daily 24 Jan 2016
One staying in a lot? New York Times 24 Jan 2016
Christine in 'Christine' The Washington Post 22 Jan 2016
One for the road Eugene Sheffer 16 Jan 2016
Exec's perk New York Times 15 Jan 2016
It gets in and out of jams Universal 12 Jan 2016
Caboose, e.g Eugene Sheffer 12 Jan 2016
Token in The Game of Life The Washington Post 05 Jan 2016
Its job is to run for you
Jaguar or Impala
You can't do Indy without one
Some workers make a dash for it
38-Across, e.g.
It gets in and out of jams
One staying in a lot?
Exec's perk
It's driven
Common rental
Amtrak unit
Auto USA Today 29 Dec 2015
Sleeping or slot follower LA Times Daily 22 Dec 2015
Driven thing Premier Sunday 13 Dec 2015
Avis rental Premier Sunday 29 Nov 2015
Club __ Newsday 28 Nov 2015
Mercury or Saturn The Washington Post 21 Nov 2015
Jaguar, e.g Eugene Sheffer 20 Nov 2015
Monopoly token LA Times Daily 15 Nov 2015
It may be sleeping Newsday 31 Oct 2015
Convertible or coupe, e.g USA Today 26 Oct 2015
Passenger vehicle LA Times Daily 18 Oct 2015
Demolition derby vehicle Universal 14 Oct 2015
Generous graduation gift Newsday 11 Oct 2015
Passenger vehicle USA Today 06 Oct 2015
Daytona unit USA Today 21 Sep 2015
With 116-Down, a tot travels in it Premier Sunday 13 Sep 2015
Family vehicle Newsday 09 Sep 2015
Turns up most of the people provides one for the road Irish Times Crosaire 29 Aug 2015
Word following coal or cattle Newsday 27 Aug 2015
L.A. necessity USA Today 11 Aug 2015
See 57-Across New York Times 04 Aug 2015
Enterprise offering Wall Street Journal 17 Jul 2015
Roller coaster unit New York Times 15 Jul 2015
"Wheel of Fortune" prize, sometimes USA Today 13 Jul 2015
Gridlock component Eugene Sheffer 03 Jul 2015
Vacationer's rental Newsday 28 Jun 2015
Subway unit Universal 20 Jun 2015
Mercury or Saturn LA Times Daily 17 Jun 2015
Train component Newsday 10 Jun 2015
Game show prize LA Times Daily 03 Jun 2015
16-year-old's desire USA Today 01 Jun 2015
Monopoly token Newsday 28 May 2015
Elevator feature LA Times Daily 17 May 2015
It gets around Universal 03 May 2015
Mini, e.g New York Times 25 Apr 2015
Pool or port starter USA Today 25 Apr 2015
With 20 Across, likely cruise sponsor Newsday 11 Apr 2015
Auto New York Times 30 Mar 2015
DeSoto or LaSalle, e.g The Chronicle of Higher Education 20 Mar 2015
Big-ticket item Universal 19 Mar 2015
It can run for hours Universal 18 Mar 2015
Coveted game show prize USA Today 12 Mar 2015
Word with "bumper" or "muscle" Universal 08 Mar 2015
Airport rental Premier Sunday 08 Mar 2015
Tesla, for one New York Times 04 Mar 2015
NAS*AR New York Times 03 Feb 2015
Elevator chamber Universal 21 Jan 2015
Common transport USA Today 12 Jan 2015
Magenta or Sonata Canadiana 12 Jan 2015
Wheels not exactly round at the top The Times Cryptic 09 Jan 2015
Game show prize
Mercury or Saturn
Tesla product
It gets around
Subway unit
Passenger vehicle
Sleeping or slot follower
Word with "bumper" or "muscle"
"Wheel of Fortune" prize, sometimes
Monopoly token
Aries or Taurus
Word that stops a stickball game
16-year-old's desire
Common transport
Elevator feature
Soul or Fusion
Club __
Coupe or sedan
With 116-Down, a tot travels in it
Driven thing
Avis rental
Airport rental
Enterprise offering
Elevator compartment
Pool or port starter
Family vehicle
Generous graduation gift
It may be sleeping
Monopoly token
Train component
Tesla, for one
See 57-Across
Roller coaster unit
Mini, e.g.
Vacationer's rental
With 20 Across, likely cruise sponsor
Word following coal or cattle
Pinto, e.g.
Mercury or Saturn
Jam component?
Bonus for a five-day winning streak on "Family Feud"
Convertible or coupe, e.g.
Passenger vehicle
L.A. necessity
Coveted game show prize
DeSoto or LaSalle, e.g.
It can run for hours
Daytona unit
Elevator chamber
Demolition derby vehicle
Big-ticket item
It performs best when tired?
Budget item
Gremlin, e.g.
Hudson or DeSoto
Bronco or Mustang
One that's tired?
One for the road
It's tired?
Elevator unit
Diner or sleeper
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, e.g.
Garage unit
Alamo rental
Word yelled to halt a street hockey game
Tilt-A-Whirl part
Vacation rental, maybe
Pace or race follower
Hybrid, maybe
Common word spelled in the "Spelling Bee" game on "The Price Is Right"
Elevator cage
Executive's perk, maybe
Tourist rental
It may be a sleeper
Ferris-wheel compartment
Company perk, perhaps
Airport rental
One for the road?
Jam ingredient?
Barrett-Jackson auction listing
It gets around
It runs on the road
Occasional beeper
Winston Cup entry
Word with club or pace
Nash, e.g.
Saturn or Mercury
Train portion
Smart, e.g.
Tesla, for one
Train unit
Jam ingredient?
Hybrid, perhaps
52-Down, for one
Part of a train
Vacation rental
Aries or Taurus
Pooling vehicle
Indy participant
51-Down unit
Elevator ___
Great graduation gift
Focus on the highway, e.g.
Pooling vehicle
Garage occupier
It's parked in a garage
See 8-Down
Golf, for one
Beetle, for one
Sleeper, for one
Ford product
What Gary Numan drove?
16-year-old's want
Insured item
Jaywalker's nemesis
Monopoly token
Pool member?
Geo or Reo
Road runner
Saturn or Mercury, say
___ and Driver magazine
Caboose, for one
Ford or Lincoln, but not Obama
One thing to travel by
One may be hired
Generous graduation gift
Token in the Game of Life
Vehicle from Mercury
Toll booth waiter
Lincoln or Ford
Monopoly token
Link in a train
Cougar or Impala
Dodgem feature
Jaguar or Impala
Part of a Lionel set
Runner with a hood
Drive-thru vehicle
Load up, or touch down
Lexus, e.g.
Beatles "Drive My ___"
Driving need
Indy entry
Oft-insured item
One mode of transportation
One thing to travel by
Parker's responsibility
Parker's responsibility?
Tourist's rental
Traffic component
Word yelled to halt a stickball game
Capri or Corsica
Caboose or coupe
Jam ingredient?
Train unit
relayrides.com rental
Airport rental
Caboose, for one
Cougar or Impala
Elevator compartment
One in a jam, maybe
Volt, for one
Elevator unit
Ferrari or Fiat
Ford or Lincoln
It's usually tired
Item in Alamo's fleet
Caboose, for one
Elevator compartment
One in a jam, maybe
Volt, for one
Diner or sleeper
Dining __
Indy 500 racer
Tourist's rental
With 29 Down, dealership offering
With 54-Across, something worn on a road trip
Karl Benz creation
"Dude, Where's My ___?" (Ashton Kutcher film)
Coupe or convertible
One for the road?
Monopoly token
Gift for a 32nd anniversary that'll drive you wild?
It may have fins and a trunk
Blue Book listing
Wheels, so to speak
Teen's dream gift
Enterprise rental
Golf, for one
Popular rental
Mustang, e.g.
Lincoln or Ford
DeLorean, for one
Monopoly game piece
Drive-in necessity
It has four wheels outside and one inside
Word yelled to halt a stickball game
Word after box or cable
Turnpike traveler
Good graduation gift
Rail runner
Toyota, e.g.
Roller-coaster unit
Word after box or cable
Wheels, so to speak
Sleeper, for one
Roller coaster part
Train unit
Roller coaster part
Sleeper, for one
Lincoln or Ford
Roller coaster part
Alamo offering
Gift for a lucky graduate
Patriotic org.
One's wheels
Traffic jam item
Malibu or Milan
Train unit
Avis or Alamo offering
Caboose, for one
Indy 500 entry
Stephen King's Christine, for one
Stephen King's Christine, e.g.
Pullman, for one
Garage item
Funny ___ (dragster)
Company perk, perhaps
Mercury or Saturn, but not Mars or Neptune
Part of a roller coaster
Sixteen-year-old's desire
Skylark or Firebird
__ seat
Valet's concern
Sleeper, for one
Sleeper or diner
One may get into a jam
One for the road
Blimp's passenger compartment
Subway component
Word that stops a street hockey game
___ and Driver (popular magazine)
"Monopoly" game piece
One of 20 featured in this puzzle
Tram unit
"Dude, Where's My ___?" (2000 comedy)
Jaguar or Cougar
Monopoly token
One for the road?
Part of some jams
Prelude or Sonata
Tram unit
Vacation rental
One may be left in a lot
Train unit
NPR's "___ Talk"
Word with part or port
Limo, e.g.
Sleeper or diner
Aries or Taurus
Subway component
Popular rental
Sixteen year old's desire
Winston Cup entry
Game show giveaway, sometimes
Word after stock or company
___ and Driver
Travel mode for many
Word that stops a street hockey game
Aries or Taurus
It must be tired to work properly
Aries or Taurus
16-year-old's desire
Chauffeur's "office"
One for the road
Taxi or limousine, say
What the Club protects
Game piece in Hasbro's The Game of Life
Mercury or Saturn
Pullman, e.g.
Subway unit
Demolition derby vehicle
Seville or DeVille
Word with pool or port
__ and Driver magazine
It contains a dash
Mercury or Saturn, but not Venus
Vacation rental
Showcase highlight, on "The Price Is Right"
Cougar or Lynx
Pullman, e.g.
Subway unit
__ and Driver magazine
Limo, e.g.
Capri or Corsica
Accord, e.g.
Cougar or Lynx
Cobalt or Neon, e.g.
Popular "The Price Is Right" prize
Locale of some mirrors
Garage occupant
Roller-coaster unit
Sleeping __
Truck compartment
Word with "buffet"
Street hockey game stopper
Monopoly game piece
54, for one
Elevator compartment
Jam ingredient?
Park Avenue, e.g.
Word before bra or after bar
It performs best when tired?
Occasional beeper
Part of a train
It's driven to go far
Game show giveaway
See 48-Across
Essex or Duesenberg, memorably
Part of a train
Indy entrant
Coveted game-show prize
One for the road?
One may stay in a lot
It can follow dining or sleeping
It must be tired to work
Compact, e.g.
Big prize on "The Price Is Right"
Electric __
Cream puff, perhaps
DeLorean, e.g.
Cattle __
Driving support?
Train unit
Pullman, for one
Bumper or cable follower
Tanker or tender
Part of a train
One for the road?
"Port" starter
Train section
Port or fare starter
Vehicle in a garage
Driving support?
It's tired
It needs gas
Coupe, e.g.
Cobalt or Neon
Word before pool or park
Passenger compartment
Word with pool or port
Company perk
Pullman, for one
Saturn or Mercury
Word with pool or port
Aries, e.g.
Company perk
Elevator unit
Saturn or Mercury
Pullman, for one
Passenger compartment
One for the road?
Elevator unit
Diner or sleeper
Sedan, e.g.
One that performs best when tired?
Beetle, e.g.
Horse supplanter
Word with tow or town
Word with sports or bar
With 56-Down, a grille protector
It can be a hybrid
Caboose, e.g.
DeVille or Seville
Pit-stop patient
Pullman or caboose
Railroad unit
Saturn or Mercury
Smoker or sleeper
Aries, e.g.
End for 20, 61-Across, and 11, 29, 35-Down
It may get in a jam
It's tired, really
Indy winner
Bumper __
"My Mother the ___" ('60s TV show)
General Motors product
Turnpike sight
Exec's perk
Bumper __
Exec's perk
Pool or port starter
Mercury or Saturn, but not Mars
Vacation rental?
Major gift for a teen
Word with pace or race
Vehicle at a drive-in movie
Park Avenue, for one
Roller coaster unit
Pontiac product
Main part of an elevator
Elevator part
Certain Monopoly token
Roller coaster unit
Word with pool or port
It's driven to go far
Tracy Chapman's "Fast ___"
Cougar or Jaguar
It can get you into and out of jams
Cougar or Lynx
Turnpike sight
Park Avenue, for one
Ford, Lincoln or Pierce
Herbie or the Batmobile, e.g.
Kind of pool
Saturn or Mercury
One that's tired?
Elevator transport
Sedan, e.g.
Mewsing, part 3
Lincoln, but not Washington
Word with box or cable
KITT, in "Knight Rider"
Jaguar or Jetta
Funny ___ (dragster)
Prelude or Sonata, e.g.
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang is one
Way across town
Part of a roller coaster
Company perk, perhaps
Ford or Lincoln, but not Bush
Word with box or cable
Company perk
Aries or Taurus
Game-show prize
Indy 500 entrant
Train unit
Jetta or Elantra
Saturn or Mercury
Elevator unit
Mercury or Saturn, e.g.
Word with box, sports or cable
Word with club or pace
Railroad unit
Seville or DeVille
Vacation rental
Aries or Taurus
It often gets in a jam
___ and Driver (popular magazine)
Saturn or Mercury
Gas guzzler
Indy entry
September 22, Europe's ___ Free Day
Elevator unit
Jetta or Elantra
Mercury or Saturn, e.g.
Railroad unit
Sedan, e.g.
Seville or DeVille
Vacation rental
Elevator unit
Caboose, for example
Teen's wish
Road runner
Mercury or Saturn
Jaguar, for one
Accord, e.g.
It's tired, really
Word with dining or squad
Beetle, e.g.
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, e.g.
Ford or Lincoln, but not Bush
"Wheel of Fortune" prize
Roller-coaster unit
Geo or Reo
Sedan or coupe
Hudson or Essex
Lot or load leader
Aries or Taurus
One with an antenna
Garage contents
Game show prize, sometimes
Detroit product
It can be rented or dented
Mercury vehicle
One for the road?
Train unit
License holder
Park Avenue, for one
Sedan or coupe
Geo or Reo
Accord, e.g.
Sedan or coupe
One in a lot
Hudson or Essex
Word with freight or cable
Gas consumer
Honda or Hudson
Nash or Hudson
Mercury or Saturn
Herbie or Christine
Diner or sleeper
Indy 500 racer
It runs on the road
Road runner
Turnpike traveler
Saturn or Mercury
Mercury, but not Mars
Kind of service
Intrepid, e.g.
Hertz offering
The General Lee, e.g.
Passenger vehicle
One for the road
54, for one
Cream puff, e.g.
Jam ingredient
Mercury or Saturn
Sedan or wagon
Game show prize, often
Saturn or Mercury, e.g.
Taurus or Aries, e.g.
Boxster, e.g.
Freeway filler
Word with bumper or muscle
Wheels, to adolescents
Side one is a cocktail
Lincoln, for one
Yugo, e.g.
Subway unit
Ferris-wheel unit
It may be used
Diner or sleeper
Indy 500 racer
Road runner
Link in a train
Horseless carriage
Type of pool
Geo or Reo
Garage occupant
Freeway sight
Diner, perhaps
Civic or Camry
Ford or Lincoln
Elevator unit
Freight carrier
Motor vehicle
Peugeot product
Wheels, so to speak
Smoker or diner
Jam ingredient
Jaguar, e.g.
It may be driven
"_____ Wash" (Rose Royce)
Big ticket item
Cable ___
Ric Ocasek, for one
Taurus or Aries
Part of a train
Coveted game show prize
Buick or BMW
Airport rental
Part of a train
Pinto, e.g.
Motor vehicle
Train unit
Saturn or Mercury
Word with pool or wash
Sleeper, maybe
Dining or club follower
Stock follower
Wheels, sort of
Indy entrant
Nation lead-in
Mercury or Saturn, but not Mars or Earth
Prelude or Sonata
Detroit product
Start for a pool
Elevator compartment
Word after bumper or muscle
Indy 500 entrant
Honda or Hyundai
Elevator part
Word with mail or rail
Park Avenue, for one
Sedan, e.g.
Diner, for one
Elevator cage
Gridlock element
Pullman, e.g.
Lincoln, but not Roosevelt
"My Mother the _____" (60s TV show)
Smoker or sleeper
Ford or Lincoln
It requires a driver
Commuter's transport
Mercury or Saturn
Pullman e.g.
See 5 Across
Seville or Daytona e.g.
Stephen King's Christine e.g.
Train part
Cirrus or Stratus
Side or street follower
Saturn, for one
Race or pace follower
Monopoly game piece
It has gas
Fiat or Ferrari
Diner or sleeper
20-Across visitor
Sleeper or smoker
Mustang or Lynx
Lincoln, e.g.
Ford Motor product
Eclipse, for one
Accord, e.g.
27-Across, for one
16-year-old's desire
16-year-old's want
Jam ingredient?
Kaiser, once
Mercury or Saturn, but not Mars
Pullman, e.g.
Pace or prowl follower
Train component
Wheels, so to speak
Muscle or sports follower
Lincoln, but not Washington
Club follower
Model T, e.g.
Stutz Bearcat e.g.
Rural transport
Explorer or Blazer
Traffic component
Jam ingredient?
Horseless carriage
Gridlock component
Elevator chamber
Mercury or Saturn, but not Mars
Ferry occupant, perhaps
"My Mother," in a '60s TV show
"___ 54, Where Are You?"
Vacation mode for many
Reo e.g.
Convertible or coupe, e.g.
Mustang or Bronco
Crate, so to speak
Fiesta, e.g.
Saturn, for one
Cord or Ford
Amtrak unit
Christine or Herbie, in film
Kind of pool or wash
Traffic jam ingredient
Winston Cup entry
___ pool
Runabout <P>e.g.
Skier's transport
Civic or Escort
Blazer or Bronco
Rabbit, e.g.
Skylark or Eagle, e.g.
Train unit
It rides the rails
Dash locale
Rolls e.g.
Word with stock or street
Train part
One for the road
Mercury or Saturn, e.g.
It's tired
Word with sports or squad
DeSoto or LaSalle
Passenger balloon part
DeSoto or Hudson
Word with street or buffet
Wheels, so to speak
Mercury or Saturn
Sedan, e.g.
Hatchback, e.g.
Hudson or Essex
Kind of barn or port
Reo or Hudson
Elevator cage
Stanley Steamer, e.g.
Nissan or Nash
Vance's Packard?
Lincoln or Maxwell
Dave Crabtree's mother, e.g.
Auburn or Oakland
Caravan component
Stutz or Essex
Maxwell or Essex
Elevator transport
Cord or Crosley
Durant or Duryea
Sleeper, e.g.
La Salle or Mercer
Kind of hop
Box chaser
Benny's Maxwell
Reo or Stutz
Kaiser or Maxwell
Coupe or sedan
Benz product
Hudson or Maxwell
Cord or Oakland
Cable chaser
Cord or Javelin
Erskine or Maxwell
Kind of barn
Reo or Essex
Rolling-stock item
Bentley, e.g.
Horse replacer
Freight or town follower
Diner or sleeper
Christine, e.g.
Caboose, e.g.
Maxwell, e.g.
Javelin or Jensen
LaSalle or Mercer
Marmon, e.g.
Reo or Essex
Suburbanite's need
Word with patrol or prowl
Sedan or coupe
Hudson or Nash
Duryea, e.g.
Flint creation
Barn occupant, sometimes
Willys Knight, e.g.
Pony ___
Assembly-line product
Nash or Studebaker
Willys-Knight, e.g.
Lucrative Japanese product
Kiddy or box follower
De Soto or Hudson
Word with load or port
Cable ___
Gondola, e.g.
Telpher, e.g.
Word with hop or barn
Word with hop or wash
Word with port or barn
Essex or Edsel
Roadster, e.g.
Suburbanite's sine qua non
Word with coal or cattle
Gas guzzler, possibly
Club or parlor follower
The Oakland was one
Indy entry
Packard, e.g.
Durant or Essex
Vehicle for A. J. Foyt
Armored or cable
Sleeper or diner
Highway sight
Maxwell or Nash
Freight from Flint
Ford or Lincoln
DeSoto, e.g.
Box or side
Street or side
Detroit product
Essex or Hudson
Dining or touring
Dining or club
Stock ___
Garage-sale evictee
Tram or cable
Caboose or coupe
Kind of pool
Kind of fare
Smoking ___
Flint product
Stanley, for one
Because: Fr.
Train unit.
Word with hand and horse
Reo or Maxwell.
Parking problem.
Gas user.
Stutz Bearcat
___ pool.
See 113 Down
Towaway item.
Status symbol.
Kind of pool.
Meter Maid's concern.
Means of travel.
"Follow that ___!"
Station wagon.
Getaway vehicle.
Elevator cage.
Beach wagon.
Rolls, for instance.
A status symbol.
Part of an elevator.
Gondola ___.
Trade-in item.
Benny's Maxwell.
Chariot: Poet.
Citroen, for example.
Piece of rolling stock.
For: French.
Used ___.
January exhibit.
Diner or sleeper.
One of 52 million in the U. S.
Popular toy.
Strange sight in 1903.
Assembly-line product.
Freight from Flint.
Product of Dearborn.
Dining ___.
Princess Margaret's 21st-birthday present from the King.
Part of the "bumper" crop.
One form of 55 Across.
Horse ___.
Second-hand commodity.
Horseless carriage.
Balloon basket.
Rationed item.
Rubber consumer.
Gas and rubber consumer.
Scion, e.g.
RelayRides rental
Lemon, perhaps
Kind of insurance
Hybrid, e.g.
General Lee, famously
Setting for Radiohead's "Karma Police" video
Budget item?
See 31-Down
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