Word "CARD" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
a list of dishes available at a restaurant
bill of fare, carte, carte du jour, menu

Part of Speech:
a printed or written greeting that is left to indicate that you have visited
calling card, visiting card

Part of Speech:
a sign posted in a public place as an advertisement
bill, notice, placard, poster, posting

Crossword Clues for CARD

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Clue Source Date
Item in a magician's deck LA Times Daily 13 Mar 2023
Payment option Universal 13 Mar 2023
Check an ID Universal 02 Feb 2023
Joker, e.g Thomas Joseph 12 Jan 2023
Outmoded library fixture Wall Street Journal 05 Jan 2023
One in a deck Eugene Sheffer 05 Dec 2022
Joker, e.g Thomas Joseph 27 Oct 2022
Mailed holiday greeting LA Times Daily 24 Oct 2022
Stiff paper The Times Concise 08 Oct 2022
King or queen, but not prince or princess LA Times Daily 06 Sep 2022
King or queen, but not princess Universal 30 Aug 2022
King or queen Thomas Joseph 24 Aug 2022
It's got from a dealer The Guardian Quick 09 Aug 2022
Maybe Jack’s way to send greetings The Times Cryptic 07 Jul 2022
King perhaps was concerned with English loss The Times Cryptic 09 Jun 2022
Bingo player's item USA Today 08 Jun 2022
Jack or joker Thomas Joseph 06 Jun 2022
Wallet item USA Today 06 Jun 2022
Item sold with an envelope The Washington Post 17 May 2022
Item sold with an envelope LA Times Daily 17 May 2022
Eccentric person, one bearing greetings? The Times Cryptic 09 May 2022
King or queen lying flat on a table Family Time 28 Mar 2022
The Number Two in The Queen? Irish Times Crosaire 25 Mar 2022
The joker from No 10 Irish Times Crosaire 14 Feb 2022
Jack, say, is entertaining fellow
Visa, e.g Canadiana 17 Jan 2022
Scoundrel pinching rear of our Queen?
With 37 Across, plastic cash Canadiana 13 Dec 2021
Ace or queen Premier Sunday 12 Dec 2021
Calling or playing follower LA Times Daily 18 Nov 2021
Piece of birthday mail USA Today 10 Nov 2021
'Is this your ___?' (magician's question) USA Today 19 Oct 2021
King of diamonds, for example USA Today 07 Oct 2021
Memory ___ New York Times 07 Oct 2021
Jack of clubs, for one Newsday 04 Oct 2021
Wit LA Times Daily 10 Sep 2021
Part of a hand Newsday 10 Sep 2021
Wit The Washington Post 10 Sep 2021
Stiff paper; odd person The Times Concise 04 Sep 2021
Cash alternative USA Today 19 Aug 2021
King or queen New York Times 17 Aug 2021
Wag Club? The Telegraph Cryptic 13 Aug 2021
It often gets closed at a dealership (Welcome mat's place) The Washington Post Sunday 18 Jul 2021
Ask for proof of age USA Today 18 Jul 2021
Stiff paper The Telegraph Quick 04 Jul 2021
Check the ID of The Washington Post 14 Jun 2021
Deuce, for one Family Time 14 Jun 2021
Check the ID of LA Times Daily 14 Jun 2021
Eccentric king, for example The Telegraph Cryptic 16 May 2021
Really funny person Universal 15 May 2021
Scoundrel abducting king and queen say 
Ace of spades or queen of hearts New York Times 08 Mar 2021
Ace of hearts, for instance Newsday 01 Mar 2021
Jokester New York Times 27 Feb 2021
Stiff paper The Sun Two Speed 08 Feb 2021
Greeting in post from wit The Sun Two Speed 08 Feb 2021
The joker from No 10 Irish Times Crosaire 13 Jan 2021
Jack or joker Wall Street Journal 11 Jan 2021
Ace or deuce Premier Sunday 01 Nov 2020
Fair amount of those from 14 across in The Queen Irish Times Crosaire 05 Oct 2020
Celebratory communication shows wit The Sun Two Speed 02 Oct 2020
Process wool Canadiana 21 Sep 2020
Programme of events The Telegraph Quick 03 Aug 2020
Get well soon ___ USA Today 22 Jul 2020
Part of a deck USA Today 10 Jul 2020
One of 52 in a deck Universal 10 Jun 2020
Eccentric queen? The Telegraph Toughie 28 May 2020
Valentine's Day purchase New York Times 12 Apr 2020
Jack, perhaps taken from vehicle by daughter The Telegraph Cryptic 23 Mar 2020
Knave takes king for joker
34-Across, e.g Wall Street Journal 06 Jan 2020
Eccentric item that could be removed from deck
Vehicle needing day to book
Witty joker discarded hard beet
Very funny sort LA Times Daily 01 Dec 2019
Very funny sort The Washington Post 01 Dec 2019
Part of a suit USA Today 21 Oct 2019
Swiped item USA Today 16 Sep 2019
Heart perhaps in rogue broken by lover, finally The Telegraph Cryptic 15 Sep 2019
Ace or deuce Universal 07 Sep 2019
End of quotation Canadiana 12 Aug 2019
Comb (wool) The Times Concise 26 Jul 2019
Stiff paper The Times Concise 02 Jul 2019
Hand unit Thomas Joseph 18 May 2019
Ace of hearts, for one Newsday 22 Apr 2019
Thick paper The Telegraph Quick 21 Apr 2019
Check for ID Newsday 21 Apr 2019
Gift attachment, often USA Today 27 Mar 2019
One in a Community Chest stack USA Today 16 Mar 2019
Gift box attachment USA Today 10 Mar 2019
Something players try to avoid in club, for example The Telegraph Toughie 30 Jan 2019
31-Down insert Universal 22 Jan 2019
Stiff paper The Telegraph Quick 08 Jan 2019
Perhaps greeting on Christmas and relishing dinner's foremost...
Gift box attachment
Ace or deuce
Gift attachment, often
Swiped item
Part of a suit
31-Down insert
Hand part
One in a Community Chest stack
Diamond or heart, e.g Universal 17 Dec 2018
Jack or joker Thomas Joseph 20 Nov 2018
One in pack is an eccentric
ID New York Times 23 Sep 2018
Jack or joker Newsday 11 Sep 2018
Check the proof of USA Today 08 Sep 2018
American Greetings purchase USA Today 30 Aug 2018
Present accompaniment The New Yorker 27 Aug 2018
Birthday __ LA Times Daily 27 Aug 2018
Birthday __ The Washington Post 27 Aug 2018
'Hit me' sayer's request USA Today 14 May 2018
Eccentric queen, for example The Telegraph Cryptic 01 May 2018
Wild thing? The New Yorker 30 Apr 2018
Maybe Queen's printed greeting
Heart or club, say? The Telegraph Quick 09 Apr 2018
The Queen produced most of those at the end of 11 across Irish Times Crosaire 09 Apr 2018
Pre-Christmas mailing USA Today 04 Apr 2018
Topps collectible USA Today 11 Mar 2018
Article of war? The Washington Post Sunday 04 Mar 2018
Quipster Newsday 25 Feb 2018
Ace of hearts, for example Newsday 19 Feb 2018
Word after index or calling USA Today 19 Feb 2018
Amusing person, such as joker The Telegraph Cryptic 18 Feb 2018
Item in a Ricky Jay deck USA Today 17 Feb 2018
King, queen or jack Newsday 12 Feb 2018
Hallmark offering USA Today 08 Feb 2018
One in on the deal? LA Times Daily 28 Jan 2018
One in on the deal? The Washington Post 28 Jan 2018
Item in a Ricky Jay deck
Birthday __
One in on the deal?
Word after index or calling
Hallmark offering
Check the proof of
American Greetings purchase
"Hit me" sayer's request
Diamond or heart, e.g.
Sales agent's handout USA Today 20 Dec 2017
Club, maybe, that footballer tries to avoid
Hand unit Wall Street Journal 11 Nov 2017
Bingo player's purchase Newsday 22 Oct 2017
Hallmark offering Eugene Sheffer 10 Oct 2017
Joker perhaps was concerned with English being banned
Verify the age of, in a way New York Times 19 Jul 2017
Joker, say, witty type The Telegraph Cryptic 11 Jul 2017
Issue warning to clubs using right to block promotion
Check for proof of age USA Today 17 May 2017
Hallmark item USA Today 29 Mar 2017
Source of information possibly about road
Ace of clubs, for instance Newsday 27 Feb 2017
Character's vehicle's displayed initially
Six of clubs, for instance Newsday 13 Feb 2017
Bingo player's need USA Today 01 Feb 2017
Joker, for one LA Times Daily 20 Jan 2017
Maybe ace vehicle with detachable top
Common type of trick Universal 04 Jan 2017
Comical or eccentric person? Trump, perhaps The Telegraph Cryptic 03 Jan 2017
Sales agent's handout
Check for proof of age
Common type of trick
Verify the age of, in a way
Joker, for one
Christmas greeting The Times Concise 19 Dec 2016
Check the ID of USA Today 27 Nov 2016
The Joker in the pack?
Jack or joker USA Today 11 Oct 2016
It may say "I'm sorry" Universal 10 Oct 2016
'We ___' (convenience store sign) New York Times 07 Sep 2016
See 14 Across The Chronicle of Higher Education 02 Sep 2016
Ask for proof of age LA Times Daily 31 Aug 2016
Check the birth date of, say New York Times 25 Aug 2016
Check for ID Wall Street Journal 11 Aug 2016
Soccer ref's foul indicator Wall Street Journal 30 Jul 2016
Joker, e.g Jonesin 21 Jun 2016
King or queen Thomas Joseph 12 May 2016
Like a signed-up member as vicar definitely is
Joker or jack Newsday 01 Feb 2016
Deuce or jack, e.g USA Today 28 Jan 2016
Hand component Wall Street Journal 09 Jan 2016
See 14 Across
Ask for proof of age
Jack or joker
Check the birth date of, say
Hand component
"We ___" (convenience store sign)
Deuce or jack, e.g.
Tease character that was recently put in post? The Telegraph Toughie 25 Dec 2015
See 22 The Telegraph Cryptic 24 Dec 2015
Deuce or trey Universal 26 Nov 2015
Joker Eugene Sheffer 11 Nov 2015
Possibly a club eccentric The Times Cryptic 06 Nov 2015
Funny fellow The Washington Post 06 Nov 2015
*Jokester New York Times 04 Nov 2015
Last four figures from 9 across in Number 10 Irish Times Crosaire 08 Oct 2015
Joker or deuce Newsday 05 Oct 2015
Jack or deuce Newsday 25 Aug 2015
Wag LA Times Daily 16 Aug 2015
Joker, e.g Eugene Sheffer 13 Aug 2015
The joker in Number Ten? Irish Times Crosaire 04 Aug 2015
Pip's place New York Times 31 Jul 2015
Word that can follow each half of each shaded answer Wall Street Journal 20 Jul 2015
Celebratory communication shows wit The Times Cryptic 03 Jul 2015
__ sharp Newsday 06 Jun 2015
Witty one Eugene Sheffer 06 May 2015
A bit of a wag, even a joker maybe The Telegraph Cryptic 04 May 2015
Joker, for one Newsday 30 Apr 2015
Request an ID from LA Times Daily 15 Apr 2015
Bingo player's buy Newsday 22 Mar 2015
Senior Catholic dignitary not half showing heart? The Times Cryptic 05 Feb 2015
Ask for identification USA Today 02 Feb 2015
An ace or jack Family Time 04 Jan 2015
Request an ID from
Yellow ___ (soccer warning)
Funny fellow
Amusing sort
Bingo player's buy
Bingo player's purchase
Jack or deuce
Joker or deuce
Joker, for one
__ sharp
Request an ID from
Hand part Universal 01 Jan 2015
Pip's place
Ask for identification
Hand part
Deuce or trey
Display red or yellow comb
Tease Jack, perhaps
Joker, for one
"Is this your ___?" (magician's line)
Ace of spades, e.g.
Check the ID of
Pick in a trick
Deuce or trey
Part of a hand
Hallmark purchase
Barrel of laughs
Comedian, one in a suit?
King or queen, but not a prince
"Here's my ___"
Jack, 5 or 10, e.g.
King or queen, but not a prince
Real character
Word with "index" or "greeting"
Five of hearts, for one
Ace, king, or queen
King or queen
Ace or jack
Suited king or queen
Unshown part of a stud hand
Gift-box attachment
Oddball‘s Christmas missive?
Jack, for one, is an amusing character
Blue October: "Clumsy ___ House"
Check for ID, as at a bar
Deck item
Ace of spades, e.g.
Jack or ace
Determine the age of, in a way
King, queen or jack
Ace or deuce
Any of a deck of 52
Ask for ID
Salesman's handout
Jack of diamonds, e.g.
Jokester or joker
Six of spades, e.g.
Part of a hand
King or queen
Hallmark product
Jack of diamonds, e.g.
King, queen or jack
Nine of diamonds, e.g.
Check IDs
Wise guy
Jack or ten
It might be wild
Ask for identification
It might be wild
Funny fellow
"Pick a __, any ..."
"Pick a __, any ..."
*Check for proof of age
*Check for proof of age
Ten of clubs, for one
Bingo item
Deck component
It may be drawn by hand?
It may come with a gift
Waggish individual
Gift accompanier
"Hit me!" request
Class clown
Ace or deuce
Ace, king, or jack
Tarot deck unit
Hallmark offering
Networker's offering
It's cheaper than a gift
Seek proof of age
King or queen, but not a prince
Jack or joker
Funny guy
Businessman's handout
Funny guy
Green ___
Pack member
King or queen
Part of a deck
King or queen
Ask for ID
Word with business or playing
Member of the pack?
Deck unit
Funny fellow
Part of a suit
Joker, e.g.
Joker, e.g.
Kind of game
Topps offering
One of 52
Funny fellow
Ask for I.D.
It may come with a gift
Salesperson's handout
Ask for proof of age
Word that can follow the last word in 17-, 24-, 47- & 60-Across and 3- & 34-Down
Blackjack request
Funny fellow
It may be drawn by hand
Check the age of
Hand-drawn object?
Greeting bearer
Word that can follow the last word in 17-, 24-, 47- & 60-Across and 3- & 34-Down
Deuce or trey
Life of the party
Queen of hearts, e.g.
Business person's handout
Check someone's ID
King or queen
Kind of key
Andrew of the West Wing
Ask to see an ID
Kind of key
On second thought, make it a romantic comedy: "Soylent Green..."
I.D., for one
King or queen, e.g.
Businessman's offering
Networker's offering
Hallmark offering
Real riot
King or queen
Ace or jack
Index item
Magician's prop
Part of a hand
Real riot
Witty one
Valentine, maybe
Ask for ID
Deuce or trey
Funny person
Post or punch, e.g.
Queen or king, e.g.
One of fifty-two
With 35-Down, what the novels in this puzzle begin with
Funny fellow
Funny guy
Check the ID of, as in a bar
Birthday greeting
Part of a deck
King, e.g.
King or deuce
Two or three, but not one
Word after index or greeting
Trey, perhaps
Credit follower
Demand some ID from
Stop at the door, perhaps
Hallmark product
One of 46 Down
Jack or ten
Jack, for one
Bush wasted no time naming Andy __ his chief of staff
Disentangle fibers
Ace or deuce
Report ___
Funny fellow
Jack or 10
Basic bingo item
Ask for ID
Check for ID
Part of a suit
King or jack
Its cheaper than a gift
Jack, for one
Topps or Fleer collectible
Diamond, e.g.
Ace for one
Amusing person
Queen <P>e.g.
Waggish individual
Sleeve cache?
Deck component
It can be wild
Check for ID
Deuce or trey
Check someone's ID
Ask for identification
Word with face or place
Ask to produce proof of age
Ace, e.g.
Deck unit
Part of a deck
Lampshade wearer
Deuce, e.g.
Ace, for one
Racing program
Amusing fellow
Pack member
Comical one
Boxing program
Bridge essential
Facetious one
Comb wool
Kind of queen
Piece of mail
Tarot, e.g.
Cribbage item
Amusing person
Picasso's "___ Player"
Joker or jokester
One of 52
Arena agenda
Joker, for one
Index item
Postal or greeting
Credit ___
Funny one
Sports program
Kind of shark
N. L. player
Prizefight program
Waggish one
Droll fellow, familiarly
Comb in a way
Greeting or post
Life of the party.
Comb wool.
Funny man
NL player.
King or queen.
King, for one.
Piece of mail.
Queen, for one.
Jack, for one.
Boxing program.
Calling ___.
Musial, for one.
Fight program.
The Red Queen.
Birthday ___.
Credit ___.
Evidence of membership.
Stan Musial, for instance.
Queen or King.
Proof of membership.
Queen or king.
Club or spade.
Drawing ___.
Printed program.
Printed announcement.
Record form for a sporting event.
28 Down, for instance.
Slaughter, for instance.
St. Louis ball player.
Droll person: Colloq.
Musial or Stanky.
Union member must.
One of Slats Marion's men.
Stan Musial, for one.
St. Louis ballplayer.
Player on Bob Hannegan's team.
Funny fellow: Colloq.
Green ___
Laugh-a-minute type
"Is this your ___?"
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