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Word "CASTE" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
a social class separated from others by distinctions of hereditary rank or profession or wealth

Part of Speech:
(Hinduism) a hereditary social class among Hindus; stratified according to ritual purity

Part of Speech:
in some social insects (such as ants) a physically distinct individual or group of individuals specialized to perform certain functions in the colony

Crossword Clues for CASTE

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Clue Source Date
A saint in church group The Telegraph Cryptic 25 Feb 2021
Social stratum USA Today 24 Jan 2021
Class The Telegraph Quick 07 Jan 2021
Social category Thomas Joseph 28 Dec 2020
Social group Eugene Sheffer 28 Nov 2020
Social hierarchy level The Washington Post Sunday 22 Nov 2020
Class a good man held in church The Sun Two Speed 27 Oct 2020
Social class USA Today 24 Aug 2020
Indian social class Thomas Joseph 03 Aug 2020
Throw eggs at First Class The Sun Two Speed 10 Jul 2020
Social order Wall Street Journal 06 Jun 2020
Social class in India New York Times 25 May 2020
Hierarchical system level The Washington Post Sunday 26 Apr 2020
Social status of Conservative having lost seat The Telegraph Cryptic 01 Apr 2020
Class project supported by headteacher at the halfway point The Telegraph Toughie 18 Mar 2020
Class answer good person sitting in church The Sun Two Speed 16 Mar 2020
Social division The Washington Post 13 Mar 2020
Class answer godly person in church The Sun Two Speed 08 Mar 2020
Hereditary social class in Hindu society Irish Times Simplex 31 Dec 2019
Hindu social rank The Times Concise 29 Dec 2019
Amy of the four major hereditary classes into which Hindu society is divided The Telegraph General Knowledge 02 Dec 2019
Hindu social division The Washington Post 07 Oct 2019
Beehive social division USA Today 14 Sep 2019
A group with exclusive privileges, or perceived as socially distinct The Times Specialist Sunday 08 Sep 2019
Status (Hindu) The Telegraph Quick 04 Sep 2019
Hindu class The Telegraph Quick 02 Aug 2019
Social position of actors on the radio The Telegraph Toughie 16 Jul 2019
Hindu social level Universal 30 Jun 2019
Social station The Washington Post Sunday 05 May 2019
Social class into which one is born USA Today 08 Feb 2019
Hindu division The Washington Post 05 Feb 2019
Societal stratum Newsday 18 Jan 2019
Class a saint held in church The Sun Two Speed 03 Jan 2019
Societal division The Washington Post Sunday 04 Nov 2018
Hindu social class Wall Street Journal 22 Oct 2018
India's Untouchables, e.g USA Today 19 Sep 2018
One of the classes for the players from Spain Irish Times Crosaire 26 Apr 2018
Workers or drones, in the bee world USA Today 22 Jan 2018
Indian group
India's Untouchables, e.g.
India's Brahmin, e.g USA Today 27 Dec 2017
India's untouchables, e.g USA Today 24 Dec 2017
Rigid social system Jonesin 19 Dec 2017
Class of Hindu society Universal 10 Dec 2017
Societal bracket The Chronicle of Higher Education 10 Nov 2017
Hive division New York Times 06 Oct 2017
Class players, English The Times Cryptic 31 Jul 2017
Hereditary social class among Hindus Irish Times Simplex 11 Jul 2017
Social stratum among bees or ants USA Today 27 Jun 2017
Class sets actually reduced in size, on reflection The Times Cryptic 08 Jun 2017
Tier of society Newsday 07 Jun 2017
Unit of social hierarchy Jonesin 06 Jun 2017
Social standing New York Times 10 Jan 2017
India's untouchables, e.g.
India's Brahmin, e.g.
Brahman, for one Universal 08 Sep 2016
Prestige level Newsday 30 Jul 2016
Class actors close to stage The Telegraph Cryptic 19 Jul 2016
Social status The Telegraph Quick 12 Mar 2016
Station often difficult to leave Newsday 12 Mar 2016
Social system sector USA Today 17 Feb 2016
Society division Universal 01 Jan 2016
Hindu hereditary class The Times Concise 23 Dec 2015
Time invested in patient perhaps showing social status The Telegraph Cryptic 16 Dec 2015
Worker bees, e.g Wall Street Journal 31 Oct 2015
List players by class, in a foreign context Irish Times Crosaire 16 Oct 2015
Station in India left from historic building The Telegraph Cryptic 26 Sep 2015
Societal level Eugene Sheffer 07 Aug 2015
Division of Hindu society Universal 06 Jul 2015
Brahman, e.g USA Today 26 May 2015
Group with class? USA Today 01 Mar 2015
Worker bees, e.g.
Brahman, e.g.
Social rank
Social tier
Class in Hindu society
Brahmans, for one
Societal sect
Level of society
Societal ranking
Social level
Class of society
Shudra, for one
Class, abroad
Hierarchical social grouping
Hindu group
Anthill social stratum
51-Down division
**Social grouping
Rigidly defined social stratum
Anthill stratum
Untouchables, e.g.
Social sector
Queens or soldiers
Nobles and knights in the Middle Ages, e.g.
Division of society
Brahmans or Kshatriyas
Hinduism's Vaishya, e.g.
Soldier ants, e.g.
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