Word "CAVIAR" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
salted roe of sturgeon or other large fish; usually served as an hors d'oeuvre

Crossword Clues for CAVIAR

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Clue Source Date
Canapé topper Thomas Joseph 30 Mar 2024
Posh food (6)
Salty and fishy delicacy Universal 03 Mar 2024
Fish-egg delicacy (6)
Salt-cured roe of the family Acipenseridae, with world production dominated by China (6)
Auditor with the help of last vendor got salmon eggs (6)
Cold enclosure for birds missing last luxury food
Food made from fish roe (6)
Millionaires roe? (6)
Fancy fish eggs Wall Street Journal 06 Nov 2023
Salted fish eggs USA Today 10 Oct 2023
Pricey toast topper Eugene Sheffer 10 Oct 2023
Pricey spread Eugene Sheffer 05 Sep 2023
Cowboy __: bean salad LA Times Daily 20 Aug 2023
Ritzy cracker topping Universal 25 Oct 2022
Sturgeon roe The Times Concise 09 Jun 2022
Fancy topping LA Times Daily 27 Mar 2022
Fancy topping The Washington Post 27 Mar 2022
Wheels round a sixth salted roe
Blini topping USA Today 08 Mar 2022
Salt-cured sturgeon's roe The Guardian Weekend 26 Feb 2022
Pricey spread Eugene Sheffer 29 Oct 2021
Pricey delicacy LA Times Daily 17 Oct 2021
Pricey delicacy The Washington Post 17 Oct 2021
Salted topping for blini USA Today 10 Oct 2021
Eggs go through in a vehicle
Blini topper The Washington Post 19 Jun 2021
Salted roe of sturgeon Irish Times Simplex 05 May 2021
Fancy fish eggs The Washington Post 19 Apr 2021
Fancy fish eggs LA Times Daily 19 Apr 2021
Ritzy spread Eugene Sheffer 24 Mar 2021
Impressive spread? Universal 05 Feb 2021
Word from the Greek for ''egg'' Newsday 12 Dec 2020
Wrote New York Times 29 Oct 2020
Eggs on crackers, perhaps LA Times Daily 21 Aug 2020
Eggs on crackers, perhaps The Washington Post 21 Aug 2020
A vicar prepared a fancy spread Irish Times Crosaire 12 Aug 2020
Sturgeon's roe Irish Times Simplex 29 Apr 2020
Vehicle crossed road for expensive foodstuff
Ritzy appetizer Eugene Sheffer 13 Feb 2020
Delicacy in a tiny spoon
Costly cracker spread Wall Street Journal 09 Dec 2019
Expensive roe The Telegraph Quick 15 Oct 2019
Canape feature Canadiana 19 Aug 2019
Expensive spread The Washington Post Sunday 28 Jul 2019
Expensive topping served with a tiny spoon The New Yorker 08 Jul 2019
Sturgeon roe The Times Concise 06 Mar 2019
Pricey topper for crackers USA Today 11 Sep 2018
Fish eggs usually paired with champagne
Costly fare using Roman road in taxi perhaps The Sun Two Speed 08 Feb 2018
Sturgeon eggs The Sun Two Speed 08 Feb 2018
Expensive eggs
Pricey topper for crackers
Canapé topper Thomas Joseph 02 Oct 2017
Expensive, fishy spread Universal 02 Jun 2017
Fancy cracker topping New York Times 31 May 2017
Fancy cracker topper Thomas Joseph 17 Mar 2017
Fish eggs Wall Street Journal 23 Jan 2017
A vicar consumed a delicacy
Expensive, fishy spread
Fancy cracker topping
The way to enter vehicle showing delicacy
Salted roe of the sturgeon Irish Times Simplex 22 Oct 2016
Sturgeon delicacy LA Times Daily 09 Oct 2016
Fancy cracker topper Universal 21 Sep 2016
Sturgeon delicacy
Fancy cracker topper
Vehicle holds road classically, showing delicacy
Ritzy cracker spread Eugene Sheffer 21 Sep 2015
Fancy spread LA Times Daily 03 Sep 2015
Pricey hors d'oeuvre LA Times Daily 17 Mar 2015
Luxury spread USA Today 12 Feb 2015
Blini topper LA Times Daily 25 Jan 2015
Fancy spread
Pricey hors d'oeuvre
Blini topper
Luxury spread
A group of six in vehicle bringing choice food
Expensive spread
Salty buffet delicacy
Fancy spread
Toast triangle topping
Fish-egg appetizer
Pricey spread
Caspian Sea delicacy
Caspian Sea delicacy
Cook a vicar's eggs
Toast triangle topper
Toast triangle topper
Blini go-with
Delicacy from the deep
High-priced appetizer
Champagne go-with
Expensive eggs
Eggs served on blini
Pricey appetizer
Pricey appetizer
Fancy spread
Expensive topping served with a tiny spoon
Pricey cracker topping
Pricey appetizer
Pricey appetizer
Expensive spread
Ritzy appetizer
Expensive spread
Banquet delicacy
Expensive eggs
High-society hors d'oeuvre
Beluga delicacy
Upscale appetizer
Beluga delicacy
Delicacy from the deep
Another name for 56A
Ritzy spread
Delicacy with Champagne
Luxury spread
Pricey spread
Fancy hors d'oeuvre
Expensive spread
Elegant spread
Canape topping
Sevruga, e.g.
Expensive fish eggs
Ritzy appetizer
Cracker topper
Banquet delicacy
High-society hors d'oeuvre
Russian export
Triangular toast topping
Champagne go-with
Beluga roe
Sturgeon-derived specialty
Sturgeons supply it
Appetizer for an Astor
Sturgeon's largesse
Costly eggs
Party item
Fish dish
Beluga's gift to man
Fish dish.
Menu specialty.
"___ to the general."
Gourmet's choice.
Sterlet delicacy.
Epicure's relish.
De luxe food.
Beluga delicacies.
Expensive spread.
A choice delicacy not for the masses.
Sturgeon roe.
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