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Crossword Clues for CCC

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Clue Source Date
Junk bond rating Wall Street Journal 06 Feb 2021
300, to Cato Eugene Sheffer 11 Dec 2020
What the three longest answers have in common Newsday 12 Nov 2020
Brutus' 300 LA Times Daily 02 Nov 2020
New Deal prog. that’s also a Roman numeral Wall Street Journal 19 Sep 2020
High-risk bond rating New York Times 07 Aug 2020
Awful junk bond rating USA Today 20 Dec 2018
New Deal work program that transformed many Amer. parks The Chronicle of Higher Education 30 Nov 2018
X x XXX The Washington Post 15 Jul 2018
Junk-bond rating The Chronicle of Higher Education 06 Jul 2018
One-fifth of MD The Washington Post 23 Feb 2018
New Deal org New York Times 31 Dec 2017
FDR's tree-planting agcy USA Today 27 Dec 2017
Three hundred, in Roman numerals Universal 28 May 2017
FDR work relief program Wall Street Journal 13 May 2017
FDR's tree-planting agcy.
New Deal org.
300 Jonesin 04 Oct 2016
Six L's New York Times 09 Apr 2016
300, to Caesar LA Times Daily 10 Nov 2015
300 in old Rome Universal 07 Aug 2015
Speculative bond rating LA Times Daily 08 May 2015
C times III Premier Sunday 26 Apr 2015
Three hundos, in Roman numerals
300, to Livy
New Deal inits.
New Deal org. concerned with natural resources
Lousy bond rating
CL doubled
New Deal work program, for short
300, to Tiberius
Ovid's 300
V x LX
Livy's 300
LX times V
New Deal agcy.
Roman 300
L x VI
Poor bond rating
VI x L
Cato's 300
MD ÷ V
300, at the Forum
Perfect bowling game for Caesar?
XXX times X
Perfect score at Colosseum Lanes?
Nero's 300
Caesar's perfect bowling score?
Roosevelt's "Tree Army," for short
New Deal prog.
LX quintupled
Caesar's 300
Old tree-planting org.
F.D.R.'s work program
L times VI
Caesar's perfect bowling score
New Deal monogram
Tree-planting org.
Forum 300
Nero's perfect bowling score?
'30s dam-building org.
Bond rating
Year in St. Marcellinus' reign
Perfect score at Colosseum lanes?
Bond rating lower than B
Perfect game at Rome Roll-a-rama?
New Deal org. founded in 1933
FDR brainchild
New Deal program: Abbr.
FDR innovation
FDR work org.
Fed. agency 1933-1943
Municipal bond rating
Year in the life of Constantine
VI times L
Perfect game for kegler Caesar?
New Deal agency: abbr.
300 to Tiberius
FDR program
L × VI
Depression org.
XII strikes?
Last year of the 3rd century
Workers under FDR
1930s org.
New Deal grp.
F.D.R. agency
U.S. agency: 1933-43
Top bowling score for Brutus
F.D.R. program
F.D.R. youth agcy.
F.D.R.'s youth project
F.D.R. brainchild
1933–42 Govt. org.
Org. under F.D.R.
F.D.R. youth program
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.