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Crossword Clues for CCED

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Clue Source Date
Included on an email USA Today 29 Apr 2021
Sent a dupe to Eugene Sheffer 08 Apr 2021
Included in an email chain Wall Street Journal 08 Apr 2021
Kept in the email loop Universal 23 Mar 2021
Looped in, in a way Universal 11 Mar 2021
In the loop LA Times Daily 06 Mar 2021
Kept in the loop, briefly Wall Street Journal 14 Nov 2020
Kept in the email thread USA Today 21 Oct 2020
Included, in a way New York Times 04 Jul 2020
Looped in via email USA Today 11 Apr 2020
Duped? The Washington Post 22 Mar 2020
Looped in, say The New Yorker 27 Jan 2020
Emailed a dupe to The Washington Post 08 Dec 2019
Informed as a courtesy, perhaps The Washington Post 02 Nov 2019
Included in the email chain Wall Street Journal 02 Nov 2019
Included indirectly Wall Street Journal 24 Aug 2019
Sent a dupe to, briefly USA Today 19 Jul 2019
Sent to, too The Washington Post 29 Dec 2018
Added to a written exchange Newsday 14 Jul 2018
Made aware of a hack, maybe Newsday 16 Jun 2018
Kept in the loop, in a way New York Times 01 Apr 2018
Included in the email loop, briefly The Washington Post 05 Nov 2017
Sent a dupe letter to The Washington Post 26 Jun 2017
Sent a duplicate email to, for short Newsday 08 Nov 2016
Sent a duplicate email to The Washington Post 30 Aug 2016
Sent a dupe email to New York Times 10 Mar 2016
Duped in a good way? LA Times Daily 31 May 2015
Provided with an email dupe LA Times Daily 07 May 2015
Alerted nonverbally Newsday 24 Jan 2015
Sent a dupe, briefly
Included via email
Shared with in writing, for short
Emailed, in a way
Also emailed to
Included in an online correspondence
Sent an email dupe to
Shared a correspondence with, for short
Emailed a dupe
Included on e-mail
Covered on e-mail
Used an email option
Sent the same 97-Down to
Kept in the loop with a dupe, briefly
Sent a duplicate, as a memo
Kept in the loop, electronically
Kept in the email loop, briefly
Kept in the loop via e-mail
Like associates, on some e-mails
Shared with in the office
Kept in the e-mail loop, briefly
E-mailed as a courtesy
E-mailed a dupe to
Sent the same ltr. to
Included in the e-mail chain
In on 66 Down
E-mailed too
Also E-mailed
Let in on some correspondence
Looped in, at the office
Kept informed, in a way
Sent a duplicate letter to, briefly
Kept in the loop, for short
Sent duplicates to, briefly
Made aware of an e-mail, in a way
Incl. among the memo recipients
Sent secondarily
Kept in the loop via email
E-mailed a duplicate to
Kept in the loop, in email
Mailed a duplicate, for short
Incl. on the distribution list
Sent a duplicate, briefly
Sent an e-mail to someone in addition to the main recipient
Sent to, but not as the main recipient
Sent an e-mail to as a secondary recipient
Made an additional recipient, for short
Included in the Gmail
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.