Crossword Clues for CENA

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Clue Source Date
Wrestling star John New York Times 29 Aug 2021
Pro wrestler/actor John Thomas Joseph 18 Mar 2021
Wrestler/actor John Universal 09 Dec 2020
Wrestler/actor John Wall Street Journal 19 Nov 2020
Wrestler John LA Times Daily 20 Oct 2020
Wrestler John The Washington Post 20 Oct 2020
Pro wrestler John Jonesin 26 Nov 2019
Pro wrestler/action star John Wall Street Journal 08 Aug 2019
W.W.E. legend John New York Times 08 Mar 2019
Pro wrestler/action star John
W.W.E. legend John
Wrestler-actor John Wall Street Journal 22 Sep 2018
Wrestler John of countless memes Jonesin 11 Sep 2018
Pro wrestling star John New York Times 12 Jul 2018
John of 'Blockers' The Washington Post Sunday 24 Jun 2018
Wrestler John with an 'unexpected' internet meme Jonesin 27 Mar 2018
Pro wrestler John who hosts the reality TV show 'American Grit' The Washington Post Sunday 11 Feb 2018
Wrestler-actor John
Pro wrestling star John
W.W.E. star John New York Times 08 Dec 2017
WWE wrestler John Jonesin 27 Jun 2017
John of pro wrestling New York Times 31 Mar 2017
W.W.E. star John
John of pro wrestling
WWE wrestler John
Pro wrestler John
John of the WWE
Pro wrestler John who released a rap album
L'Ultima ___: Last Supper
Dinner in old Rome
Last Supper
"Last Supper" picture
Dinner for Domitian
Italian supper
Caesar's supper
Triclinium meal
Last Supper painting
Last Supper depiction
Last Supper representation
Triclinium serving
Last Supper portrayal
Roman repast
Supper, in Madrid
Roman meal
Supper, in Barcelona
Last Supper picture
Supper, in Spain
Meal for Caesar
Dinner in ancient Rome.
Supper, in ancient Rome.
Roman repast.
Dinner: Lat.
Supper: It.
Roman midday meal.
Supper: Sp.
Dinner, in ancient Rome.
The Last Supper, in art.
Dinner in ancient Rome.
Caesar's midday meal.
The Last Supper.
Roman mid-day meal.
A representation of the Last Supper.
Dinner or supper in ancient Rome.
Roman dinner.
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