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Crossword Clues for CENTS

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Clue Source Date
Fractions of a dollar Newsday 10 May 2021
Word on a nickel Newsday 18 Apr 2021
Some change Thomas Joseph 19 Mar 2021
Price part USA Today 27 Feb 2021
Small change The Washington Post 20 Aug 2020
Pair in a view? The Washington Post 15 Aug 2020
39-Across numbers LA Times Daily 08 Aug 2020
U.S. money to the right of a decimal point Universal 21 Jun 2020
Dollars and ___ USA Today 29 May 2020
Pennies and quarters Newsday 20 May 2020
American coins The Telegraph Quick 21 Apr 2020
Nickel fractions Universal 12 Apr 2020
Dollar parts Universal 08 Dec 2019
Half-dollar's 50 Universal 02 Nov 2019
Word appearing on only one current U.S. coin (the nickel) New York Times 06 Oct 2019
Word preceding an opinion The Washington Post 31 Aug 2019
Euro fractions USA Today 04 Jun 2019
They're beside the point The Washington Post 25 Apr 2019
Plural on a nickel Wall Street Journal 17 Apr 2019
Dollar fractions Newsday 11 Mar 2019
Pennies Universal 20 Feb 2019
Euro divisions
See 45-Across USA Today 31 Aug 2018
Coppers The Washington Post 25 Aug 2018
¢ New York Times 13 Aug 2018
Mansplainers have two The New Yorker 04 Jun 2018
The '00' of '.00' New York Times 26 May 2018
Dollar divisions Thomas Joseph 17 Apr 2018
Two worth little Universal 07 Mar 2018
The "00" of ".00"
52 Across fractions Newsday 01 Oct 2017
"Indian head" coins of old USA Today 29 Jan 2017
It's next to FIVE on a nickel USA Today 12 Oct 2016
Buck parts USA Today 15 Feb 2016
Change for a nickel USA Today 06 Feb 2016
Pocket change Newsday 25 Aug 2015
Currency units Universal 12 Jun 2015
They fill the bill?
Lincoln's coins
Two not worth much
Piggy bank filler
Radiohead "Dollars and ___"
Change-purse filler
Single divisions
Buck bits
What ".99" may represent
Two are often put in
See 11-Across
Mint products
Some coins
Part of prices
Minor cost component
Parts of dollars
Things often put in in twos
Number after a decimal in a price
Numbers after the decimal point
Dollar makers
Partner of dollars
Number after a period
Decimal point follower
19 Across fractions
Two bits is 25 of these
They fill the bill (and this puzzle's theme)
Dollar hundredths
"Ten ___ a Dance"
Word with 5, 10, 25 and 50
Dime's ten
Dot follower
Rand fractions
They fill the bill
Nickel word
Two of them are sometimes put in
Smart money?
Mint pieces
___-off coupon
It's represented after a "."
Word on the back of a nickel
Number after the decimal
Copper coins
Small sums
Elements of change?
Slight change?
Hundredths, actually
Decimal follower
Not much change
Advice might cost two of these
Piggy bank donations
Step 6 of the journey
Word that appears on a nickel
Indian heads, once
Elements of change
Coins with Lincoln's likeness
Word on coins
Mint output
Loose change
Americans for Common __, who asked for a study to justify keeping the penny
Store coupon units
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.