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Crossword Clues for CHAN

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Clue Source Date
Movie Dick? Canadiana 15 Feb 2021
Action star from Hong Kong Newsday 07 Feb 2021
Jackie of 'Rush Hour' New York Times 03 Feb 2021
"Rush Hour" actor Jackie Eugene Sheffer 07 Dec 2020
'Crazy Rich Asians' actress Gemma USA Today 31 Oct 2020
Actress Gemma USA Today 09 Aug 2020
Jackie on the Hollywood Walk of Fame New York Times 15 Mar 2020
Jackie of 'Shanghai Noon' New York Times 27 Nov 2019
Jackie of "Shanghai Noon"
Action film star Jackie Newsday 19 Nov 2019
Jackie of "Rush Hour"
Movie dick Canadiana 14 Oct 2019
Fictional sleuth Charlie USA Today 06 Oct 2019
Sleuth of radio, movies and TV The Washington Post 19 Sep 2019
'Rumble in the Bronx' star Jonesin 14 May 2019
Oland sleuth USA Today 13 Apr 2019
Fictional Charlie New York Times 18 Oct 2018
Sleuth Charlie Eugene Sheffer 01 Oct 2018
'Rush Hour' co-star Thomas Joseph 11 Aug 2018
Jackie of action movies USA Today 01 Aug 2018
Charlie of old whodunits USA Today 08 Mar 2018
Jackie of 'The Tuxedo' New York Times 25 Feb 2018
Jackie of "The Tuxedo"
Sleuth portrayed by Oland and Ustinov USA Today 23 Dec 2017
Hong Kong-born action star Newsday 29 Oct 2017
Tucker's 'Rush Hour' co-star Wall Street Journal 28 Oct 2017
Actor/stuntman Jackie The Washington Post 20 Aug 2017
Jackie of 'Shanghai Knights' New York Times 02 Jan 2017
Jackie of "Shanghai Knights"
Movie sleuth Charlie USA Today 04 Dec 2016
Jackie famed for doing his own film stunts The Washington Post 28 Nov 2016
Action star from Hong Hong Newsday 31 Jul 2016
Sleuth played by Oland USA Today 13 Jul 2016
Sleuth with numbered offspring LA Times Daily 17 Jan 2016
Sleuth in films including 'Black Magic' and 'The Jade Mask' Wall Street Journal 27 Oct 2015
"Rush Hour" star Jackie USA Today 17 Sep 2015
Detective Charlie USA Today 22 Jul 2015
Chinese-born poker star Johnny LA Times Daily 28 Jun 2015
Detective fond of aphorisms LA Times Daily 17 May 2015
''Kung Fu Panda'' voice Newsday 23 Apr 2015
See 3-Down New York Times 11 Apr 2015
Tucker's "Rush Hour" co-star
Sleuth in films including "Black Magic" and "The Jade Mask"
"Kung Fu Panda" voice
Sleuth who said, "Bills sometimes more difficult to collect than murder clues"
"Alas, mouse cannot cast shadow like elephant" speaker
"Rush Hour" star
Martial artist Jackie
Jackie with acting chops
Actor Jackie who's his own stuntman
Action-film star from Hong Kong
"Keeper of the Keys" detective
2014 Olympic silver medalist skater Patrick
"If befriend donkey, expect to be kicked" speaker
Action film hero Jackie
Kinchla of Blues Traveler
Charlie who said "Waiting for tomorrow waste of today"
Action star with no stunt double
Actor and stuntman Jackie of the "Rush Hour" movies
Jackie of action flicks
Cat Power's Marshall
Biggers's detective
"Rush Hour" co-star Jackie
Biggers' sleuth
Chinese sleuth
Martial arts actor Jackie
Honolulu-based sleuth
"The Chinese Parrot" sleuth
"Shanghai Cobra" sleuth
Tucker's Rush Hour costar
Honolulu-based detective
"Keeper of the Keys" was the last novel he was featured in
Hawaiian sleuth
Fictional detective
Jackie who voiced Master Monkey in "Kung Fu Panda"
"Keeper of the Keys" sleuth
Asian sleuth Charlie
Detective in "The Shanghai Cobra"
Tucker's "Rush Hour" costar
Aphoristic sleuth
Supersleuth with a nimber one son
Fictional character who first appeared in "The House Without a Key"
Sleuth in "The Chinese Parrot"
#1 Son's surname
Biggers' detective
Sleuth created by Biggers
Homily-spouting detective
Earl Derr Biggers sleuth
Fictional sleuth
Peter Sellers parodied him in "Murder by Death"
Movie detective Charlie
Confucius-quoting detective
Charlie with a #1 son
"Rush Hour" costar Jackie
Fictional detective Charlie
Classic film detective
Oland role
"The Medallion" star
Detective with a number one son
Biggers sleuth
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