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Word "CHART" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
represent by means of a graph
chart the data

Part of Speech:
a visual display of information

Part of Speech:
a map designed to assist navigation by air or sea

Crossword Clues for CHART

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Clue Source Date
Cold heart - it's said, 6 down has one of them Irish Times Crosaire 10 Feb 2021
Presentation aid Eugene Sheffer 01 Jan 2021
Data viz image USA Today 28 Dec 2020
Nautical map The Telegraph Quick 06 Dec 2020
Billboard magazine feature New York Times 24 Nov 2020
Billboard's Hot 100, e.g USA Today 21 Sep 2020
Map to assist navigation by sea Irish Times Simplex 25 Jun 2020
Bit of data viz USA Today 26 Mar 2020
Bar graph, for example Newsday 04 Nov 2019
Plan The Telegraph Quick 30 Aug 2019
Astrologist's reference New York Times 25 Aug 2019
Monitor church paintings The Sun Two Speed 30 Jun 2019
Diagram The Sun Two Speed 30 Jun 2019
Flow __ The Washington Post 04 May 2019
Make the Top 40 USA Today 30 Mar 2019
Table or diagram The Telegraph Quick 17 Feb 2019
Annual report graphic USA Today 11 Feb 2019
Talk about river map The Sun Two Speed 04 Feb 2019
Hit list? New York Times 02 Feb 2019
Map The Times Concise 21 Jan 2019
Hit parade The Telegraph Quick 15 Dec 2018
Pie __ The Washington Post 15 Dec 2018
PowerPoint picture, perhaps USA Today 23 Aug 2018
Presentation staple Thomas Joseph 04 Aug 2018
Plan, as a course The Washington Post 27 May 2018
Pictorial diagram Newsday 27 Feb 2018
Navigational need Wall Street Journal 31 Jan 2018
Navigational reference Newsday 03 Sep 2017
Navigational aid Universal 25 Aug 2017
PowerPoint output USA Today 01 May 2017
Navigator's reference Newsday 26 Mar 2017
Put on the map New York Times 09 Mar 2017
Sea map The Telegraph Quick 09 Jan 2017
Meeting illustration LA Times Daily 02 Oct 2016
Graph Family Time 04 Jul 2016
Many a Wall Street Journal graphic New York Times 25 May 2016
Patient record The Washington Post 16 May 2016
Statistical diagram Newsday 01 Feb 2016
Some French article conceals map The Sun Two Speed 17 Nov 2015
Patient's record Newsday 17 Sep 2015
Location for patient information New York Times 25 Feb 2015
Plan talk about source of Rhine The Telegraph Cryptic 18 Feb 2015
List of hit songs
Business presentation aid
Map out
Boardroom graphic
Medical record
Boardroom visual aid
Doctor's reference
Patient's info
Horoscope, for instance
Captain's reference
Annual report illustration
Billboard Hot 100, e.g.
"Billboard" feature
What you want your song to do
Bar graph, say
Where you might find parallel bars
Reach the Top 40, say
Navigation need
Doctor's record
Make the Top-40
"Billboard" list
Boardroom illustration
Billboard product
Presentation preparation
Navigator's need
Marine map
Patient's information
"USA Today" illustration
Hit list
Become a hit
Visual aid
Mariner's aid
Hospital record
Plan a course
Graph relative
Make the Top 40, to a deejay
Pie, perhaps
Navigation necessity
Word after bar or pie
Navigator's aid
Pie, for example
Doctor's request
Data display
Plot a course
Word after eye or pie
Eye or pie follower
Pie ___
Pie for one
Corporate illustration
Perot prop
Nautical reference
Doctor's diary
Kasem's list
Diagrammatic depiction
Plan in detail
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.