Word "CHEETAH" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
long-legged spotted cat of Africa and southwestern Asia having nonretractile claws; the swiftest mammal; can be trained to run down game
acinonyx jubatus, chetah

Crossword Clues for CHEETAH

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Clue Source Date
Fastest mammal Thomas Joseph 05 Sep 2022
Fast cat The Times Concise 10 Aug 2022
Revolutionary recalled intense dislike for wild cat The Telegraph Cryptic 18 Jul 2022
One of the cats, each with the cuckoo The Times Cryptic 18 Jul 2022
Fast runner no sporting sort we're told The Telegraph Cryptic 19 May 2022
Fast mover, iconic figure: 'Don't like being rejected!' The Guardian Cryptic 05 Apr 2022
Big cat Guevara viewed with rising abhorrence The Times Cryptic 30 Mar 2022
World’s fastest land animal (up to 70 m.p.h.) New York Times 15 Nov 2021
Large cat you shouldn't trust on a test? New York Times 19 Jul 2021
The fastest one spotted dare from head teacher Irish Times Crosaire 27 Mar 2021
The fastest one spotted finishing off the best spirits at Panama Retreat Irish Times Crosaire 06 Feb 2021
Spotted sprinter The Washington Post Sunday 04 Oct 2020
Something spotted on a safari New York Times 30 Sep 2020
Picked up crook, one offering the best speed? The Telegraph Toughie 18 Sep 2020
Wild animal taking weasel by the ears? The Telegraph Cryptic 06 Sep 2020
Fast-running cat The Times Concise 03 Aug 2020
Smallest of the big cats New York Times 21 Jun 2020
Fast mover, one on the fiddle by the sound of it? The Telegraph Cryptic 02 Feb 2020
One pulling a fast one, did you say? That's very quick The Telegraph Cryptic 05 Jan 2020
Thanks hotel after endless comfort for animal The Telegraph Cryptic 04 Dec 2019
Fast feline of Africa Newsday 27 Nov 2019
Fast runner, one taking banned substance reportedly? The Telegraph Toughie 27 Aug 2019
Cat scrambled in 29-Across Universal 20 Aug 2019
Swift feline Premier Sunday 30 Jun 2019
Feline venom arising after hurt, head cut The Telegraph Cryptic 07 Apr 2019
Fast runner's not a good sport we hear The Sun Two Speed 02 Apr 2019
Very swift big cat The Sun Two Speed 02 Apr 2019
Fast cat The Times Concise 08 Mar 2019
Fastest mammal The Telegraph Quick 23 Jan 2019
Cat scrambled in 29-Across
Super-fast cat Family Time 19 Nov 2018
Fast runner, one using unfair methods by the sound of it The Telegraph Cryptic 27 Oct 2018
Wonder Woman’s main adversary is Dr Barbara Ann Minerva, aka The ____ The Times Specialist Sunday 02 Sep 2018
Spotted cat Premier Sunday 20 May 2018
Feline ace to finish hard harnessing explosive energy The Telegraph Toughie 05 Apr 2018
Swift feline The Telegraph Quick 03 Mar 2018
Fast one from con man on the phone The Telegraph Cryptic 27 Jul 2017
Large cat The Times Concise 06 Jun 2017
Fastest 40-Down USA Today 25 Feb 2017
It's spotted in Namibia Newsday 05 Aug 2016
Teach capers, having captured male animal The Telegraph Toughie 21 Jun 2016
Fastest land animal The Telegraph Quick 14 Sep 2015
Speedy feline LA Times Daily 30 Jun 2015
African cat Premier Sunday 01 Mar 2015
African cat
Speedy feline
Cat with a top speed over 70 mph
Fastest land animal
Very fast African feline
Extremely fast runner
The fastest feline
It can go 0-to-60 in three seconds
Fastest feline
Fastest feline
Non-roaring big cat
World's fastest runner
Non-roaring big cat
Fleet feline
Fleet feline
Spotted cat
Fast feline
Spotted speedster
Very fast runner
Fastest of the felines
Fast feline
Impala hunter
Savanna speedster
Swift black-spotted cat
Fast feline
Fastest land animal
Animal capable of running over 60 mph
Fast African cat
Fastest four-legger
Animal with an 86-Down
Endangered speedster
Endangered speedster
Its top speed is about 70 mph
World's fastest runner
Its top speed is about 70 mph
Fastest land animal
Fastest land animal
Fast runner
Fast feline
The fastest feline
It's spotted in Africa
An endangered species
Swift cat
No-pause paws owner
Fast cat
Leopard's kin
Speedy feline
Swift cat
Swift animal
Spotted animal
Spotted cat
Swift cat.
Spotted cat.
Doglike cat.
Leopardlike animal.
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