Crossword Clues for CHORDS

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Clue Source Date
Notes in harmony The Times Concise 11 Oct 2022
Triads, e.g Premier Sunday 11 Sep 2022
Guitar Hero combinations LA Times Daily 31 Jul 2022
Medic cuts hours short and gets around to piles of notes upon notes, perhaps. Irish Times Crosaire 17 May 2022
Groups of notes The Times Concise 08 Nov 2021
Musical combos? New York Times 05 Oct 2021
Guitar basics USA Today 25 Sep 2021
Many pop songs use the same four Universal 28 Aug 2021
G, D and E, at guitar lessons USA Today 22 Jul 2021
Groups of musical notes Universal 03 Apr 2021
Similar to those at the end of 22 across in short pants, so to speak Irish Times Crosaire 06 Apr 2020
Combinations of three or more musical notes Irish Times Simplex 02 May 2019
Notes in harmony The Times Concise 09 Apr 2019
Groups of notes hard to get in strings The Telegraph Toughie 21 Feb 2019
Combinations of three or more notes Irish Times Simplex 06 Feb 2019
Guitar basics Wall Street Journal 29 Dec 2018
Groups of notes Universal 21 Mar 2018
Guitar basics
Harmonious blends of notes Irish Times Simplex 15 Mar 2017
Basic guitar lesson LA Times Daily 15 Jun 2016
Guitar lesson basics Wall Street Journal 23 Feb 2016
Basic guitar lesson
Triads, e.g Eugene Sheffer 12 Jun 2015
Guitar-lesson diagrams
Groups of strings, maybe
Guitar-book diagrams
Guitar lesson
A rhythm guitarist plays them
Harmonic combinations
They may be fingered
Sheet-music notations
Multitone harmonies
Guitar-book diagrams
Note combinations
Guitar-book diagrams
Pieces of music
Related musical notes
Guitar-book diagrams
Some majors
Strummed sounds
Some minors
Satisfying sounds
Note groupings
Related musical notes
Lines across a circle
Keyboard combinations
Combinations of tones
Tone combinations
Combinations for Serkin
Harmonic triads.
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.

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