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Word "CHORE" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
a specific piece of work required to be done as a duty or for a specific fee
job, task
the farmer's morning chores

Crossword Clues for CHORE

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Clue Source Date
Runs for son in selected task The Telegraph Cryptic 12 May 2021
It's no fun Newsday 24 Apr 2021
Sweeping, say New York Times 16 Apr 2021
Tedious task The Times Concise 18 Feb 2021
To-do list task Universal 16 Feb 2021
Tiresome task Newsday 21 Jan 2021
Slopping the hogs, e.g LA Times Daily 10 Jan 2021
To-do list entry USA Today 19 Dec 2020
Laundry, for example USA Today 02 Oct 2020
Taking out the trash, e.g Wall Street Journal 12 Aug 2020
___ wheel (task-assigning aid) USA Today 08 Aug 2020
Routine responsibility The Washington Post Sunday 19 Jul 2020
Setting the table, for one Universal 27 May 2020
Taking out the trash, for one USA Today 14 May 2020
Daily duty Wall Street Journal 13 May 2020
Dreaded task Newsday 26 Apr 2020
Task Thomas Joseph 14 Oct 2019
Doing dishes, e.g New York Times 05 Sep 2019
Boring task The Telegraph Quick 14 Aug 2019
Milking the cows, e.g USA Today 28 Jul 2019
Gofer's job Thomas Joseph 04 Jun 2019
Piece of home work? Universal 02 Jun 2019
Job for a kid USA Today 16 Apr 2019
Dishwashing, e.g Wall Street Journal 23 Mar 2019
After-school job The Washington Post 17 Feb 2019
Dishwashing, e.g.
Slopping the hogs, e.g.
Milking the cows, e.g.
Doing dishes, e.g.
Task list entry The Washington Post 16 Sep 2018
Wearisome task Universal 23 Jul 2018
Child's job Universal 10 May 2018
Housework unit Universal 22 Apr 2018
Household task to do Newsday 17 Apr 2018
Household task Universal 19 Mar 2018
Taking out the trash, say USA Today 08 Feb 2018
Taking out the trash, e.g.
Difficult task Newsday 01 Oct 2017
Taking out the trash, perhaps Wall Street Journal 26 Aug 2017
Routine household task Newsday 23 Aug 2017
Bit of a grind New York Times 30 Jul 2017
Domestic task Universal 29 Jul 2017
Routine task Newsday 17 Jul 2017
Washing dishes, e.g Wall Street Journal 18 May 2017
Mowing or raking, e.g USA Today 12 Feb 2017
Mowing or raking, e.g.
Gofer's assignment Wall Street Journal 15 Sep 2016
Drudgery The Guardian Speedy 22 May 2016
Walking the dog, e.g LA Times Daily 06 May 2016
Task, job Irish Times Simplex 31 Mar 2016
Walking the dog, e.g.
Child labor? Universal 24 Dec 2015
Farm task Eugene Sheffer 21 Dec 2015
Household duty USA Today 26 Nov 2015
Work to do Newsday 29 Sep 2015
Laundry, e.g USA Today 26 Sep 2015
Item on a to-do list USA Today 16 Sep 2015
Errand USA Today 21 Mar 2015
Tedious job Newsday 15 Feb 2015
Duty's hard in part of nuclear reactor The Times Cryptic 12 Jan 2015
Laundry, e.g.
Unit of house work
Job around the house
Mowing the lawn, e.g.
To-do list item
Unfun assignment
Laundry or mowing the lawn, e.g.
Carrying out the garbage, e.g.
Ironing, e.g.
Prerequisite for one's allowance, maybe
Kid's assignment
Something to do
Bit of house work
Table clearing, e.g.
Honey-do list item
Routine job
Dusting, e.g.
Work that's no fun
Regular duty
Job-jar item
After-school responsibility, perhaps
After-school responsibility
Nuisance of a task
Allowance-earning task, perhaps
Dusting or taking out the garbage
Dusting, say
Part of the daily grind
Ironing, for one
Vacuuming, say
A piece of work
Vacuuming, e.g.
Onerous duty
Washing the dishes, e.g.
Taking out the garbage, e.g.
Onerous task
Doing the laundry, e.g.
Routine duty
Household job
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