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Word "CID" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
the United States Army's principal law enforcement agency responsible for the conduct of criminal investigations for all levels of the Army anywhere in the world
criminal investigation command

Crossword Clues for CID

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Clue Source Date
El ___ (Spanish hero) Universal 07 Jan 2021
UK detective group Newsday 17 Oct 2020
Castilian knight in medieval Spain, with 'the' New York Times 17 Apr 2020
Criminal investigation org Canadiana 06 Apr 2020
"El Cantar de mío __": Castilian epic poem LA Times Daily 08 Feb 2020
'El Cantar de mío __': Castilian epic poem The Washington Post 08 Feb 2020
'El —' (1961 epic film) Premier Sunday 05 Jan 2020
Spain's El — Premier Sunday 29 Dec 2019
El __ The Washington Post 25 Aug 2019
El __ (Spanish hero) Newsday 26 Jul 2019
Spanish hero El ___ Universal 29 Apr 2019
Spain's El ___ Universal 01 Nov 2018
Spain's El -- Premier Sunday 13 May 2018
El ___ (Heston role) USA Today 28 Apr 2018
El ___ (Castilian hero) The Chronicle of Higher Education 13 Apr 2018
Police department characters immersed in xenophobic ideology Irish Times Crosaire 24 Mar 2018
"El ___" (Spanish saga) Universal 11 Jan 2018
El -- (Spanish hero) Thomas Joseph 30 Aug 2017
Spanish hero El __ Newsday 25 Jun 2017
Spanish national hero (with "El") Universal 22 Jun 2017
Characters of ethnic identity interested in illegal activity Irish Times Crosaire 03 Jun 2017
El Cantar de mío __: Castilian epic poem LA Times Daily 01 Jan 2017
El ___ New York Times 16 Oct 2016
Moorish word for 'lord' Wall Street Journal 11 Jun 2016
El ___ (Charlton Heston role) Universal 09 Jun 2016
"El ___" (Heston film) Universal 16 Mar 2016
El -- (hero of Spain) Premier Sunday 06 Dec 2015
Spanish soldier Canadiana 02 Nov 2015
'El ' Eugene Sheffer 08 Oct 2015
Heston film "El ___" Universal 10 Mar 2015
Legendary Spanish hero
El ___, Spanish hero
'El --' (1961 epic)
Conqueror of Valencia, with "the"
Div. of Scotland Yard
Legendary Spanish general "El ___"
11th-century hero, with "El"
Spain's El __
"Cantar de Mio ___" (Spanish epic)
Scotland Yard initials
Castilian hero
El ___ (Spanish national hero)
Alfonso VI exiled him, with "the"
"Le ___" (Massenet opera)
Castilian hero El __
Spanish hero El --
Scotland Yard div.
El __ (Heston role)
"Reconquista" hero
Spanish hero, El ___
Enemy of the Moors, with "the"
"Le ___" (Jules Massenet opera)
Scotland Yard org.
Old Spanish hero
Spanish national hero
Massenet's "Le ___"
"Le __": 1636 Corneille play
1961 Heston role
El___: Rodrigo Dias de Vivar
Spanish hero El
11th-century hero
"Cantar de Mío ___" (Spanish epic poem)
UK police force
El __ (hero of Spain)
Moor fighter
Spanish army hero El ___
Scotland Yard division: Abbr.
England's FBI
Spanish hero
El _____ (Spanish hero)
"El _____"
Enemy of the Moors
"Cantar de Mio ___" (Spanish epic poem)
"Le ___" (1637 Pierre Corneille tragedy about a Spaniard)
Spanish hero in accident? (with "El")
Alfonso VI banished him
"El __" (Spanish hero)
Spain's "El ___"
"El ___," Heston role
British FBI
El ___: Heston role
Heston role El ____
El ____: Spanish hero
Massenet's "Le _____"
El ___: Spanish hero
"El ___": '61 film epic
"El ___"
Scotland Yard unit: Abbr.
Scotland Yard branch: Abbr.
Spanish hero, with "El"
Spanish hero with El
British F.B.I.
El ____ : Heston role
England's F.B.I.
Spanish hero El ____
El ____, Heston role
El ___ of España
Ruy Díaz
"El ___," Heston movie
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.