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Word "CLASP" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
fasten with a buckle or buckles

Part of Speech:
fasten with or as if with a brooch

Part of Speech:
the act of grasping
clench, clutch, clutches, grasp, grip, hold
he released his clasp on my arm

Crossword Clues for CLASP

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Clue Source Date
Anklet fastener USA Today 24 Feb 2021
Purse fastener Eugene Sheffer 15 Feb 2021
Necklace part Wall Street Journal 06 Jan 2021
Chain attachment Newsday 26 Dec 2020
Bracelet fastener LA Times Daily 16 Dec 2020
Metallic envelope closer Newsday 02 Dec 2020
Hold on tight New York Times 24 Nov 2020
Less visible part of a necklace Wall Street Journal 05 Nov 2020
Metal on an envelope Newsday 22 Oct 2020
Part of a necklace New York Times 24 Sep 2020
Brooch part Thomas Joseph 03 Sep 2020
Necklace fastener USA Today 31 Aug 2020
Hold tightly New York Times 01 Jul 2020
Hold tight Universal 31 May 2020
Fastener The Telegraph Quick 10 May 2020
Grasp tightly The Times Concise 09 Mar 2020
Locker made of metal Newsday 14 Dec 2019
Necklace connection Wall Street Journal 26 Oct 2019
Handbag part Wall Street Journal 04 Sep 2019
Necklace holder USA Today 15 Aug 2019
Bracelet securer New York Times 05 Aug 2019
Choker securer USA Today 15 Jul 2019
Hug Wall Street Journal 06 Jun 2019
Purse part Premier Sunday 19 May 2019
Necklace closer Wall Street Journal 08 Apr 2019
Locket feature USA Today 04 Apr 2019
Bracelet part Premier Sunday 31 Mar 2019
Manila envelope fastener USA Today 13 Mar 2019
Bag fastener Newsday 20 Jan 2019
Metal part of an envelope Newsday 18 Nov 2018
Fastener on a manila envelope New York Times 19 Jun 2018
Certain fastener Universal 11 Jun 2018
Lunchbox closure Wall Street Journal 29 May 2018
Grasp; fastener The Times Concise 22 May 2018
Big envelope securer Universal 21 May 2018
It's gripping New York Times 09 May 2018
Necklace device Newsday 15 Mar 2018
Envelope fastener Newsday 03 Jan 2018
Manila envelope feature The Washington Post 05 Nov 2017
Manila envelope part Thomas Joseph 20 Oct 2017
Necklace fastening Family Time 10 Apr 2017
Common type of fastener Universal 21 Nov 2016
Embrace The Telegraph Quick 10 Nov 2016
Tie securer Wall Street Journal 03 Nov 2016
Bar on a medal ribbon The Times Concise 06 Oct 2016
Choker part LA Times Daily 25 Sep 2016
Jewelry fastener The Washington Post 13 Jun 2016
Envelope's metal fastener Newsday 12 Jan 2016
Necklace feature New York Times 23 Dec 2015
Envelope attachment Newsday 09 Aug 2015
Handbag feature Wall Street Journal 24 Jul 2015
Brooch feature Thomas Joseph 23 Jul 2015
Handhold LA Times Daily 10 Jan 2015
Get a grip on
Bear hug
Choker component
Hold firmly and tightly
Envelope closer
Necklace securer
Folder closer
Fastening device
Hook's place
Pin part
Brooch fastener
Ankle bracelet device
Firm grip
Purse component
Closing piece on a watch bracelet
Envelope part
Choker hardware
Part of some envelopes
Purse closer
Large envelope feature
Metallic locker
Bolo tie feature
Tie holder
Hold on to
Tight embrace
Envelope feature, perhaps
Envelope feature
Manila envelope closer
Bill holder
Watchband part
Barrette, e.g.
Preface to a shake
Envelope feature, at times
Fastener of a sort
Medal fastener
Grip tightly
Pin attachment
Locket closer
Envelope closure
Hold fast
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.