Word "CLASS" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
a body of students who graduate together
the class of '97

Part of Speech:
people having the same social, economic, or educational status
social class, socio-economic class, stratum
the working class
an emerging professional class

Part of Speech:
arrange or order by classes or categories
assort, classify, separate, sort, sort out
How would you classify these pottery shards--are they prehistoric?

Crossword Clues for CLASS

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Clue Source Date
It needs a teacher Family Time 21 Aug 2023
Reunion group LA Times Daily 02 Aug 2023
Excellent form! The Times Cryptic 14 Jul 2023
Category The Telegraph Quick 19 Jun 2023
Elegance of form The Guardian Quiptic 29 May 2023
Part of a student's load USA Today 26 Mar 2023
School year LA Times Daily 06 Mar 2023
Teacher's responsibility New York Times 20 Feb 2023
What seniors sometimes skip Universal 16 Jan 2023
Dignified nature Newsday 01 Jan 2023
___ action lawsuit Universal 25 Dec 2022
Elegant style Wall Street Journal 19 Nov 2022
Elegance Eugene Sheffer 21 Sep 2022
School group Thomas Joseph 15 Aug 2022
Elegance Thomas Joseph 30 Jul 2022
Girl beyond cruel, originally kind The Times Cryptic 10 Jun 2022
Category The Telegraph Quick 09 Jun 2022
Group embraces, quietly departing The Telegraph Cryptic 27 May 2022
Part of a student's schedule USA Today 06 May 2022
School closing.. Wall Street Journal 28 Apr 2022
It's taken by students USA Today 18 Apr 2022
Impressive stylishness The Times Concise 09 Apr 2022
Elegance Eugene Sheffer 01 Apr 2022
Economy, e.g Wall Street Journal 26 Mar 2022
Group of students USA Today 07 Mar 2022
Body of students taught together Irish Times Simplex 05 Mar 2022
A number of students in college getting left behind
Elegance Eugene Sheffer 26 Jan 2022
Elegance Thomas Joseph 22 Jan 2022
__ act LA Times Daily 04 Dec 2021
Science or Math USA Today 21 Nov 2021
Part of a school schedule USA Today 04 Nov 2021
Elegance Eugene Sheffer 26 Oct 2021
See 53-Across Wall Street Journal 12 Oct 2021
Sophisticated style Wall Street Journal 10 Oct 2021
Set of clubs given to girl
Set of clubs given to girl The Guardian Cryptic 04 Oct 2021
Social standing The Telegraph Quick 04 Oct 2021
Elegance Eugene Sheffer 25 Sep 2021
Math or English, e.g USA Today 12 Sep 2021
School group Thomas Joseph 27 Aug 2021
Group being taught Newsday 23 Aug 2021
Style of all sides today from the start Irish Times Crosaire 14 Aug 2021
Many a Zoom session The Washington Post 20 Jul 2021
Many a Zoom session LA Times Daily 20 Jul 2021
Group of seniors or sophomores Newsday 05 Jul 2021
School session USA Today 30 Jun 2021
It may be dismissed New York Times 06 May 2021
School group Thomas Joseph 26 Mar 2021
5-Down, for example Wall Street Journal 24 Mar 2021
School group Universal 23 Mar 2021
Style The Telegraph Quick 22 Mar 2021
Style The Times Concise 07 Mar 2021
Reunion group Newsday 03 Mar 2021
English or Spanish, e.g The Washington Post Sunday 14 Feb 2021
Form of halogen as source of salt
Body of students taught together Irish Times Simplex 16 Dec 2020
Something you attend regularly Family Time 13 Dec 2020
Category; form The Times Concise 12 Dec 2020
Graduating group The Washington Post 10 Nov 2020
Graduating group LA Times Daily 10 Nov 2020
Sophistication seen in Charlie Girl The Sun Two Speed 12 Oct 2020
Category The Sun Two Speed 12 Oct 2020
Sophisticated style Wall Street Journal 05 Aug 2020
Field trip group USA Today 31 Jul 2020
___ clown USA Today 03 Jul 2020
Excellent form
Lesson The Telegraph Quick 12 Apr 2020
Set, category The Times Concise 14 Mar 2020
Reunion group USA Today 18 Feb 2020
Catholic girl's lesson in style
Reunion group Jonesin 03 Dec 2019
Elegance Eugene Sheffer 23 Nov 2019
Sophisticated elegance Wall Street Journal 05 Nov 2019
School group The Times Concise 09 Oct 2019
Status The Telegraph Quick 29 Sep 2019
Student group The Sun Two Speed 27 Sep 2019
Elegance in Charlie Girl The Sun Two Speed 27 Sep 2019
Conservative girl shows sophistication The Sun Two Speed 18 Aug 2019
Elegance The Telegraph Quick 15 Aug 2019
Cold girl shows sophistication The Sun Two Speed 08 Jul 2019
Impressive stylishness New York Times 23 Jun 2019
Not having full rights, as a citizen New York Times 23 Jun 2019
Pupil's location New York Times 07 Apr 2019
The outstanding quality on all sides today Irish Times Crosaire 09 Mar 2019
Elegance Thomas Joseph 24 Jan 2019
Reunion group
Impressive stylishness
Sophisticated elegance
Pupil's location
Not having full rights, as a citizen
Stylish sophistication Wall Street Journal 13 Dec 2018
Elegant quality Newsday 16 Sep 2018
Field trip group, often USA Today 04 Sep 2018
In sporting cliché, form is temporary but ____ is permanent The Times Specialist Sunday 26 Aug 2018
Form; stylishness The Times Concise 19 Jun 2018
Outstanding lesson
Yearbook section The Washington Post 19 Mar 2018
Yearbook section LA Times Daily 19 Mar 2018
Outstanding lesson
Stylish sophistication
Field trip group, often
Group of pupils The Sun Two Speed 08 Dec 2017
Form of social standing The Sun Two Speed 08 Dec 2017
__ act The Washington Post 03 Dec 2017
__ act LA Times Daily 03 Dec 2017
Teaching group The Times Concise 24 Oct 2017
Lesson; social division The Times Concise 29 Aug 2017
Opportunity to learn about girl The Telegraph Cryptic 27 Aug 2017
Elegance Wall Street Journal 22 Aug 2017
Elegance The Washington Post 27 Jul 2017
Elegance LA Times Daily 27 Jul 2017
Sophistication Newsday 07 Jul 2017
Bourgeoisie New York Times 14 May 2017
Yearbook section USA Today 13 Apr 2017
Sophomores or seniors USA Today 08 Apr 2017
Group of students Newsday 27 Mar 2017
Reunion group New York Times 15 Mar 2017
High-quality pupils The Telegraph Cryptic 27 Feb 2017
College girl in student group
Word with act or action The Washington Post 01 Feb 2017
Taxonomic group between phylum and order The Washington Post 14 Jan 2017
Reunion group
__ act
Yearbook section
Style The Washington Post 21 Oct 2016
Reunion group The Washington Post 14 Apr 2016
Schoolroom group Newsday 07 Mar 2016
School group of excellent quality
Teacher's assignment Family Time 21 Dec 2015
Reunion group LA Times Daily 18 Dec 2015
Cold, girl in form The Sun Two Speed 11 Dec 2015
Standing for a period The Telegraph Cryptic 25 Nov 2015
Fine form
Form The Telegraph Quick 06 Nov 2015
School form The Times Concise 02 Sep 2015
Fine form
What students attend USA Today 17 May 2015
Kind of lesson Irish Times Crosaire 24 Apr 2015
Taste or style The Telegraph Quick 29 Mar 2015
What pupils attend Eugene Sheffer 26 Mar 2015
Form and style The Telegraph Toughie 29 Jan 2015
Group being taught Newsday 27 Jan 2015
Category The Telegraph Quick 08 Jan 2015
Jimmy Barnes "Working ___ Man"
Group being taught
Group of students
Learning level
Reunion group
What students attend
Reunion group
Yearbook group
Economy, e.g.
Where one makes the grade
Serfs, e.g.
Kind of clown or act
Teacher's group?
Reunion group
One may be easily dismissed
Teacher's group
Business or coach
Teacher's group
It may appear after working with type
Pupil's milieu
Dignified nature
Introduction to Neuroscience, for one
Reunion group
Societal stratum
Schoolroom group
Art or Shop
Schoolroom group
Word with act or action
Social stratum
Schoolroom group
Word with act or action
Graduating group
__ clown
Group of students
Heel's lack
Elegant quality
Coach in the air?
College choice
__ clown
Coach in the air?
School group
Elegance and style
It may be dismissed
Group of sophomores
Social group
Student group
Teacher's venue
Part of PFC
School group
Teacher's charge
Dignified quality
Type of ring
Where one makes the grade
English 101, for one
Dignified quality
Race, ___, and gender
Professor's audience
Coach, for one
Business or economy
Kingdom, phylum, __ . . .
Kind of clown
Student group
What a truant skips
Student group
First or economy
It could precede the last word of 18-, 56-Across, 3-, 30-Down
With 81-Across, landmark 1972 album by 3- and 126-Down
Kind of consciousness
Word with "upper" or "lower"
Coach, e.g.
___ participation (grading criterion)
Seniors, say
Seniors, e.g.
Seniors, e.g.
Word with act or action
Type of warfare
Teaching assignment
History or English
School group
Word with upper or lower
Social stratum
'03 or '04, e.g.
Shop, for one
'03 or '04, e.g.
It's dismissed
School session
Reunion group
Crustacea or Hexapoda, to biologists
Teacher's charges
Social stratum
'03, say
Social stratum
Word with science or middle
Coach, e.g.
Rank below phylum
Freshman or sophomore
Group of students
Phylum subdivision
Business, e.g.
Seniors, say
Social rank
Teacher's assignment
Phylum subdivision
Teacher's charges
Social group
Kind of warfare
Word with upper or lower
Sophomores or seniors
The C in PFC
Teacher's group
Social rank
Air traveler's choice
Group above an order
Collection of students
'02 or '03, e.g.
Teaching assignment
Plane seating division (and the key to this puzzle's theme)
Type of act
Airline ticket info
Word before act or action
Type of act
It may be dismissed
What a truant skips
Word after tourist or middle
One may have a ring
Social stratum
Exceptional merit
Taxonomic group
Recess preceder
What the smart set has
Phylum subdivision
Action group?
Kind of act or action
Action leader
One may be easily dismissed
Kind of clown
Music Appreciation, for one
Yearbook group
Kind of consciousness or book
Student group
Erich Segal book
Social rank
Segal's "The ___"
Teacher's concern
School group
Track bettor's consideration
Kind of room or mate
Elegance in bearing
Kind of conscious
High style
Social stratum
Ritzy quality
High rank.
First ___.
Style: Slang.
Kind or sort.
Grade or quality.
Social rank.
Kind, named.
Homogeneous group.
Juniors or seniors.
School unit.
First grade.
___ of 1957.
Scientific arrangement.
___ day.
A group assorted on some basis.
Study group.
___ book.
Junior or senior.
Type of accommodation on ships.
School group.
Body of students.
Gym, for one
Race, ___, and gender
Elegant trait
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