Word "CLEANER" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
a preparation used in cleaning something
cleanser, cleansing agent

Part of Speech:
the operator of dry-cleaning establishment
dry cleaner

Part of Speech:
someone whose occupation is cleaning

Crossword Clues for CLEANER

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Clue Source Date
Daily rag The Telegraph Toughie 04 May 2022
Charlie having successfully dieted daily? The Times Cryptic 27 Apr 2022
Daily customer to begin with, one with a list? The Times Cryptic 15 Dec 2021
Char, not as blue? The Telegraph Cryptic 04 Oct 2021
Not as dirty The Telegraph Quick 23 Aug 2021
Daily runs -- after seeing list in church The Telegraph Cryptic 11 Aug 2021
Less polluted The Telegraph Quick 12 May 2021
More hygienic The Telegraph Quick 13 Nov 2020
Carbon leads to more efficient detergent The Telegraph Toughie 05 Mar 2020
Char, daily The Times Concise 19 Oct 2019
Charlie getting thinner daily The Sun Two Speed 05 Jun 2019
Less dirty The Sun Two Speed 05 Jun 2019
Daily, not as smutty? The Telegraph Cryptic 21 Aug 2018
Vacuum, for instance Newsday 03 Jun 2018
Pledge, e.g The Washington Post 29 Jun 2017
Pledge, e.g LA Times Daily 29 Jun 2017
Less dirty The Times Concise 06 Jun 2017
Under-the-sink container Newsday 04 Jun 2017
Pledge, e.g.
One gets rid of the dirty bits and drops spy from screenplay Irish Times Crosaire 17 Dec 2016
Fresher's daily The Telegraph Cryptic 13 Dec 2016
Dry __ LA Times Daily 29 Apr 2016
Not so generous, supporting Conservative daily The Times Cryptic 26 Jan 2016
Char The Telegraph Quick 19 Aug 2015
Grime fighter Universal 03 Jul 2015
Under-the-sink item Newsday 15 May 2015
Under-the-sink item
Grime fighter
Pledge, e.g.
Grime fighter
Grime fighter
Not as messy
Fantastik, e.g.
Under-the-sink item
Something kept in the kitchen
Vacuum __
Pine-Sol, for one
Not as dirty
Vacuum __
Word after lens or window
Grime fighter
Under-sink item
Less of a mess
See 41-Across
One working on the spot?
Like a later draft, presumably
409, for one
One who handles suits
Not as dusty
Supermarket buy
Less grimy
Maid, e.g.
Having fewer errors, as copy
Vacuum ____
Under-the-sink item
Spot checker
Household need.
D. S. C. man.
Dyer's partner.
Spot remover.
Busy housewife.
Domestic helper.
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