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Word "CLEAVE" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
separate or cut with a tool, such as a sharp instrument
rive, split
cleave the bone

Part of Speech:
come or be in close contact with; stick or hold together and resist separation
adhere, cling, cohere, stick

Part of Speech:
make by cutting into
The water is going to cleave a channel into the rock

Crossword Clues for CLEAVE

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Clue Source Date
To separate and to adhere to Irish Times Simplex 30 Mar 2021
Split New York Times 18 Feb 2021
Split apart Universal 27 Dec 2020
To split, or to adhere The Times Specialist Sunday 13 Dec 2020
To separate and to adhere Irish Times Simplex 01 Sep 2020
Divide The Washington Post Sunday 12 Jul 2020
Roughly, allowance is split The Telegraph Cryptic 28 Nov 2019
Take a hatchet to USA Today 09 Nov 2019
Stick fast; split The Times Concise 10 Sep 2019
Separate, or join Universal 26 Jul 2019
Split open Newsday 07 Jul 2019
Stick around, then go The Telegraph Cryptic 08 Feb 2019
Split into parts The Washington Post Sunday 27 Jan 2019
Stick or cling Family Time 06 Jan 2019
Join or split The Times Concise 25 Nov 2018
Synonym for both 'adhere' and 'split' New York Times 08 Oct 2018
Synonym for both "adhere" and "split"
Split, or adhere USA Today 08 Aug 2017
Take an axe to USA Today 03 Jul 2017
Split asunder Wall Street Journal 18 Mar 2017
Stick that's split? The Telegraph Cryptic 12 Dec 2016
Hack from Split? Irish Times Crosaire 30 May 2016
Unite together; split apart The Telegraph Quick 30 Nov 2015
Cut through Wall Street Journal 23 Oct 2015
Cut stick The Times Cryptic 21 Oct 2015
Clubs will crack The Times Cryptic 29 Apr 2015
Sunder Newsday 28 Mar 2015
Clubs set out for Open The Telegraph Cryptic 05 Feb 2015
Split along the grain
Do a hatchet job on
Split with an ax
Stick (to)
Adhere or divide
Use a hatchet on
Word that can be its own opposite
Split with an axe
Split with a blade
Stick, or split
Remain faithful (to), or split
Word that can mean "attach" or "separate"
Stick fast, or split apart
Chop chops
Split in two
Cause a separation
Adhere closely
Remain faithful (to)
Stick together or split apart
Divide or cling
Stick or split
Hack off
Be a real cut-up?
Do a hatchet job on?
Cling (to)
Adhere or split
Split or adhere
Adhere or sever
Cling or part.
Cling (to).
Cut through.
Cling to.
Verb with almost opposite meanings.
Stick or split.
Unite or separate.
Chop in two
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