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Word "CLIMATE" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
the weather in some location averaged over some long period of time
the dank climate of southern Wales

Part of Speech:
the prevailing psychological state
the climate of opinion

Crossword Clues for CLIMATE

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Clue Source Date
Around capital, cold and extremely tense atmosphere The Telegraph Cryptic 06 Feb 2021
Weather conditions The Telegraph Quick 05 Jan 2021
Ecologist's concern Thomas Joseph 11 Dec 2020
General weather conditions The Times Concise 31 Aug 2020
Weather The Telegraph Quick 23 Aug 2020
Clematis endlessly battered in weather The Sun Two Speed 14 Jul 2020
Atmosphere The Sun Two Speed 14 Jul 2020
Concern for the Union of Concerned Scientists The Washington Post Sunday 24 May 2020
Atmosphere destroyed clematis mostly The Sun Two Speed 09 Dec 2018
Long-term weather conditions The Washington Post 27 Aug 2018
Prevailing attitudes Newsday 14 Jun 2018
Prevailing conditions The Washington Post 21 Oct 2017
Conditions that might affect mail etc The Telegraph Cryptic 20 Feb 2017
Changeable type of conservative with South American capital opens trade event Irish Times Crosaire 20 Aug 2016
Citrus tree almost devoured by cold weather The Telegraph Cryptic 12 Jan 2016
Prevailing weather LA Times Daily 04 Jan 2016
Conditions affected mail etc The Sun Two Speed 02 Nov 2015
Environmentalists' concern USA Today 01 Sep 2015
General weather The Times Concise 26 Jun 2015
Prevailing state The Telegraph Quick 30 Jan 2015
The prevailing weather conditions of an area
Meteorological conditions
Pattern of highs and lows
Prevailing weather conditions
It's cold in the North
Tropical, for example
Environmental condition
Regional weather conditions
Prevailing condition
Air condition?
Finale of a 151-move chess game
Prevailing attitude
Factor important to snowbirds
Miami's hiemal boast
Prevailing trend
Surrounding influence
Hawaii's plus
Prevailing outlook.
Weather conditions.
Florida attraction.
Pride of Florida and/or California.
Temperature, winds, etc.
Meteorologist's concern.
Temperature, pressure, humidity, etc.
Famous California product.
California asset.
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