Word "CLUSTER" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
come together as in a cluster or flock
clump, constellate, flock

Part of Speech:
a grouping of a number of similar things
bunch, clump, clustering
a cluster of admirers

Part of Speech:
gather or cause to gather into a cluster
bunch, bundle, clump

Crossword Clues for CLUSTER

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Clue Source Date
Upset cults in front of the Queen and a group of stars
Gathering US general has left (7)
Group. as of stars
Group of diamonds?
Group, as of stars New York Times 07 Dec 2023
Group of items The Times Concise 20 Apr 2023
Cutlers (anag.) The Telegraph Quick 23 Jul 2022
Charlie Sheen in audition for group
Mass of things together The Times Concise 22 Dec 2021
Fifty in general, small group
Group line should be held in general The Telegraph Cryptic 24 Jun 2020
Collection of cruets knocked over containing the last of the oil Irish Times Crosaire 21 Mar 2020
Small group The Telegraph Quick 08 Feb 2020
Sort of bomb left in possession of US general The Telegraph Toughie 07 Aug 2019
Group of 50, in general
Flock to see Charlie Sheen in US? The Sun Two Speed 15 Apr 2019
Bunch or clump The Sun Two Speed 15 Apr 2019
Crowd-up when sculpture broke
Last standing officer corrals large group
. Church rigorously beginning to suppress sensuality of group
Church right to suppress sexual desire in mass
American general gathers large group together
Cereal bunch Jonesin 15 Mar 2016
Group The Telegraph Quick 13 Mar 2016
Group of stars Newsday 19 Dec 2015
Bunch of grapes USA Today 19 Oct 2015
Bunch of grapes
Group of stars
Close group
Bunch of grapes
Tight gathering
Small computer network
Star assemblage
Bunch of grapes
Bunch up
Group of stars.
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