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Crossword Clues for COALS

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Clue Source Date
Barbecue briquettes Newsday 13 Dec 2020
Some walk on hot ones Universal 22 Oct 2020
Cookout glowers The Washington Post 27 Sep 2020
Barbecue pit burners USA Today 01 Sep 2020
BBQ fuel Eugene Sheffer 15 Jul 2020
Briquettes The Washington Post 03 Jul 2020
Fill for a grill New York Times 28 Dec 2019
Barbecue fuel Newsday 10 Nov 2019
Barbecue glowers The Washington Post 22 Oct 2019
Spiritual walker's surface Newsday 24 Aug 2019
Hibachi fuel Newsday 14 Jul 2019
Glowers in grills Wall Street Journal 20 Jun 2019
Embers Universal 13 Aug 2018
Grill glowers Wall Street Journal 03 May 2018
Carrying ___ to Newcastle (pointless action) USA Today 13 Feb 2018
Frosty's eyes USA Today 04 Feb 2018
Barbecue needs Jonesin 08 Nov 2016
Snowman's eyes, maybe USA Today 15 Aug 2016
Barbecue supply LA Times Daily 09 Jul 2016
Stocking stuffers for brats Universal 30 Jan 2016
Frosty eyes? Universal 18 Jan 2016
Brazier contents Thomas Joseph 13 Oct 2015
Drag over the ___ (reprimand) Universal 07 Jul 2015
Glowing embers Thomas Joseph 29 Apr 2015
Some embers USA Today 07 Mar 2015
Anthracite and bituminous
Grill fill
Barbecue leftovers
Augustine song about BBQ fuel?
Old-fashioned boiler input
Barbecue blocks
Barbecue purchase
Snowman's eyes
Pieces for grilling
Buys for hibachis
"Hot" stuff
Hearth glowers
Furnace embers
Glowers on the barbecue
Barbecue-grill briquettes
Hibachi fill
They may be glowing
Hibachi filler
They're red-hot for red hots
Hot bed
Barbecue need
They're stirred in the fire
Fire remnants
Hot embers
Barbecue pit embers
Heat source
Frank cookers
Hot bed?
Fuel hunks
Black burners
Glowing remnants
Ingle nuggets
Raked over the __ (reprimanded)
Barbecue materials
Fossilized fuels
Lignite etc.
Grill leftovers
Ingle glowers
Rake over the __
Scuttle load
Rake over the ___ (scold)
Newcastle's surplus
Newcastle's nonrequirement
Items not needed in Newcastle
Newcastle's non-need
Pea and egg
Takes on fuel
Pea and nut
___ of fire.
Fuels ship.
Fiery items.
Newcastle's forte.
Newcastle products.
Newcastle specialty.
Newcastle items.
Superfluities in Newcastle.
Newcastle proverb word.
Lumps of mineralized vegetable matter fuel.
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.