Crossword Clues for COATS

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Clue Source Date
Layers of paint USA Today 09 Aug 2022
Layers of paint Newsday 02 May 2022
Nail tech's layers The Washington Post 20 Apr 2022
Nail tech's layers LA Times Daily 20 Apr 2022
Layers of paints Eugene Sheffer 12 Nov 2021
Cloaks Canadiana 25 Oct 2021
Layers of paint USA Today 08 Oct 2021
Items often checked The Washington Post 23 Jul 2021
Items often checked LA Times Daily 23 Jul 2021
Outdoor garments Irish Times Simplex 27 May 2021
Layers of paints Eugene Sheffer 02 Apr 2021
Winter weather wear The Washington Post Sunday 07 Feb 2021
Winter layers USA Today 29 Dec 2020
Layers of paint Newsday 14 Dec 2020
Outer garments The Times Concise 24 Nov 2020
Layers of nail polish Wall Street Journal 28 Apr 2020
Layers of paint USA Today 27 Apr 2020
Varnish applications Wall Street Journal 23 Apr 2020
Chesterfield and others New York Times 28 Mar 2020
Winter outerwear USA Today 12 Mar 2020
Checked things Wall Street Journal 23 Oct 2019
Paint layers LA Times Daily 28 Mar 2019
Paint layers The Washington Post 28 Mar 2019
Breadings, for instance Newsday 24 Jan 2019
Paint layers
Checked things
Clothes line Newsday 22 Dec 2018
Jackets and parkas Newsday 20 Aug 2018
Lab technicians' wear USA Today 21 Jul 2018
Checkroom items USA Today 18 May 2018
Winter outerwear Newsday 16 May 2018
Checked items USA Today 08 Mar 2018
Lab technicians' wear
Checkroom items
Parkas Thomas Joseph 21 Dec 2017
Lacquer layers Wall Street Journal 26 Jul 2017
Covers, as with a spice rub USA Today 10 Jun 2017
Common winter wear Universal 18 Mar 2017
Covers, as with a spice rub
Common winter wear
Winter outerwear LA Times Daily 23 Feb 2016
Checkroom items Wall Street Journal 08 Feb 2016
Painter's count Wall Street Journal 16 Jan 2016
Checkroom collection Wall Street Journal 02 Dec 2015
Layers The Telegraph Quick 29 Nov 2015
Outer garments USA Today 10 May 2015
Articles on a rack USA Today 09 May 2015
Covers LA Times Daily 24 Jan 2015
Covers completely The Chronicle of Higher Education 16 Jan 2015
Brushed-on layers
Articles on a rack
Outer garments
Covers completely
Paint layers
Checkroom collection
Covers fully
Paint layers
Articles on a rack
Parkas, for example
Stagewear, for some rockers
Better Than Ezra wears them in "Winter"
Painter's phases
New Model Army wears "White" ones?
Latex applications
Covers thickly
Layers of varnish
Paint applications
Rack occupants
Checkroom articles
Layers of paint
Layers of paint
Garments appropriate for this puzzle
Checkroom items
Checked things
Layers of paint
Paint layers
Things to check
Fall collection items
Painter's iterations
Covers completely
Winter wear
Enamel layers
Enamel layers
Brushed-on layers
Winter covers
Painters put them on
They can be checked, in more ways than one
They're often checked
Reefers, e.g.
Outer garments
They may be checked or checked
Checked things
Lab wear
Checked items
They are often checked
Top and over, for two
Top, fur and over
Paint layers
Paint layers
Checked items
Paint layers
Rack hangers
Fall collection line
Cold weather wear
Rack hangers
Macs, e.g.
Cold weather wear
Checkroom items
Indiana senator, 1988-99
Winter wear
They may be checked
Lacquer layers
Dips in batter, say
They may be checked ... in two senses
Articles on a rack
Checked items
Checkroom collection
Blustery weather wear
Garments over garments
Outer wear
Lays it on thick
Checkroom articles
Blazers or ulsters
Mackinaws and chesterfields
Applies paint.
Covers completely.
Clothing line.
Layers of paint.
Checked items.
Chesterfields, toppers, etc.
Covers with paint.
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