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Word "COAX" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
influence or urge by gentle urging, caressing, or flattering
blarney, cajole, inveigle, palaver, sweet-talk, wheedle

Part of Speech:
a transmission line for high-frequency signals
coax cable, coaxial cable

Crossword Clues for COAX

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Clue Source Date
Cajole Universal 12 Mar 2021
Try to persuade gently Newsday 10 Feb 2021
Wheedle Universal 22 Jan 2021
Sweet-talk LA Times Daily 27 Dec 2020
Attempt to persuade The Washington Post Sunday 24 May 2020
Gently persuade Universal 23 May 2020
Persuade gently Newsday 27 Apr 2020
Try to persuade Newsday 02 Mar 2020
Persuade with flattery The Washington Post 13 Feb 2020
Cable's attempt to influence The Telegraph Cryptic 14 Jun 2019
Employ cajolery on New York Times 12 May 2019
Persuade by flattery The Times Concise 11 Apr 2018
Persuade with smooth talk USA Today 27 Feb 2018
Influence with flattery The Washington Post 03 Nov 2017
Attempt to be persuasive Universal 20 Sep 2017
Gently twist the arm of USA Today 23 Jul 2017
Urge with flattery USA Today 22 Jul 2017
Prod with flattery Newsday 02 Feb 2017
Win over gently LA Times Daily 22 Nov 2016
Use gentle persuasion on LA Times Daily 30 May 2016
Flatter area fenced in by stern fellow The Telegraph Cryptic 23 May 2016
Inveigle New York Times 03 Dec 2015
Goad gently New York Times 03 Sep 2015
Attempt to influence USA Today 30 Aug 2015
Soft-soap New York Times 06 Aug 2015
Egg on Newsday 16 Jul 2015
Gently urge USA Today 30 May 2015
Entice USA Today 17 Apr 2015
Directs crafty type around area with sweet talk Irish Times Crosaire 12 Feb 2015
Attempt to manipulate by following fuel cut The Telegraph Toughie 30 Jan 2015
Use friendly persuasion
t can follow anything
Television cable, for short
Beg and plead
Try to convince
Talk into something
Bring around
Type of cable
Say "Pretty please?," say
Certain cable, informally
Influence with smooth talk
Use low-key persuasion
TV cable, briefly
Urge gently
Use gentle persuasion
Influence by gentle persuasion
Urge forward
Twist someone's arm gently
Urge flatteringly
Do some friendly persuasion
Chop together?
Prod gently
Persuade with gentle urging
Use a soft sell
Try to tempt
Soft soap
Persuade cagily
Wheedlers do it.
Urge on
Try to win over gently
Tease (out)
Say "go on, go on"
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